Are eChecks SAFER than Debit/Credit for Wholesale Kratom?

The ONLY reason eChecks are safer than accepting debit/credit within the Kratom industry is because of one simple reason: Kratom is classified as a “high risk” product within the banking industry, and they have completely banned it from processing throughout the PCI  departments across the country. Any company accepting payments has to have a processor/payment gateway that is “PCI” compliant in order to keep everyone “following the rules.” 

For those of you that were with us in the beginning, you know that we had Debit/Credit support for the first solid year of being solely online.

We were using a “low risk” solution for payment processing (meaning: we were not supposed to be using it!) for our high risk processing.

Of course PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc. are what is known as a “low risk” processing solution (as mentioned above).

This means, according to their terms and conditions when using their platform, that you are absolutely not allowed to sell a high risk product on their platform(s).

This is why you will see vendors asking you not to mention anything about “kratom” or strain names when you send money to their PayPal, Square, Venmo, etc. for a purchase.



Wholesale Kratom Vendors:
Why do they Come and Go?


You will notice that credit/debit support comes and goes throughout the industry, along with vendors themselves, and different vendors having credit/debit support at random times; especially for the larger vendors.

This is because these “processing companies” are also coming and going by setting up shop, then taking advantage of desperate vendors that are looking to get the competitive edge by having credit/debit support over everyone else.

We understand the reasoning behind it, but it comes at a cost: Banks are set up outside of the United States to do the processing.

Since Kratom is considered a high risk product in the processing industry, this means US banks do not want to pick up processing for the product.

International banks will then pick up the product (Canada, Europe, China, Russia, and much smaller countries with a lot less regulations than the US) due to US banks not accepting the product; however, roughy 5%-10% of customers’ banks in the US will not allow the “international payment” to clear, or the bank will charge you an extra fee for ordering from an “international” vendor.

Most business owners are not aware of all this when they first open up to sell Kratom, and they will attempt to use payment solutions like PayPal, Square, Stripe, etc.

PayPal, Stripe, Square, Google Wallet, Venmo, FB Payments, Amazon Payments (and any other mainstream payment company you can think of) are all considered “low risk” solutions; they will blacklist your account eventually for breaking their Terms and Conditions because you are selling a high risk product on their platform.

You may find smaller vendors, and bigger vendors, accepting these “low-risk” payment methods online or over the phone, but we always warn our customers to be careful. If the payment processing company (PayPal, Venmo, Square, etc. for example) closes the vendor’s payment account that your purchase is being funded to, and said vendor does not get funded the money you paid to them (for breaking the Terms and Conditions displayed on their website), you may never receive a product, nor hear from the vendor again, due to them not wanting to lose their own, personal money by sending a product they technically “never got paid for.” Just to reiterate, this is because the processor can freeze your money for up to 6 months for processing “high risk” items, and the “vendor” does not want to be “out” the money. A larger vendor that cares about their supporters would never think of doing something like this, but the horror stories you hear from time to time could be the result of this. Even though it was their own fault for breaking the rules laid out by these “low risk” processors, at the end of the day, people may find themselves in a desperate situation, which is why we always recommend to do research on the company before you purchase from them. We do not have to explain ourselves here, but we do appreciate every single person that gives us the opportunity to show them we do care.

eChecks being safer are, of course, our opinion, but because of the lying/greed that goes on in the background with these “high risk” processing companies (there are obviously legitimate ones, however, they are not accepting new vendors, or there are a number of hoops to jump through in order to disguise the company), we believe that eChecks are the safest option as they are completely processed within the United States; only ONE company is dealing with your information (excluding us) from the moment you submit the order through the checkout until it gets withdrawn from your account. When it comes to these “high risk” processing games, you never know who could take a copy of your information, and we just won’t allow it.

We hope this has helped a little bit, but if you have any questions at all about the eCheck payment process or why/how it is safer than the debit/credit process, we would be glad to help you out – simply email and/or and we will get back to you shortly!



Quick Jump to Information:

COD Payment Information
(click/tap here)

eCheck Payment Information
(click/tap here)

Mail in Money Order/Cashiers Check Payment Information
(click/tap here)



COD Payments


All COD orders are subject to full payment verification and ID verification. If a package is ordered and it goes unpaid for, it ruins it for other people that are trying to get powder. If you have a package that was unclaimed in the past, or if you are a new customer with no COD history, you will have to provide proof of the payment made out to “contact us” before we will ship your order. Depending on the size of the order, you may be required to submit Photo Identification, or business entity registration that reflects the business you run. Thank you for understanding!

1. Proceed through the checkout on the website like normal, and make sure to choose any shipping method you would like before clicking “Place Order”.

2. Once you have chosen your shipping method, the option to pay via COD should appear in list of payment methods.

3. Once you have the COD (Collect On Delivery) option selected, make sure all of your information has been entered correctly and on the correct lines, then proceed to click “Place Order

4. When you click “Place Order“, you will be redirected to a page that explains who to make the check out to in order for us to accept it. (Your order total will be at the top of the page where it says your confirmation/order number).

5. Once FedEx/USPS/UPS arrive to your door, please provide them with the Cashier’s Check / Money Order payable to our business name (contact us) with the correct amount. If anything is off, they may not accept it unfortunately as they do not want to be responsible for anything.




