Growing Kratom: The Easy-to-Follow Kratom Plant Growing Guide

If you’re interested in growing your own kratom tree, you’ve come to the right place. The process might seem a little intimidating because it’s a tree that comes from Southeast Asia, but it’s certainly possible to grow kratom from your home if you can create the right environment.

We’re going to talk about growing kratom in this article, hopefully giving you the inspiration you need to take on the task and wind up with a beautiful tree.

Let’s take a look at kratom and how to make it grow.

Growing Kratom for Beginners

The kratom tree grows in different countries around Southeast Asia, and can potentially grow to a towering height of around 100 feet tall. The odds of your tree growing to a height anywhere near that are very low, considering that the tree doesn’t often get that tall in its natural environment.

If you’re growing the tree outside in a coastal, southern part of the United States, you might see your tree grow to 20 feet or more with a little bit of luck. If you’re growing the tree indoors or outside in an environment that isn’t perfect, though, it’s likely that you can grow your kratom tree indoors without any chance of it getting anywhere near the ceiling.

Before you get started, note that the kratom tree will thrive in areas that resemble its native Southeast Asia. If you can’t get a greenhouse to mimic around 75% humidity and intermittent sunlight, your tree might not get too far.

That said, it’s always a possibility and kratom trees can grow in imperfect environments. The best way to improve your odds is to purchase and germinate as many seeds as possible.

Acquiring and Planting the Seeds

Kratom seeds start to lose their viability once they fall off of the tree. Kratom pods fall from the tree and might contain upwards of 50 seeds. Once those pods drop, their viability starts to drop as well.

The sooner the seed can reach the soil, the better the chance it has of growing. By the time kratom seeds get to you, their viability rates are going to be somewhere around 5 to 10 percent.

That’s not too bad considering the fact that you can plant a number of seeds and increase your odds. So, try to plant 5 or 6 seeds in each container that you’re trying to germinate the tree in.

It’s best to try and grow a few containers as well, increasing your odds of getting one or two to germinate.

Once the seeds are in the dirt, make sure to keep the soil moist. It could take a few days to a week for the seeds to sprout if they’re going to, but it’s crucial that the soil is relatively wet during that time. It’s also important not to soak the soil, either, as that will drown the seeds and they won’t take.

If nothing has happened after a week or two of moist soil and intermittent sunlight, it’s time to try a new batch of seeds.

Once the Seeds Take

After the seeds have sprouted, you can ease up on monitoring the soil. Make sure to keep the sprouted plants in an area with high humidity, though. Additionally, try to keep the plant near a light fan or outside if the climate allows.

The breeze helps with the alkaloid levels and can lead the tree to produce more nutrient-rich leaves when it gets to that point. Water the plant once a day, but don’t drench the soil as the seed is just starting to sprout and grow.

At this point, it’s just crucial to keep a calm and regular environment for the plant, without shocking it with extreme cold or heat. If you can keep the temperature consistent and maintain the humidity, you’ll give the baby kratom tree a decent chance to grow.

Timeline for Growth

It will take the tree upwards of two years to mature enough to start producing leaves. While we don’t condone the use of kratom leaves for any particular purpose, there are some claims that kratom leaves can be used for a number of purposes that might be useful to some people.

While leaves might sprout and fall before that time, the mature leaves will come after around two years of growth.

Again, there’s no guarantee that the tree will grow to any particular height. Odds are that it’s not going to reach the heights that it would in its natural environment. This is simply because the tree has evolved in and is supported by the soil and various elements in that environment.

In other words, Southeast Asia is the perfect place for the Kratom tree to get all of the nutrients that it needs. It might be possible to produce a massive kratom tree like that in a highly-controlled environment in The United States, but your tree might wind up anywhere from 5 to 10 feet tall after a few years.

We recommend that you try and grow a few trees if you can, considering that the unnatural environment of The United States might cause the tree to get shocked at certain points throughout its development.

Give It a Few Tries

If you find that things don’t pan out on your first try, give it a few different attempts and try to mix up the formula each time. the closer you can get to creating a climate that resembles that of different countries in Southeast Asia, the better.

Kratom does grow around that area, and the entire region of Southeast Asia is by no means just one specific climate. With that in mind, you have some space to explore different options that might work for the particular plant that you’re working with.

Good luck!

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