Where Can You Buy Kratom? A Guide

In 2018, we saw how the legalization of CBD at the federal level led to a massive boom in the demand and usage of CBD products. And while the CBD industry is still booming, and leads the charge in over-the-counter botanicals, there’s another plant-based product quietly sweeping the nation as well.

Kratom comes from leaves grown in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. In Southeast Asia, locals have been growing, drying and processing the leaves for centuries.

Today, the leaves are processed and ground into powder. It’s becoming much more popular in the US. Where can you buy kratom powder, so that you can see how beneficial this natural botanical is?

But what is kratom, and why isn’t it widely available at the local supermarket? Keep reading below to learn all about kratom and where you can buy it today.

Kratom Legality by State

Before you start adding kratom products to your online cart or looking for a local retailer, brush up on your local laws and restrictions. Kratom is still relatively new in the US.

It’s unregulated at the federal level, leaving it up to individual states to determine legality. If you’re in one of the few states that have banned kratom, then you won’t be able to purchase it online, even from an out-of-state retailer where it might be legal.

States that have outright banned Kratom include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. If you try purchasing kratom online to ship to one of these locations, an authentic kratom retailer will decline the transaction, to avoid trouble with the authorities.

Luckily, for most people, kratom is either unregulated, meaning anybody can buy it or is regulated, and buying may come with certain restrictions.

States with Kratom regulations include Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Georgia. With regulations in place, the state can limit who can sell kratom and put quality standards in place to ensure residents can only buy products deemed safe.

In all other states, however, kratom is unregulated at the state level and is available for purchase and posession. Some cities and counties, such as San Diego, California, and Sarasota County in Florida have banned it at the local level, however.

And since kratom is still a new product, regulations can change at any time. Always stay up to date on what your state, county, and city declare regarding the purchasing, possession, and usage of kratom.

Where Can You Buy Kratom?

Unregulated kratom is both a blessing and a curse. Without regulation, companies are free to import and sell kratom to the bulk of the US population. And more and more people are able to try it out for themselves.

But this also leads to a free-for-all in the market. And if there’s money to be made, you can bet that many people are going to set up shop and sell the cheapest products they can get, in hopes of capitalizing on a new trend.

But it’s important that you only purchase high-quality kratom. When you buy the cheap stuff, it’s often diluted with filler ingredients to lower costs, and ultimately lower its effectiveness.

Instead, purchase from a vendor that can tell you where a specific product comes from, how it was grown, and how it was processed. Get it from a company that conducts lab tests to ensure quality and safety.

And buy from a company that discards bad kratom. If it smells bad, then it has probably already gone bad. So who can you trust when purchasing kratom?

EZ Kratom

The best place to buy kratom online in bulk is here at EZ Kratom. We make it easy to buy and try the highest quality kratom at the best prices.

We are very careful about the products that we source. And once they arrive, we do plenty of internal testing to ensure consistency and quality. And we also have our products lab tested for additional quality assurance.

We have strict qualifications regarding product freshness, and test each kratom powder that we import by appearance, smell, and feel. If it doesn’t pass the test, we discard it immediately.

So you can rest assured knowing that you are only buying the products that make it through multiple rounds of testing.

Plus, it’s easy to buy in bulk and save money. You can purchase kratom powder, extract, or capsules. And you can buy in small, individual packages containing 250 grams, or you can buy in commercial quantities of up to 10 kilograms.

Feel free to shop around with some other vendors as well. Since we supply many other retailers with kratom, there’s a chance you may be purchasing our products.

Your Local Retailer

If your state is friendly towards kratom, it can be pretty easy to find it locally. Many kratom-specific retailers will open up small shops, providing customers with the opportunity to ask questions and find the right products for them.

In many instances, smoke shops, alternative health food stores, and CBD retailers will add kratom to their inventory, making it easy to purchase a wide variety of products in one place.

Buying in person usually means you can buy in customized quantities since retailers purchase in bulk. So you can try smaller sample sizes of different kratom varieties, such as yellow Maeng-Da kratom powder versus white Maeng-Da kratom powder.

Farmers Markets

It’s also common to find kratom products for sale at local farmers’ markets these days. Most Americans still don’t know what kratom is, and many have never even heard about it.

But as they stumble upon kratom at their local market, they can learn all about it, what the different types of kratom are, and what kratom benefits they can expect when they buy it themselves.

Farmers’ markets are very effective for getting the word out about kratom to a larger segment of the population.

Order Kratom Today

So where can you buy kratom? You can buy it in most states around the country, and you can either purchase it online or head to a local retailer where you can ask questions and smell different varieties for yourself.

If you’re interested in getting the best prices and the highest quality, lab-tested kratom, then you can purchase directly on our website in any quantity.

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