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Wholesale Kratom Shipping Information:


* FIRST TIME eCheck payments are held for five business days after the eCheck processes.
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* COD orders are shipped same-day if placed before 2:00 PM Eastern time.

* We do not ship on Saturday or Sunday at this time.

USPS Shipping is FREE with all payment methods (FedEx is not free at this time).

* There is absolutely no information about “kratom” on the outside of our kratom shipments to you.

* We ship our orders in multiple types of packages depending on weight: Large Manilla Envelopes (Anything 250g or under is shipped First Class), USPS Flat Rate Envelopes/Flat Rate boxes (251g – 5kg), or brown boxes (6kg+) which are made from recycled material.

* The shipping label does not say “kratom” anywhere on it.

* The shipping label only shows our business name, which has nothing to do with kratom.

* COD orders will be attempted 3 times and held for 15 days before they are returned back to us.

* If your order is returned back to us because of an insufficient address or because someone refused the package by accident, we may have to charge for shipping, or refund the entire order minus the shipping cost.

* If you cannot be home to receive your COD package: Please call your nearest FedEx facility and ask if you can have a COD order held for pickup – 99% of the time they will not have a problem, but if you do not do this, they may refuse the shipment. If you are ordering via USPS COD, you can simply leave us a note in the notes section during checkout, and we will mark “Hold for Pickup” on the COD ticket.


If you have any other questions, please send an email to



When Will My Kratom Package Ship?



(if it’s your FIRST TIME ordering via the eCheck payment method; example below)

If you place an order on a Friday after 2:00 PM eastern, your eCheck will not begin processing until Monday of the following week around 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM. That means the order will not ship until Monday of the FOLLOWING week, as that would be 5 business days (not including weekends nor the first day it processes)
If you were to place your order before 2:00 PM eastern on that same Friday (rather than after 2:00 PM eastern), your eCheck would process the same-day (Friday), and your order would be scheduled to ship on Friday of the upcoming week (rather than Monday of the week that follows that said Friday)
If you place your order on a Monday before 2:00 PM eastern, your eCheck would process the same-day, and your order would be in queue to ship on Monday of the following week; 5 business days after if you are not including weekends or the first day the check gets processed.
Long story short = First time eChecks take up to five (5) full business days to process before we can actually ship your order. Once we have a history of eCheck payments (no more than two that are successful from you, but usually the first one is all we need), then we will be able to ship the order the same-day for you.
If you have any questions at all, please just contact us and we will be happy to help as always.


Why Do We Have to Hold First Time eCheck Orders?

It takes up to five (5) business days for an eCheck to show that it did not go through on our bank account.

Because of that, we wait for five (5) business days depending on the size of the order before we ship it. 

This is because of people trying to take advantage of the payment system.

We understand that mistakes happen, and either a bill comes out before our payment does, the bank may stop the check for their own reasons, or maybe a number was typed wrong for the Account/Routing number; however, these rules apply to every single new eCheck account that comes through the system – even if you have ordered debit/credit in the past.

We comb through each eCheck individually to see if you have ordered via eCheck before, but we recommend using the same email address/banking account information to prevent any delays in shipping/processing of your order.
FedEx Overnight/FedEx 2-Day orders are subject to be held for the entire 5 business days, no matter the size of the order.