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If you have any issues with your wholesale kratom or bulk kratom order, or there is a problem with the package that contains your wholesale kratom or bulk kratom on arrival; don’t worry! EZ Kratom is right here to help with any problems, and you can contact us at the phone number or email below.

You can also feel free to use the contact form below directly if you have any further questions about your wholesale kratom/bulk kratom order, or if you have questions for us before you actually place the wholesale kratom/bulk kratom order, as we are ready to answer them.

You can find more information about the eCheck payment method (and why we believe it is the safest payment method for Kratom in the US right now) by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

You can also find further shipping information regarding your wholesale kratom or bulk kratom order, as well as just more information on the process of everything we do here at EZ Kratom by clicking anywhere on this sentence (this sentence links to different content then the one above)

We used to accept PayPal, Quickbooks, Stripe, etc. and we accepted High Risk Debit/Credit at one point as well, but we have come to the determination that eCheck is the safest for both parties.

If you have any questions about anything at all, even a specific question as to why we do not accept cards, please get in touch with us so we can do our best to show you that we mean business and care about our supporters’ getting quality products/great service every single time they order – as well as why we believe that eCheck is the safest method of payment for your wholesale kratom or bulk kratom order(s).

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