Growing Kratom at Home: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Kratom is one of the plants that has become the subject of attention worldwide. The leaves of these plants in their purest and freshest form have been found to offer better results. Due to these reasons, as a kratom lover, you should consider growing it at home.

Kratom being a tree originating from Southeast Asia, only thrives under certain environmental conditions. Thus, growing kratom in other parts of the world might be challenging. However, this does not mean that growing kratom at home is impossible.

With the right tips and knowledge, growing kratom at home becomes easy-peasy. But a slight mistake when growing kratom will make the plant drop leaves and ultimately die. Surprisingly, most people keep making common mistakes when growing kratoms that lead to the death of the plant.

Do you want to know some of these common mistakes people make when growing kratom and know how to avoid them? Then continue reading this guide.

Using the Wrong Soil

When growing kratom at home, you will definitely need a pot and soil. Chances are, you might opt to visit your local garden center in search of the best soil for kratom. You will come across different types of soils.

The kind of soil you choose will depend on whether you are potting, seeding, or transplanting your plant. Some of the soils that you will find in the local garden center might be soil or soilless blends, some with fertilizers and others without.

Of these soils, which do you think is the best for the growth of your kratoms?

Surprisingly none of these soils is the best. Most of the commercial soils encourage the growth of mold and fungus. The presence of mold and fungus can inhibit the growth of your tender kratom plants.

When growing kratom seeds, the best soils to use are the high-quality soilless blends. This kind of soil has pet moss, pine bark, and perlite that favor the germination of seedlings. The soilless blends also drain adequately and not too much, ensuring the plant has access to the right moisture content.

Inadequate Water

Kratom plants naturally thrive well in tropical rainforests. These are areas that are very wet and humid. For your kratom to be healthy, you should recreate environmental conditions similar to those of tropical rainforests.

Therefore, you need to water your kratom plants more often compared to your other potted plants. If you fail to do so, the plant will drop leaves and eventually die. Since the kratom plant also requires high humidity, you can also invest in a humidifier.

If you can’t access a humidifier, spraying the kratom plant with water can also get the job done. Despite the kratom strain you want to obtain, watering your kratom is the sure way to maintain healthy kratom.

Watering too Much

Despite kratom requiring a lot of water, too much water might not be good for the plant. By chance, if you water the kratom with too much water, the roots rot, and the plant drops leaves.

So, the question is, how do you determine when water is too much? Well, you might not be able to determine that, but you can determine when it’s the right time to water the plant. If you realize that the soil’s surface is starting to dry out, then it’s the right time to water your kratom.

But if your kratom is in a smaller pot, you need to water less frequently. If you stick your finger into the potting soil, you can determine whether the moisture content is enough for your kratom. If the moisture content does not go beyond one inch deep, it’s time to water your potted kratom.

Not Allowing Kratom to Access Enough Light

For kratom seeds to germinate effectively, they should not be exposed to excess sunlight. Immediately the first buds sprout from the kratom seeds; you must ensure they are protected from cold. If temperatures fall below 15 degrees Celsius, the growth of your kratom will be impacted.

To ensure your kratom plant has access to enough light, you can consider using a high-pressure sodium system or LED technology. This kind of system gives radiant heat and a good lighting spectrum that promotes the growth of your kratom plant. If you can’t access the high-pressure sodium system, you can opt for fluorescent lighting for your proper kratom lighting.

Using fluorescent lighting is even more economical and requires less effort when lighting your kratom plants.

Using the Wrong Size Pot

When growing kratoms at home, the pot should neither be too big nor too small. It has to be a perfect size. If you grow your kratom in a too big pot, it could lead to a high moisture retention rate. When the moisture retention rate is high, the roots of your kratom might rot.

Again, if the pot is too small, it might prevent your kratom plant from growing further. When the length of your kratom roots is inhibited, the plant does not access enough nutrients. This might lead to your kratom having stunted growth or dropping leaves.

To avoid such a scenario, if you grow kratom cuttings, you need to transfer them to a gallon pot a few days after acquiring them. Another clear sign that you need to increase the space for kratom plants is when you see the roots of the kratom growing out of the opening at the bottom of the pot.

Avoid the Above Mistakes When Growing Kratom at Home

As a kratom lover, growing kratom at home is not an impossible task. But one that requires effort and following the right tips. Slight mistakes, and your kratom plant will be gone.

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