Is Kratom Legal in South Carolina?

Did you know that kratom trees can grow to over 80 feet in parts of South Asia? What’s better is that their leaves can be harvested, processed, and sold in different ways.

With a surge in popularity, many South Carolina residents are wondering about the legality of kratom. So that begs the question: is kratom legal in South Carolina? What even is it and what are the benefits?

Those are exactly the questions we’re here to answer today. Read on to find out more about kratom’s legality in South Carolina and what that means for you.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom refers to a tree that grows in places like the Philippines, Papa New Guinea, and Malaysia. Thailand is another country that produces large quantities of kratom.

Kratom grows on trees that top out at around 30 feet tall and are about 15 feet wide. Kratom products are made from the leaves, which are oval in shape and dark-green in color.

What is known is that kratom’s properties and uses have allowed it to become classified as a controlled substance in many parts of the world. This includes Australia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

But what exactly is kratom bought and sold for? Why do people insist on buying kratom?

How Is Kratom Taken?

While there are many different kratom products available, the pill form is the most common these days.

As such, kratom is mostly in katrom capsules. These pills contain kratom powder produced from properly cleaned and maintained machines.

The best kratom capsules are produced with indoor-dried leaves that are finely ground into the aforementioned powder.

How Is Kratom Classified in South Carolina?

When it comes to whether you can purchase and use kratom in South Carolina, the answer is a little complicated. Kratom possession and usage in the U.S. and in South Carolina is technically legal.

That means you can buy it, sell it, and possess it anywhere in the state including major cities. This is worth noting since there are states like Florida that allow kratom use but ban it in specific areas.

As such, kratom is not classified as a controlled substance in South Carolina the way it is in other countries. Other states have successfully classified it as a Schedule I Controlled Substance, but not yet in South Carolina.

Why Has Kratom Been Banned in Some States?

The idea of kratom being a natural substance taken from plants is an exciting one, but research is still needed before it’s as legitimized as other substances. This lack of research is why it’s not always legal.

It’s worth noting that kratom’s properties come from the alkaloids unique to the plant itself. These alkaloids include mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

This only emphasizes the importance of buying from reputable sources. Finding the right vendor who can deliver quality products is a good way to ensure what you’re getting is legitimate.

So Is Kratom Legal in South Carolina?

Generally speaking, you can possess kratom in South Carolina. There are no laws explicitly stating that purchasing kratom is illegal. While this is certainly the case in other states, buying kratom is not deemed illegal here.

With that said, it’s still crucial that you purchase kratom from legitimate vendors. This will help you not only get the best possible products, but reputable buyers follow ethical delivery standards.

Now that you know about kratom’s legality, let’s go over any specific laws that you should understand regarding kratom in South Carolina.

Are There Laws in South Carolina About Kratom?

In terms of laws, there’s no pending legislation that’s currently lobbying on behalf of kratom in South Carolina. There aren’t any legislators saying much in favor or against the substance.

With that said, there are some interstate laws that you should be aware of, including North Carolina’s kratom age restriction. You have to be 18 years or older to purchase kratom products in North Carolina.

This means if anyone from South Carolina under the age of 18 gets caught purchasing kratom in North Carolina, they’ll be facing criminal charges. This warrants users in South Carolina to be more cognizant of other states’ laws.

Purchasing Kratom in South Carolina

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s legal for vendors to sell kratom products in South Carolina. Many vape and smoke shops offer these products, but consumers still prefer to buy them online.

A lot of consumers in other states run into trouble with shipping kratom products online, but that shouldn’t be a problem in South Carolina. Make sure you research the product beforehand before making an online purchase.

Shopping for Kratom Online

On the optic of buying kratom online, make sure you’re going through a checklist to source the most reliable vendors. Make sure that the manufacturer is legitimate as well.

Because regulation over kratom isn’t as developed as other drugs, you should look for reviews and other sources to make sure what you’re buying is for real. Certificates for lab testing are another indicator of a good product.

If you’re in any way unsure, contact the vendor or manufacturer to see if they’ll clear up some questions. There’s no problem with being 100% sure, even if kratom is legal in South Carolina.

Finding Kratom in South Carolina

Whether you’re looking for kratom powder or kratom capsules, it’s always good to know whether these products are legal in your state. Use this guide to help you understand where South Carolina stands with kratom’s legality.

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