Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

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We currently offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders; includes free COD via USPS.

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We lab test our powders for metals, microbes, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine (7-OH).

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We only accept SAFE forms of payment in order to keep your information protected.

What is an eCheck? How do I pay with an eCheck?

An eCheck is an electronic check that is created by using your Routing/Account number and billing address that is shown on your checking account.

  • You can find your Routing/Account number via your online banking app, by going into the bank, on a paper check if you have a checkbook or temporary check from when you opened your account, or a bank statement if you have one available. The bank statement may only show your account number though; talk with your bank if needed.

NOTE: It is extremely important that you put the Account number into the “Account number” box during checkout and the Routing number into the “Routing number” box during checkout. Please also make sure your billing address is the matching billing address that you type in under “Billing information” during checkout. The shipping address can be different as long as the billing address matches the checking account in which the eCheck is being created from.

Here is a screenshot of what you will see when you get to the checkout page:

EZ Kratom Wholesale Kratom eCheck Purchasing Information Picture

Quick Tips for Submitting an eCheck

  • All you need is an active checking account in the USA that has the ability to hand write checks from it.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED ANY PAPER CHECKS TO DO AN ECHECK. You do not need a check number for the eCheck to be processed either.
  • A check number/processing number will appear on your bank statement once the eCheck has processed. It will be noticeably different from the rest of your check numbers, so it should be easy to differentiate.
  • Generally, all regular checking accounts will have the ability to write checks; you should not have a problem initiating an eCheck from your active checking account.

How long does an eCheck take to process?

There are a couple different answers/scenarios to this question, so we will explain the exact rules we use, but also some different scenarios that will affect the rules (holidays, weekends, etc) – READ CLOSELY:

  • If you place an order before 2 PM Eastern Time, Monday – Friday, you will not see the charge on your bank account until two days after the day you placed the order (if placed before 2 PM Eastern time).This means if you placed your order on a Monday at 1:59 PM Eastern time, you would see your eCheck charge show up on Wednesday of the same week – two days after (Depending on your bank, it might take longer).
  • If you place your order after 2 PM Eastern time, Monday – THURSDAY (please note this says Thursday and not Friday), your eCheck will be processed by the eCheck company on the following day.For example, if you placed your order on the same Monday as the example above in #1, but instead placed it at 2:01 PM Eastern time rather than 1:59 PM Eastern time, your eCheck would not show up on your bank account until Thursday if using the same example above.This is because the eCheck company will not process the eCheck you submitted until Tuesday since you placed it after 2PM Eastern time. The eCheck company’s cut-off and EZK’s cut-off for the day are the exact same time – 2 PM Eastern.
  • If you place your order after 2 PM Eastern on a FRIDAY, your eCheck will not show in your bank account until Wednesday of the following week.If counting the weekend days, that would be five total days before you would see the charge show up on your account. This can get extended even longer if there is a holiday in the middle of these days as well. We only count business days when providing estimate numbers – not weekend days or federal holidays.
  • Another situational example: If you were to place an eCheck order after 2 PM Eastern on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, your eCheck charge would not actually show up in your bank until Tuesday of the following week. It would get processed by the eCheck company on Friday, sent to the bank for deposit Friday afternoon, and deposited on Monday morning. You should then see the charge on Tuesday depending on how your bank operates internally.
  • If you were to place an order the day before Christmas – after 2 PM Eastern – your eCheck would again be delayed until the following business day. For this example, we will use the 2019 year: Christmas fell on a Wednesday, so if you were to place an order after 2PM Eastern on the Tuesday right before (Christmas Eve), your eCheck would not show in your bank account until Monday of the following week as it would not get processed until Thursday.


Remember: if you submit your eCheck order before 2 PM Eastern – on a business day – that day does not count as the “first day” in the holding period; the following day is the “first day” of the holding period. As stated above, depending on your banks internal operation, the eCheck will show up on your bank statement within 2-3 business days to your account. It will take approximately 5 business days to fully clear.

