Where to Buy Kratom? Let us Help!

Are you asking yourself “where to buy Kratom”? We would like to help you decide where to make your Kratom purchase.

If you go into your favorite search engine and type “buy Kratom” or “buy Kratom near me”, you will find several results depending on where you live at. With Kratom becoming more and more popular everyday, you are going to see even more search results popping up.

How do you determine which Kratom vendor has the best quality so you can purchase from the right place, at the right price, with so many vendors popping up?

Not only the right price, but clean and quality powder as well? EZ Kratom can provide everything that you need if you wanted to try an online vendor, but if you still want to purchase locally, let us help with some further information.


Bulk and Wholesale KratomHow to Buy Kratom based on Price

When searching “where to buy kratom” it is always important to realize that, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. However, that doesn’t mean a very expensive Kratom powder will be of better quality.

There are always going to be people who take advantage of that psychological aspect to make more money off of the people coming to them. At the end of the day, if you’re trying to figure out where to buy kratom locally, you have to find a good medium price by browsing multiple shops.

A company that continuously undercuts for sales tends to have less care when a customer has problems. Vendors like this, no matter the industry, are there to generate as many sales as possible. They may care in the beginning, but eventually they will outgrow what they can afford to pay out in wages. The company will crumble on itself. We discuss this more below.

Even though you may find a good quality powder being sold in a Ziploc bag (we’ve seen worse), we would suggest paying the extra for a product that is contained inside of solid packaging. This helps block sunlight, moisture, etc. as much as possible.

Ziploc will allow direct contact with the sunlight and will slowly degrade the powder as it sits. Generally, packaged Kratom powders will cost a little more, but this goes back to what we were saying above.

If you would rather shop with us directly, you can contact us, otherwise, you should be weary of pricing when searching for Kratom powder. Just remember that pricing is not the entire picture!

Make sure to ask for samples, smell the powders they have, and look at them physically to see how green in color they are. These small interactions with the store will allow you to see the response times they have and how much they care.

Prices vary depending on your area, the type of store being purchased from, the quality of powders, etc. Shop the different stores around you before making a decision. If you decide you just want to give us a chance, you can check out our Wholesale Kratom Sample Pack. The process of buying online is extremely easy nowadays, but we are here to help if you have any issues at all.


Bulk and Wholesale KratomWhere to Buy Kratom with the Best Color

The color of your Kratom powder says everything you need to know about the powder you are purchasing.

If you are looking to purchase Kratom right away, you can view our list of products by clicking here. The main color shade you are searching for is GREEN. You may find other shades depending on the leaves used for milling, but we would be careful if the vendor you are purchasing from is not a reliable vendor.

These different colors are generally the sign of a powder being scorched by the sun while it was in the drying process. Powders have been known to be Orange, Yellow, Brown, and many others shades besides Green.

The sun destroys alkaloids, and we would never recommend anyone that is searching where to buy kratom locally to purchase a Kratom powder which is any other color than Green.

Unfortunately, when you are trying to purchase “Kratom near me”, you are going to have to deal with local stores that are catering to their specific crowd of people. Unless the majority of customers and shops take the time to educate themselves, they will have to provide whatever their traffic requests.

This means if you are searching for “kratom near me” and you want to get a quality powder, we would ask the store for any “green” or “white” strains from the newest batch received.

Make sure to buy small amounts of different strains before you invest into a larger amount. It may be convenient to buy kratom locally, but you may also lose on the quality aspect.

As we mentioned above, you can check our Wholesale Kratom Sample Pack if you want to see a few strains for yourself. This way you can minimize the amount of money being spent on wasted product. We believe you will appreciate every single strain though 🙂


Bulk and Wholesale KratomPurchase Kratom with Lab Results

Even though CoAs are great, do not ONLY rely on them when searching where to buy Kratom; however, it is always a good habit to ask for them. The lab results will show you where to buy Kratom and where not to.

