Organic Fertilizer and More: Best Practices for Growing Kratom

tilizKratom is a respected remedy for a wide range of conditions. It can help promote a sense of well-being or enhance mood according to some sources.

Kratom comes from a tree called Mitragyna speciosa. The leaves from this tree can be processed and manufactured into the kratom products most people are familiar with.

You can grow your own kratom plant at home. It will take a bit of effort, including the use of organic fertilizer, but the results will be worth it.

Read on to learn what it takes.

Starting Out

The first step in cultivating your kratom tree is deciding on a starter material. You’ll have a few options to consider.


Seeds are the obvious choice, but using them can pose a challenge. To see the best results, you’ll have to use very fresh seeds. Older seeds might be too dry to germinate.

Fresh seeds can be difficult to find in North America, and you’ll have to plant several in the hopes that a few will take hold.


Using cuttings from a kratom tree can make starting out easier. Like seeds, you’ll need to plant quite a few. Many struggle to take root, and plants grown from these can be oddly shaped and prone to infection.

Newer growers will likely experience more initial success from using cuttings than using seeds, but they’ll have to closely monitor their plant’s health.

Rooted Starter

Purchasing a rooted starter is the best and easiest way to start the cultivation process. These plants have already taken root and are already undergoing the germination process.


Kratom trees need a lot of nutrients to thrive. These plants grow quickly and can rapidly deplete the soil. Get soil full of organic compounds and humus to help its growth.

You’ll also need to choose a soil that offers ample drainage but still retains plenty of moisture.

The ideal soil has a slightly alkaline pH balance. Soil at around 5.5-6.5 pH is perfect for this plant.

Avoid acidic soil at all costs. If your soil is in any way acidic, you risk killing your plant. Garden lime and dolomite lime can help regulate your soil’s pH level.

Organic Fertilizer

Regularly using fertilizer is a must for these plants. Organic fertilizers offer plenty of nutrients like nitrogen that help it grow big and strong.

If you opted for a potted starter plant, it will eventually outgrow its original container. When the time comes to transfer it, you’ll need to prepare their new containers with a food mixture. Add a complete organic fertilizer to your soil mixture at least once a month after you transfer it.

Organic liquid fertilizer is often the best organic fertilizer for this kind of plant. It offers a complete mix of nutrients perfect for a voracious grower.

You can also use a herb fertilizer or kelp-based fertilizer. These will spur increased leaf mass, something that increases your yield and allows you to process more extract when you harvest your plant.

Be sure to exercise moderation when it comes to your feeding efforts. Too much fertilizer can result in burnt leaves and a wilting plant.


Being a tropical plant, a Mitragyna speciosa tree requires a great deal of water. It does best when watered thoroughly but infrequently, so there’s no need to develop a watering schedule.

Instead, water the plant when you notice the top layer of soil drying out. You’ll need to make sure that the roots receive plenty of water, and checking the top inch or so of soil will tell you what you need to know.

Don’t worry about overwatering. Your plant can tolerate exceptional amounts of water and still thrive. You also don’t need to pay much attention to drainage if you chose appropriate soil.

If you keep your plant indoors, you’ll need to mist its leaves occasionally. This helps mimic your kratom plant’s native environment.

Lighting Conditions

Your kratom plant needs all the light it can get. If you keep yours outdoors, try to plant it in a location where it will receive hours of direct sunlight every day. It can still grow in partial shade, but more light yields a stronger, healthier plant.

If you keep your plant indoors, you’ll need to invest in grow lamps. Outfit the lamps with strong bulbs like HIDs.

Space Considerations

In nature, kratom trees can grow to over 100 feet tall. It will take years for your growing seedling to approach that height, but you’ll still need plenty of space to accommodate it in the meantime.

When you transfer your starter plant out of its initial container, consider putting it in a much larger planter right away. You’ll only need to condition the soil once this way. If you try to use successively larger pots, you’ll need to work harder to maintain the soil.

Outdoor plants grow just fine in a decent-sized garden.

Humidity Levels

Kratom plants are native to incredibly humid environments, so they’ll do much better in naturally-humid locales. You can use a greenhouse or an indoor humidifier to replicate these conditions.


Mitragyna speciosa is a tropical evergreen. It grows best in hot temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees.

Temperatures around 60 degrees can slow its growth. Prolonged exposure to these temperatures can cause it to go dormant and drop its leaves.

Never let your kratom plant experience temperatures below 50 degrees for an extended period. These low temperatures can kill the plant.

If you live in a colder climate, you’ll need to invest in a greenhouse or bring your kratom plant indoors for the winter.

Grow Your Own Kratom Plant

Kratom is an exceptional medicine with plenty of benefits. It’s native to Southeast Asia, but you can grow a kratom plant in your home or garden by regulating the temperature, using the right soil, and feeding it organic fertilizer.

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