What is COD (Collect on Delivery)? How do I pay with COD?

COD, or Collect on Delivery, is when the company you are purchasing from ships your order first – before you pay for it.

  • You pay for your order once the package has been delivered to you.
  • Your courier/mailman will collect your payment on arrival. The shipping company will not give you the package until you pay the exact amount stated on the postage for you to pay.

NOTE: It is important that you are home – or that someone is home – to pay for the package when the courier/mailman arrives.

Or, you can have us send it as Hold for Pickup and the local USPS will hold it for pickup until you get there.

  • If your package does get held at the Post Office, please bring your ID into the local Post Office to pick up the package.
  • If you want to pay cash on arrival, the only way to do so is through the USPS.

NOTE: Be aware that there will be a fee USPS collects for accepting cash, which is $1.25. The fee is added into the amount listed on the ticket, so it will be clear on arrival what is owed.

FedEx will only accept Cashier’s Checks/Money orders – no cash. If you cannot accept FedEx where you live and need to order more than $500 worth or product, please contact us directly. Otherwise, if you are ordering over $500 worth or product and do not care about the shipping method, select “free shipping” during checkout and we will ship your order via FedEx. We ship all $500+ orders through FedEx if the COD payment method is used due to the uncertainty of USPS.

Do you ship SAME-DAY? What days do you process orders?

We process orders Monday – Friday and we stop fulfilling for the day at 2 PM Eastern time

All orders placed after 2 PM Eastern time are shipped the following business day. All orders are shipped the same-day unless it is a first time. All first time orders, whether it is COD or eCheck, have a level of verification required before we ship it. We do not ship on Saturdays at this time.



The Best Way to Manage Your 5-Day, First-Time eCheck Hold

If it is your first time ordering and you really need to get your order ASAP: we recommend paying via COD and having customer service set up a separate eCheck order for you at the same time, that way you can get your “first time eCheck 5-day hold” out of the way. This is not our way of “trying to get you to order twice.” This is our way of trying to make the process as efficient as possible for you.

You can at least get your order on the way by paying with a Money Order via COD initially, but also “kill two birds with one stone” and get your eCheck hold out of the way by having customer service set up a manual eCheck order for you at the same exact time. Doing it this way, you will receive same-day shipping on all future eCheck orders.

Of course, if you are not in any type of rush, then you can just initiate your first time eCheck with us, and you will get the order once the 5 day hold has elapsed.

Just to be clear: if you do end up doing the “double order” method explained above, we will either refund the money to you once the eCheck has cleared, or of course we could just send product that you already paid/waited for. Either way, you are going to get your money back or product, so it is completely up to you.

We like to recommend this method so people do not have to be stranded for up to two weeks waiting on a 5 business day hold due to it being their first eCheck order. We say “up to two weeks” because of weekends/holidays – it’s a situational issue.

Are the packages shipped discreetly? Does it say "kratom" anywhere?

Our packages DO NOT say “Kratom” on them anywhere.
No logo, no wording – nothing at all.

All of our packages are shipped in USPS branded packaging or brown boxes.

Nothing about Kratom will be found on the outside of the package.
“EZ Kratom” is not located on the outside of the package anywhere.

You can generally expect your order to arrive in a USPS branded package/envelope – even if you order FedEx.

If you pay for FedEx shipping, then your order will still be shipped via FedEx services, but the package may simply be a USPS branded envelope/package.

If we missed anything, contact us and ask us directly so we can add it to our F.A.Q.!

Why sell as "Not for Human Consumption?"

The FDA does not support Kratom in any way, shape or form.

Since there aren’t regulations that exist for Kratom, it is not to be sold with claims of any type, or with insinuations of consumption.

This means vendors that explain “effects,” vendors who are selling capsules, and vendors that are selling Kratom alongside other consumable products are at risk of being prosecuted by the FDA.

A Michigan vendor was prosecuted by the FDA for selling Kratom with claims, as well as importing it under different names to get passed the FDA’s Import Alert issued on Kratom.

