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How To: Buy Kratom Using an eCheck

Buy Kratom using an eCheck from EZ Kratom by following our step-by-step tutorial outlined below.

● eChecks are just as easy to use as a Credit Card (we’ll show you how below).

● eChecks are the safest payment method in the Kratom industry at this time. Click here for more information.

NOTE: Though this article is titled “how to buy Kratom using an eCheck,” it is the exact same process for all payment methods up until the payment area. Also, we have upgraded our website since this tutorial was made, so it might look a little different than this. We will be making a new tutorial soon.

Buy Kratom Using an eCheck: Start at EZ Kratom Homepage

Before you begin our tutorial on how to buy kratom using an eCheck, make sure either:

1) Print out this tutorial on how to buy wholesale Kratom


2) Open this tutorial on another device before you proceed any further (such as your phone or desktop – whichever one you are not using currently), this way you can follow along through the website without having to go back and forth.

Let us begin to buy kratom using an eCheck:

EZ Kratom Buy Wholesale Kratom Purchasing TutorialFigure 1

1. Navigate back to the very first page, the homepage, of EZ Kratom by clicking the logo at the top left of the website, or by simply typing into the URL/address bar at the top of your browser window when you are ready to buy kratom using an eCheck (or any payment method really).

2. Once the homepage has loaded, click the “SHOP KRATOM NOW” button that the White arrow is pointing at above in Figure 1 (figure numbers will be located under each picture, to the very left). Once you click the “SHOP KRATOM NOW” button, you will see the picture below:

Buy Kratom Using an eCheck: Choose Your Wholesale Kratom Product

EZ Kratom Buy Wholesale Kratom Purchasing TutorialFigure 2

3. Here is where you will see all of the wholesale kratom products we have for sale. You can use an eCheck to purchase for all of these Kratom products. When on this page, you will need to scroll down in order to view all products. The screenshot above is simply an example of what you will see.

We would suggest taking your time, looking at what we have to offer, doing your own research about the Kratom strains, and determine which one you would like. These products are not sold for human consumption and we will not discuss anything related to it.

4. Click one of the wholesale Kratom products shown in Figure 2 above and you will be taken to the screen below:

Choose Your Weight

EZ Kratom Buy Wholesale Kratom Purchasing TutorialFigure 3

5. In the screenshot above (Figure 3), you will see that we chose “Yellow Maeng Da” as our wholesale Kratom product. Again, all of this weights/strains can be purchased using an eCheck. If you are having trouble deciding which Kratom product to choose, we always recommend our Yellow MD.

6. In the screenshot above (Figure 3), you will see “1.” is where you select the “weight” you want to purchase. Choose your weight, then proceed to “2.” and click “ADD TO CART”.

7. You will then be taken to the page shown in the screenshot below:

Using an eCheck: Proceed to Checkout

EZ Kratom Buy Wholesale Kratom Purchasing TutorialFigure 4

8. If you are not finish shopping, then you can click where it says “Continue shopping” in order to be brought back to the wholesale Kratom product page shown in Figure 2. When purchasing using an eCheck, you can add as many items to the cart as you would like before you place your Kratom order.

9. Once you have all the wholesale Kratom items you want in your cart, scroll down to the bottom of the page:

EZ Kratom Buy Wholesale Kratom Purchasing Tutorial

Figure 5

10. At the bottom of the page, click “Proceed to checkout” when you are ready to submit your order using an eCheck and finalize your wholesale Kratom order.

11. You will then see this page once you click “Proceed to checkout”:

EZ Kratom Buy Wholesale Kratom Purchasing Tutorial Figure 6

12. As noted in Figure 7 below: please fill in ALL boxes with an asterisk next to them. If you decide that you need to ship your wholesale Kratom order to a different address other than your Billing address, please CHECK the box that says “Ship to a different address?”; it will be UNCHECKED by default. This means when you submit your wholesale kratom order using an eCheck – or any payment method for that matter – your Billing address will automatically be used as your shipping address unless you specifically check the “Ship to a different address?” box and type in a separate address for us to ship to.

13. Make sure to login to your account before placing your wholesale Kratom order using an eCheck. If this is your first time ordering with EZ Kratom, then you will be asked in the form of a “checkbox” to create an account before you submit your order (right under the boxes for billing/shipping information).

14. Once you have filled all of this information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and proceed to the next screenshot:

EZ Kratom Buy Wholesale Kratom Purchasing Tutorial Figure 7

15. As noted in the screenshot above (Figure 7), you MUST fill in all of the billing/shipping information correctly in order to physically see the available shipping methods we offer. If you do not fill those boxes out first, it will not show you the available shipping methods.

16. Free shipping will consist of USPS First Class if your order is under $50, USPS Priority if over $50, and FedEx/UPS depending on the size of the order in general. If you select your own shipping method, then we will use the method you choose. The only time we choose what method to use is if “Free Shipping” is selected.

17. Once you have selected your shipping method, please proceed to the final screenshot below to choose your payment method:

Place Your Order

EZ Kratom Buy Wholesale Kratom Purchasing Tutorial Figure 8

18. If using an eCheck to place your Kratom order, this is where you will input your eCheck information.

Please note where it says “ROUTING NUMBER” and “ACCOUNT NUMBER” as these boxes need to be filled in perfectly or the eCheck will not process successfully.

You can click here to learn how to find your Account, Routing and Billing information on any paper check.

NOTE: You can also pay with C.O.D. or mail us a payment directly.

19. Once you have entered your payment information according to what shows on your bank account, then you can simply click the “Place order” button at the bottom right hand side of the screenshot above (Figure 8). If you are on mobile, it will instead be at the bottom of the page under everything, generally centered on the page. Tablets, depending on their size, could be formatted both ways; just depends on the width.

That’s it!

Once you have clicked Place order, you will be redirected to a “confirmation” page which means your wholesale Kratom order has been submitted.

If it is your first time ordering with us, stay tuned to your email inbox for further information!