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Reward Points Information

Points for Leaving a Review

Points for Account Creation

Points Per $1

How much is discounted when redeeming my points?
As you can see from above, you will receive 5 points for every $1 you spend in the store. This of course does not include shipping or tax costs. When you redeem your points for a discount, you are able to redeem 100 points for $1. This equals to a 5% “cash back” in the form of points every single time you place an order with EZ Kratom. No discount code(s) needed!
How do I redeem my points?
You can redeem your points directly during the checkout process. Simply add the item(s) you want to purchase into your cart and proceed to your cart by either clicking the small “cart” icon in the green bar located at the top of the website, or by clicking “Shopping Cart” in the navigation bar/menu located at the top of the website. If you are on mobile, it will be located within the “Hamburger” menu (3 horizontal lines to the opposite side of the EZK logo; directly to the right of the “Magnifying Glass”). You will be able to redeem your points on the same page that you select your Payment Method.
What is the minimum number of points that can be redeemed at one time?
The minimum number of points you can redeem at once is 100 points. You cannot redeem anything under 100 points (ie. 1, 25, 50, 99, etc.)
What is the maximum number of points that can be redeemed?
There is not a maximum number of points that can be redeemed at one time. The only “limitation” is that you cannot exceed the total cost of your order.
Will I receive credited points for older orders?!
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide points for orders/account that were created before the system was implemented.
Do my points ever expire?
As of right now, your points should never expire. You can use them whenever you please and however you please. If you notice an issue trying to redeem, please just let us know.
Can I transfer my points from one account to the other?
We can transfer the points from one account to the other, but you would not be able to do this directly in your Account section of the website. Please get in contact with us if you would like to move your points to another account.
Can I use my points AND a discount code at the same time?
You are not able to use your points AND discount code at the same time. We only allow one or the other to be used. Remember to sign up with our newsletter to take advantage of flash sales/discounts.
Wow. Let me say that this is legit! Thank you guys for the outstanding product you sell. This yellow maengda is perfect. And I ordered it on Wednesday, got it on Friday. I’m in NY. I will definitely be returning! Amazing
Courtney V.

Selkirk, NY

Wholesale Kratom Powder
I just received my first order the other day, got here quick. As mentioned, this is my first order from EZKratom. Really High quality, much better than what I have found around me retail so far. Prices are lower for better quality.
Allen W.

Beaverton, OR