He was sentenced to prison time as well as a very significant cash fine.

The FDA is not playing games and prosecution is not a joke.

The Federal government has a 90% conviction rate; if they are prosecuting, it’s going to be a very solid case against you.



If you want to read more about this, check out our article titled “What is the FDA’s Stance on Kratom + Non Consumption Kratom Products” as we go into further detail the importance of following FDA guidelines when selling Kratom.

Not doing so can be as severe as prison time if guidelines are not followed correctly.
Read through the article for more information (or click here!)

Do you offer reward points? How do I get them?

We do offer Reward Points for every single purchase that is made, but you have to make sure you have an account with our website in order to begin accumulating points.

Creating a new account will give you free points, as well as leaving reviews under products on the website.

All reviews have to be approved by an admin on the backend of the website, in order to prevent any type of spamming within the point system.

You can leave multiple reviews on multiple products as long as you have purchased those products in the past.

Feel free to check out our Reward Points page for further information about this question and how the Reward Points work.

Are your products lab tested?

All 10 strains are lab tested and the extract we use to blend into the UE is tested separately.

We test for microbes, metals and mitragynine/7-OH (hydroxymitragynine).

Let us know at any time if you would like to see the results.

PO Boxes? UPS Private Mailboxes? Do you ship to them?

We ship to USPS PO boxes, but only through USPS (United States Post Service – regular, everyday mail service).

FedEx/UPS will not deliver to USPS owned PO boxes (the ones you find inside the USPS).

However, UPS (United Postal Service) has “Private Mailboxes” (PMBs) which are essentially the same as PO boxes, but at your local UPS store instead of USPS.

These Private Mailboxes (PMBs) actually register as a real, physical street address instead of as a PO box address.
They work the exact same as a PO box, but show as a “real address.”

This makes them great for registering businesses, or for legal matters that require a “real” street address.

If you are shipping to a PMB, you can use any shipping service you want; FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc. – it does not have to be UPS specifically, as any shipping service will deliver to your local UPS store.

Do you ship to any illegal states? Do you know someone that will?

We do not ship to the following states, cities, and counties in the US where Kratom is banned: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Utah, Sarasota County, FL, Alcorn, Calhoun, Itawamba, Lowndes, Monroe, Noxubee, Prentiss, Tippah, Tishomingo, and Union County, MS, Corinth, Derma, Fulton, Guntown, Iuka, Mantachie, Marietta, New Albany, Okolona, Oxford, Pontotoc, Ripley, Saltillo, Senatobia and Vardaman, MS, Monument and Parker, CO, San Diego, CA, Jerseyville, IL, and Oceanside, CA.

We also do not know anyone that will ship to the illegal states at this time.

Stay tuned to our newsletter as we will let everyone know when/if a state is unbanned.

Kratom was unbanned in Tennessee a few years back, so if you live in a state deemed “illegal,” there is still hope!

Check out our articles “How to find and contact your government representatives” as well as “Kratom and the court system” for further information as to how you can take the correct action and be proactive in your state.

Do you ship to Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska?

We ship to any legal state or area owned by the United States.

Check out our article “where does EZ Kratom ship to?” and “What states/territories are owned by the US government?

If the US government owns it, then we can usually ship there via USPS for the same flat rate as shipping within the country.

As with any package that goes out of the country, it will go through the Customs process.

We yet to have any issue with customs on those types of orders though.

As always, contact us if you have any questions/concerns.
At the end of the day, we only provide services that we feel comfortable providing.

What is your Return Policy? How do we return product?

As you may have already noticed, we offer a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders. This is how it works:

  • If you receive an order that you are not happy with, we will offer a return/exchange on the amount of powder you return back to us.

This means if you order a kilogram and send us back 200 grams, we will only provide an exchange/refund on the amount you send back to us.



  • We will not honor the 30-day guarantee on exchanged products (unless specific circumstances).