Our website does not take your payment automatically for this payment method.
You will have to manually create a Cashier’s Check or Money Order from Walmart/CVS/7-11 or anywhere that allows you to get a Money Order Made.

– Cashier’s Checks can be created at your bank if you have a checking account with the bank. Please make sure the Cashier’s Check or Money Order is made out to contact us or the driver may not accept it.

– We offer FREE COD through USPS (United States Postal Service) – just select the “Free Shipping” method during checkout.

Hopefully that helps you out as much as possible, but if you still have questions, you can always contact us!




eCheck Payments:


1. Add your items to the cart.

2. Proceed through the checkout like normal (you can also click on the cart at the top of your screen to get to the checkout page)

3. Enter in your information if it asks for it, but if the first page only asks for a shipping method, then choose your shipping method and proceed to the final page before placing your order.

4. Enter your billing information and your shipping information. If the information is different, that is not a problem, as our system automatically ships to the address that is entered in the shipping information side.

5. Be sure to enter your billing address precisely or you may experience delays when the check is trying to be processed.

6. After you have filled in the correct information for your shipping address/payment information, the eCheck payment will automatically be selected (as long as there is no credit/debit being accepted – if cards are being accepted, then that will be always be the first option for payment)

7. Enter your Routing number and Account number into the boxes provided. Please make sure this information is exact or it will cause delays in processing the eCheck payment.

NOTE: We specifically pay a yearly fee for SSL, which is a secured server for your information to pass through. Most companies will not allow you to take payments or accept information that is sensitive without having SSL. You can verify that we have SSL by clicking the “lock” icon to the left of the web address/url bar at the top of your screen. Notice how it says “https”: this indicates we have an SSL certificate which helps protect your information. It might even say “Secured” next to the lock icon depending on your browser.

8. Click Place Order, and you should be redirected to your payment/order confirmation page.

9. At this time, your order is going to be in process to batch with the eCheck company, and if the order was placed before 2:00 PM Eastern time (Monday – Friday), then your order should ship the same-day; however, the check will deduct from your account within the next 3-5 business days that follow. NOTE: If it’s your first time using the eCheck system, there will be a 5 business day hold, but all future orders will ship the same-day.

10. If you experience any issues while trying to make your payment, please just get in contact with us by using one of the links in the header at the top of the website and we will get you helped out immediately!


First Time eCheck Notes:


If you place your order on a Friday before 2:00 PM Eastern time, your eCheck will process the same-day, but your order will ship on Friday (5 business days; not counting the day the check is processed by the check company) of the following week (unfortunately, most banks are closed during the weekend – you may still see your check process on Saturday depending on your bank, but we cannot count it as a business day)

However, if you were to place your order after 2:00 PM Eastern time on that same Friday, your eCheck would not actually process until Monday of the following week (after the weekend) and your order would be in queue to ship on Monday of the week that follows (again, if you are a first time eCheck user with our website, and you place the eCheck after 2:00 PM Eastern time on a Friday, the eCheck will not process until Monday AFTER the weekend, which means your order will not be scheduled to ship until the NEXT Monday after that; however, all future orders of the same size or lower ship the same-day after the first eCheck has successfully processed through, as explained below).

Once we get at least one successful eCheck from you, then we will be able to start shipping orders out the same-day/next-day, rather than having to wait the full five days for verification of the check.

The only reason it takes five days is because that is how long it currently takes to receive our Returned Check form via email unfortunately.

eCheck NOTES:

– You do not need any physical paper checks to do an eCheck, as it is done electronically.

– You will be providing the company that processes the eChecks with the same information that shows up on the bottom of a regular, paper check. If you are nervous about providing the information, please be aware that we are not allowed to see the full Account/Routing number, and we pay yearly in order to provide an SSL certificate to encrypt any data that is passed through our checkout to any outside servers.


If you order on a Friday night (after 2:00 PM Eastern time specifically), your eCheck will not process until Monday morning around 9:30 AM Eastern time.

You can find more information by clicking here to visit our Wholesale Kratom Shipping Information page, where we provide an example towards the middle/bottom of the page.

*eChecks that do not process successfully are subject to be re-deposited once we receive the copy of the check in the mail. We do not refund bounced check fees or any other fees that may incur from these checks being re-deposited.*




Mail in Money Order/Cashier’s Check Payments:


1. Go through the checkout like normal, but select the very last payment option, which should be “Mail Us A Money Order/Cashier’s Check” (it will be under the eCheck/COD payment methods – very last on the list)

2. Once you click “Place Order”, your order will be put “On Hold” status until we receive your payment in the mail.

3. To make your payment, you can go to Amscot for free Money Orders; Any gas station like 7/11, grocery store (CVS/Rite Aid, etc) and many other places will charge for a Money Order. You can also get a Cashier’s Check from your bank, but they may charge for that as well depending on the type of account you have set up with them.

4. Your check must be made out to contact us, and sent to the address we provide.

5. Once we receive the payment, your order will go out that same-day/next-day depending on when the mail is dropped that day. 95% of the time it will go out the same-day, that way we can shave as much transit time as possible.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email: or


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