What do we mean by this? If the company cannot provide CoAs, then you do not have to go any further – remove them from your list. Whether or not you want to buy Kratom locally, you should always ask for lab results from the store.

If your local store does not understand, then we would not advise to use them in your search of “where to buy Kratom near me”.

Still having a hard time trying to find a place to buy Kratom near you locally? Give us a chance to see how long it takes for your first delivery to arrive (95% of orders arrive in 2 days or less), the quality/consistency of our powder products, and RELIABLE customer service.

We know that it can be frustrating to wait for mail to arrive. Once you get the first order in, we can get you on a schedule to make sure you are never running out!

A company with solid, consistent lab results – as well as good smelling and looking powder – is the vendor/company you want to buy Kratom from. The lab results let you know the Kratom powder is clean, and the physical appearance aspect will let you know if it is easy to work with.

Give EZ Kratom a try today; we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on ALL orders – every order!


Bulk and Wholesale KratomCustomer Service

“Where to buy Kratom near me” is a broad term, and will return you a lot of results. That being said, the customer service provided to you by each of the companies offering to sell you Kratom will be vastly different.

Your goal when determining where to buy Kratom should be to find a good quality powder using the tips above, but to pair that with great customer service.

When searching where to buy Kratom near you, the company you are using should be educated on everything there is to know about the Kratom products they are selling.

A good company to buy Kratom near you is going to actually have a phone number to call and answer it. A good Kratom company for someone wanting to know where to buy Kratom near them will not only be knowledgeable, but they will treat you like they care about you no matter what you order.

You can tell when a company is just selling any powder they can get their hands on, compared to a company who is passionate about the product at the end of the day. Here at EZ Kratom, we care about every single person that shops with us. We believe actions speak louder than words and we hope to have your support at some time!

Though we are an online vendor, we believe that if you are someone trying to find out where to buy Kratom near you, we can be a great solution. With orders being shipped same-day, Monday – Friday, we have about as fast shipping as Amazon – depending on where you live – since we use Priority Mail for all orders over 250g in weight.

We may not be “near you,” but as we stated above, shipments generally arrive within 1-2 days. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii. Guam or simply a rural area, you may experience longer than normal shipping times. Find more information about EZ Kratom’s shipping guidelines here.

We do offer Free Shipping on all Kratom orders, though it will not be Priority on smaller amounts. If you are looking where to buy kratom local – no matter where you are located – we can get it to your doorstep within 1-3 days maximum!


Bulk and Wholesale KratomKratom Packaging

Searching for the perfect vendor/company can become overwhelming due to all of the different options you have, but another way to aid you in the search of where to buy Kratom near you is looking at their packaging. Kratom vendors that care about their appearance will take pride in their packaging as well.

We mentioned this at the beginning of the article, but we believe that when you are trying to figure out where to buy Kratom locally, you should avoid packaging which appears to be shiny/sparkly. This is generally a sign that the owner of that specific company only cares about selling product, for maximum profits, and has lost track of what actually matters.

On your search of “where to buy Kratom near me,” we would suggest supporting a company that is trying to sell the product the way it is intended to be sold – as in organic, naturally producing plant. Not an herb, not a supplement, not a drug – nothing else besides a bulk botanical derived from leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree.

  • In regards to where to buy Kratom locally, you must be aware that Kratom is not sold for consumption.
  • If you do not see an FDA disclaimer clearly listed on a Kratom products packaging, we would refrain from purchasing.
  • If the store you are purchasing from does not clearly state to you that the Kratom products in their store are not sold for consumption, we would also be very careful buying Kratom from them.
  • If the store you are purchasing from offers consumable alongside Kratom, or sells liquid/capsules, we would be weary of purchasing from them.

Vendors that do not follow the FDA guidelines as close as possible should be avoided at all cost, as there is no telling what other corners they may be cutting. Supporting those that blatantly disregard the rules are promoting the wrong image and the wrong future we want for Kratom.

We hope to see you with us!!

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