For example, if you were not happy with a product and you sent it back for an exchange, we will not honor the 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee on the exchanged product. However, this does not mean we are not here to work with you, but the blanket statement rule for this particular situation is that we do not honor the 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee on a product that has been exchanged. If you have an issue, we can either exchange/refund, but after that, we generally ask that you give another vendor a shot as we do not want you to continue wasting your time/money.



  • If you decide that you want to send your product back, we will generally provide a label for you to return your product; however, we reserve the right to not pay for any return postage.

If you would like to return your order because you are unsatisfied, please contact us by clicking here or calling the number at the top left of the website in the green bar.

How do I contact Customer Service?

If you click anywhere on this sentence, it will bring you to EZ Kratom’s Contact Us page.

From there you can submit the contact us form and it will redirect your message request to our email Inbox.

Make sure you enter your email address perfectly or the reply email will not send back to you correctly.

You can also send an email to or

Or use the phone numbers below to get in contact with us:

727-389-7121 (Text/Call)
General Customer Service

727-232-2341 (Call Only – Landline)
General Customer Service (Fulfilment Direct Line)

727-505-7097 (Text/Call)
Generally for Emergencies only.
Ask for Sam.

Why is my order on hold?

There are a few reasons why an order would be placed “On Hold:”

  1. If you placed your order and selected the “mail us a payment” option rather than eCheck or COD payment methods, then your order will be place in the “On Hold” status as we will be waiting for your payment to come in. Once it arrives, we will deposit it and send your order. First timers may have to wait for their check to fully clear before we ship, but future orders will generally ship when we receive the check.
  1. If you placed a first time eCheck order OR you are using a new checking account, your order will be placed On Hold for 5 business days. The day your check initially processes by the merchant check company is not the first day in the holding period. The following day is the 1st day of your holding period. Your shipment will ship on the same day you ordered, but the following week, as long as you ordered before 2 PM Eastern time and your eCheck goes through successfully. If you have ordered with us before and do not believe to have submitted using a new/different checking account, there may have been a typo when you submitted, or another issue. Please get in contact with us if you believe there is a mistake.
  1. First time COD orders will be placed “On Hold” until we receive verification from the customer. This means if you are paying cash through USPS, you will need to submit your ID to us. If you are paying via Cashier’s Check/Money Order, you will need to submit a photo of the payment that the driver will be collecting. Once we have verified this information, we will ship your order.
  1. If we are waiting for a repayment on a payment that did not go through, we may place your order On Hold until the issue is completely resolved.



You can find the current status of all your orders if you login to your account and go to the Order History section.
From there, you will see if your order has been Completed, is “on hold” for First Time eCheck, COD, etc. and whether or not you need to do anything further.

Why hasn't my order shipped?

There could be a number of reasons why your order has not shipped, so we’ll go through several of them:

  1. First time eCheck orders will not ship for 5 business days. Check out our page on how first time payments work when shopping with EZ Kratom. If you believe it has been 5 business days, we would give it one more day, but please feel free to contact us no matter what as we want you to feel comfortable.
  1. If it has definitely been more than 5 business days, your eCheck may not have successfully cleared from your bank account. If you are positive it did clear, we would recommend asking your bank first, but of course we are right here to help you figure out what is going on as well.
  1. First time COD orders are held for further verification. This is explained further on our Wholesale Kratom Payment Information page, as well as in another question here on the F.A.Q. page.
  1. You may have placed your order as a “mail in payment” by accident, so we may simply be under the impression that we are waiting on a payment from you. If you did not mean to place your payment as “mail in,” please let us know and we will change the payment method. We will need your bank info if you want us to process an eCheck for you, or if you want to pay via COD, then we will get it out to you ASAP. NOTE: First time COD orders will need further verification before shipment.
  1. If you ordered after 2 PM Eastern time or on a day that we do not ship (Saturday and Sunday), then your order will not ship until the afternoon of the next business day. Orders after 2PM Eastern time on a Friday will not be shipped until Monday.
  1. If you didn’t add a unit/apt/suite number to your address, but our shipping program states there needs to be one, we may need to call you for this information before we ship. If we do not get an answer back, you may see that your orders does not ship.
  1. Our shipping program may say your address is not “valid.” This happens very rarely, and usually happens where neighborhoods are under new development, or in very rural areas that are further off the main path. If this happens, we will do our best to research on Google before we call you, but we may need to call just to verify with you before we ship it. If everything is definitely right, then we will manually ignore the address verification error and send it along.



