Is Kratom Legal in Alabama? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re an entrepreneur in Alabama, you may want to invest in selling kratom. However, if you’re going to sell kratom, you must know about kratom laws.

You may wonder, “Is kratom legal in Alabama?” Across America, kratom is legal in 44 states. Unfortunately, Alabama isn’t one of those states. In Alabama, you cannot buy, sell, distribute, or manufacture kratom. If you do so, you can find yourself in severe legal trouble—including possible incarceration.

To learn more about whether kratom is legal in Alabama, read on.

Is Kratom Legal in Alabama?

To answer the question, “Is kratom legal in Alabama?”—kratom itself is not illegal in the state. In 2016, the governor of Alabama outlawed kratom. However, the governor’s bill didn’t ban kratom specifically.

It did, however, ban two of kratom’s most prevalent alkaloids. Those substances include hydromitragynine and mitragynine.

Any kratom product contains these two alkaloids. In effect, the ban made any genuine kratom product illegal.

The ban gave store owners 48 hours to remove kratom from their shelves. Stores that did not remove the product faced felony charges.

Today, you cannot buy kratom in Alabama. You also cannot have kratom shipped to Alabama. If you purchase kratom by any means in the state of Alabama, you can face felony charges.

Furthermore, law enforcement officials are extremely aggressive in enforcing the ban. In one instance, California officers raided the home of an Alabama citizen.

The consumer purchased a kilogram of crushed kratom leaves. The courts sentenced her to several years in jail. This individual did not buy kratom in Alabama. Nor did she have it shipped to Alabama. Instead, she had it shipped to Florida. Nevertheless, authorities somehow found out about her purchase and executed a search warrant.

A Closer Look at Alabama Law and Kratom

In Alabama, kratom is considered a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance. In 2016, the governor, along with the Senate’s support, decided to make the alkaloids in kratom illegal. According to the bill, the alkaloids in kratom are synthetic substances.

Proponents for kratom, however, argue that this description is inaccurate. Kratom is of natural origin.

To push back, kratom supporters urged authorities to vote against the ban, with no success. Kratom advocates also appealed to the Alabama Senate to repeal the law in 2017. Once again, however, the group met with failure.

Today, you cannot buy, sell, or possess kratom in Alabama. Nevertheless, advocates for kratom continue to press on. They hope to reverse the Senate’s decision.

Until then, it’s best to waylay your dreams of kratom entrepreneurialism. No business venture is worth your freedom. What’s more, each incident of violating a kratom ban tarnishes the industry’s reputation in the United States.

Fighting the Good Fight

Now, Alabama officials continue to treat kratom as a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance. By doing so, however, they unfairly group kratom with hazardous drugs such as heroin.

The American Kratom Association is diligent in its efforts to restore the product’s legitimacy. In 2016, the kratom advocates collected nearly 800 signatures, and in 2017, the group gathered close to 1,000 signatures requesting a repeal of the kratom ban.

Today, there is no legislation pending to lift the ban on kratom. However, the American Kratom Association continues to lobby Alabama legislators to introduce a repeal bill.

The group has also published an advocacy toolkit for kratom. It provides kratom supporters with the information needed to contact local representatives.

To support the legalization of kratom in Alabama, you can join the American Kratom Association. With the group’s support, you can urge more Alabama residents to connect with lawmakers in supporting lifting the ban on kratom.

Advocacy efforts for kratom have worked in the past. For instance, kratom advocates have successfully compelled the United States Drug Enforcement Agency to reconsider imposing a nationwide ban on the product. The American Kratom Association urged citizens across the nation to call and write legislators as well as sign petitions to accomplish this feat.

The group hopes to repeat its success in Alabama. Until then, however, you’ll have to come up with a different plan if you want to sell kratom.

An Alternative Plan for Kratom Entrepreneurs

If you want to sell kratom, you’ll need to set up shop in a state other than Alabama. If you choose to do so, however, you’ll need to find a trustworthy kratom supplier.

When buying kratom, ensuring the quality of your product is of top concern. The alkaloid content of kratom is its most important element.

Accordingly, it’s important that you research suppliers before making a purchase. There are many sources of kratom online. However, not all suppliers test their products.

It’s important not to source kratom from a supplier who does not verify their kratom’s quality. Without testing, there’s no way to verify its origin or quality. Instead, it’s better to work with a supplier who utilizes third-party testing.

Without third-party testing, it’s nearly impossible to ascertain the origin and quality of your product. In some instances, untested kratom may prove impure. Even worse, the product that you purchase to sell to your customers may not have kratom in it at all.

A Reliable Supplier for Quality Kratom

Now you know the answer to the question, “Is kratom legal in Alabama?” If you decide to sell kratom somewhere besides Alabama, however, you need a trusted supplier.

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