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At the moment, our card processor is down, but we expect to be live again as soon as we possibly can. We are working on a stable solution that way this doesn’t keep happening.
An email will be sent out to the newsletter subscribers (which you can sign up to when you are checking out on our website (the box is pre checked when you checkout through the cart on the website, so if you didn’t see it when you were checking out – chances are you are already signed up!) , or you can sign up on our homepage/with the pop up on the right hand side of the screen if you are on a desktop or laptop computer.

COD Payments

1. Proceed through the checkout on the website like normal, and make sure to choose “FedEx” as your shipping method before clicking “Place Order”.

2. Once you have chosen FedEx as your shipping method, the option to pay via COD should appear.

3. Once you have that option selected, make sure all of your information has been entered correctly and on the right lines, then proceed to click “Place Order”

4. When you click “Place Order,” you will be redirected to a page that explains who to make the check out to in order for us to accept it. (Your order total will be at the top of the page where it says your confirmation and order number. Unfortunately we have to charge for shipping on COD orders, but not on the others!)

5. Once FedEx arrives to your door, please provide them with the Cashiers Check / Money Order payable to our business name (EZ Distribution) with the correct amount. If anything is off, they will not accept it unfortunately as they do not want to be responsible for anything.


– Our website does not take your payment automatically for this payment method. You will have to manually create a Cashiers Check or Money Order from Walmart/CVS/7-11 or anywhere that allows you to get a Money Order Made.

– Cashiers Checks can be created at your bank if you have a checking account with the bank. Please make sure the Cashiers Check or Money Order is made out to EZ DISTRIBUTION or the driver will not accept it.

Hopefully that helps you out as much as possible, but if you still have questions, you can always contact us 🙂

eCheck Payments:

1. Add your items to the cart.

2. Proceed through the checkout like normal (you can also click on the cart at the top of your screen to get to the checkout page)

3. Enter in your information if it asks for it, but if the first page only asks for a shipping method, then choose your shipping method and proceed to the final page before placing your order.

4. Enter your billing information and your shipping information. If the information is different, that is not a problem as our system automatically ships to the address that is entered in the shipping information side 🙂

5. Be sure to enter your billing address precisely or you may experience delays when the check is trying to be processed.

6. After you have filled in the correct information for your shipping address/payment information, the eCheck payment will automatically be selected (as long as there is no credit/debit being accepted – if cards are being accepted, then that will be always be the first option for payment)

7. Enter your Routing number and Account number into the boxes provided. Please make sure this information is exact or it will cause delays in processing the eCheck payment.

NOTE: We specifically pay a yearly fee for SSL which is a secured server for your information to pass through. Most companies will not allow you to take payments or accept information that is sensitive without having SSL. You can verify that we have SSL by clicking the “lock” icon to the left of the web address/url bar. It might even say “Secured” next to the lock icon depending on your browser.

8. Click Place Order, and you should be redirected to your payment/order confirmation page.

9. At this time, your order is going to be in process to batch, and if the order was placed before 10:00 AM Eastern time, then your order should ship the same-day and the check will also process from your account the same-day.

10. If you experience any issues while trying to make your payment, please just get in contact with us by using one of the links in the header at the top of the website and we will get you helped out immediately!

11. If you place your order before 2:00 PM Eastern time, your eCheck will process the same-day, and your order will ship two business days after it processes.
For example: If you place your order on a Friday before 2:00 PM Eastern time, your eCheck will process the same-day, but your order will ship on Tuesday of the following week (unfortunately most banks are closed during the weekend, but you may still see your check process on Saturday depending on your bank)
However, if you were to place your order after 2:00 PM Eastern time on that same Friday, your eCheck would not actually process until Monday of the following week (after the weekend) and your order would be in queue to ship on Wednesday (two days after Monday which is the day the check will process through if you ordered after 2:00 PM eastern on Friday).
Once we get a solid history of eChecks from you, then we will be able to start shipping orders out the same-day (if time permits), or next-day, rather than having to wait the full two days for verification.

eCheck NOTES:

– You do not need any checks to do an eCheck as it is done electronically.

– You will be providing the company that processes the eChecks with the same information that shows on the bottom of a regular check, so if you are nervous about handing over the information, please be aware that it is the same info at the bottom of a regular, paper check.


In order to keep prices low and shipping free, we are not shipping any eCheck orders until the checks have 100% processed through to our account.

If you order on a Friday night, your check will not process until Monday morning.
If you have any other questions, please send us an email:


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