If you do not see any of your issues here, then please just contact us right away so we can figure out what is going on. We all make mistakes, and if we made one, we want to make sure we correct it.

My package says delivered, but I never received it??

This does happen from time to time and sometimes simply just waiting an extra day or two will resolve the issue. There are also times where you will have the occasional good neighbor that will make sure you get your package, but if you believe something has happened to your package, please contact us right away.

It is best to contact your local USPS about this before contacting us, however, if you would rather talk to someone here at EZ before you talk to USPS, we completely understand; we can at least answer some questions before you go in or call the USPS.

If the address you provided to us was simply the wrong one, then we will not be able to honor a replacement of that package.

The information typed into the checkout gets automatically transferred to our shipping program, as you know your address better than we do, so it minimizes copywriting errors.

If we do end up having to resend your package, please note:

  • We suggest you pick a new address or have the package “held for pickup” at your local USPS. If the package is re-shipped to the same address, we will not be able to do much if the issue comes up again.
  • If we think a different shipping method should be used, we will generally choose the cheapest method unless under specific circumstances. If you spent a significant amount on shipping, then we will of course determine the best approach to keep it fair.
  • You may have to pay for the resent package, but this will be determined on a situational basis. The lost package will either be refunded once it is found and returned to us, or you can keep both of them as long as you receive both of them. If a package is lost forever and is never found, then an insurance claim would be submitted for the insurance value of the package. The “default” for USPS Priority is $50 This would go back to you

How do I return my product?

If you are trying to return your product for a refund/exchange, please read below:

  • Please re-package the powder snug, this way the package does not bounce around during transit. If powder is everywhere when we receive the package – due to it not being packaged correctly – this may be subtracted from the refund amount.
  • You will get a refund/exchange based on what you send back to us.
  • Your refund is calculated based on the original price per gram. We calculate your refund by multiplying the original price per gram by the amount of grams you send back to us. For example, a kilo at $120 is $0.12 per gram and if you returned 800g from that kilogram, you would receive a $96 refund. $.12 * 800g = $96.
  • If you wanted an exchange and we receive 800g back, whether from an original kilo or 10kg order, you would receive an exchange of whatever strain you wanted for that exact 800g. Please be aware that whenever you send a package back to be exchanged that has already been opened, we have to throw the entire bag away. It absolutely cannot be reused, but we also cannot let people take advantage, so we are forced to receive the powder back to us before we can issue a refund/exchange.


NOTE: After the first exchange, we will not continue to do exchange/refund the order. If we send you an exchange and you also do not like that powder, we will not exchange or refund any further. Our 30 day satisfaction is eligible for one exchange/refund on any given order.

My package says "delayed"? Tracking is not updating?

If you notice that your package randomly stops updating, or that it simply says “delayed,” here is what you can do:

  • Generally, we will first tell you to give it a few days and see if it works itself out. 90% of the time, the tracking is messed up and the package shows up with patience. It is hard to be patient when you have to wait an entire 24 hours though – we get it!!
  • We will also encourage you to go to your local post office and speak to a Manager or at least someone that can access their separate internal tracking system to see when it was last scanned. This internal tracking system will have more information than what we can see online as they use this system to find packages once a claim/trace has been placed on it. Every single time a USPS employee scans a packages tracking number along its route, a picture is taken of that package on the handheld device and stored for them to see in the internal system.
  • If your local office is not much help, you can get a local number for us to call from them directly (the only numbers do not always work), or we can try talking to our local post office. They will generally tell us to call the post office it is being delivered to though, as the local office where the package is going will of course know the local addresses/area in general.
  • We cannot create a claim/trace on any given package until 7 days after the date of mailing unfortunately, so once 7 days have elapsed with no updates, we will submit a claim/trace on the package to see if we can get it to turn up that way.
  • If it does not get resolved in a reasonable amount of time, we will determine a solution based on the specific situation. We will always make sure everything is fair when it’s all said and done, but some situations are different than others depending on what USPS has said, what they know, etc.At the end of the day, you are going to get what you paid for – or a refund, but it would just be a matter of “when” in this type of situation. This “situation” rarely happens, so you do not have to worry in our opinion, but we still like to make it known in terms of what we would do. Actions speak louder than words, and these are the actions we have taken in the past when these issues have came up.


As always, if you end up having issues with your package/tracking, just contact us by clicking here.


Do not worry just yet! There is more information that can relate to this question/answer under the “Package says delivered but never received” question. However, if you are positive it was delivered to the wrong address, here is what you can do:

  1. Make contact with the person who lives at the address where the package was incorrectly delivered. If you cannot make contact with them when they are outside or when they come home at some point during the day, then we would ONLY recommend leaving a note in their mailbox or leaving a note on their front door/garage door if you are familiar with the people living there. If you are not familiar, then we do not want to have you do something that could cause problems.
  1. Call or visit your local post office and discuss with them about doing a “trace” on the package in order to see where it was scanned on delivery. They should be able to see a pretty close representation of where the courier was when they scanned the package on delivery.


If you cannot retrieve the package or determine whether it was delivered incorrectly, here is what will happen:

  1. The amount we replace will be determined on a case by case basis.
  1. The replacement will be sent contingent on your agreement to pick up the shipment at your local Post Office.- If you want us to send the shipment back to the same address where the original problem happened, you will be responsible if it is misdelivered again.- If the package were to be lost or misdelivered somehow as a “hold for pickup” shipment, then we will determine what to do at that time. A case will have to be created and a trace will be done on the package in order to determine whether it was misdelivered, mis-scanned, or simply lost.We will have to do a thorough investigation
  1. In order to keep costs low, we will ship the replacement with the cheapest shipping method that offers a tracking number.If you want to pay for a different shipping method instead, that is perfectly fine as well.

Why aren't there "directions" on the outside of my product's package?

Kratom is not sold for Human Consumption. At this time, the FDA does not recognize Kratom in any way. This means that the product is not deemed for consumption and has not been regulated for consumption. This also means that we cannot provide “directions of use” or anything relating/insinuating to the consumption of the product. We do not provide usage/claims of any sort on our website, packaging or through our customer service.

For more information about selling Kratom as a Non Consumable and the punishment behind not doing so, please read our article titled “Is Kratom Legal? The Importance of Non Consumption.

Do you offer wholesale or large quantity discounts?

EZ Kratom offers discounts on larger quantities of wholesale kratom purchases if you are looking for more than what is listed on the website publically.

Please contact us and we will provide you with a list of our wholesale kratom prices.

The prices we offer on our website are described as “bulk pricing,” as you are buying more than you would generally purchase at one time from a local store.

This is why our lower quantity bags are much higher priced due to the cost of shipping/labor/packaging that goes into a smaller amount of powder.

EZ Kratom offers wholesale kratom and bulk kratom, but also retail priced Kratom for those who are only looking to spend a small amount.

How do I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, you can do so within your “My Account” area, but we would recommend you contacting us directly.

If you cancel your order within the backend of your My Account area, we are going to contact you to verify that it was done on purpose anyways, so please feel free to simply contact us directly to cancel the order.

If you submit an eCheck, the eCheck will not cancel if you cancel the order from your account area and we will have to contact you to make sure you want to cancel before we stop the check.

You can text us, email, call or even jump into the Live Chat during the day time. The number listed above, 727-389-7121, can be called/texted any time during our regular business hours.

We answer our emails 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 4 hours on Saturday. You can send emails to and we will get your order cancelled within just a few minutes. If a shipment has already been shipped, then there will be a fee for cancelling the order.