ULTRA ENHANCED Red Bali (Horn) Kratom Powder

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Ultra Enhanced Red Bali Product Description


EZ Kratom's Ultra Enhanced blends are processed right alongside our premium wholesale kratom powders. All of our Ultra Enhanced wholesale kratom powder blends are mixed with our 25x Gold extract. You can see the extract within our Ultra Enhanced powders, letting you know it is truly blended.

The raw kratom powder is created and then the extract is created separately from each other. The extract is then blended down into a fine powder and mixed into the raw kratom powder at a specific percentage. This allows us to confidently sell an "Ultra Enhanced" product that actually has extract blended, which sometimes cannot be seen with other Ultra Enhanced kratom powders on the market.

Our 25x Gold extract can be found for sale separately by clicking here. Each and every batch of kratom powder that is made into Ultra Enhanced kratom powder is specially blended/extracted to bring you the finest quality Ultra Enhanced kratom powder on the market - guaranteed.

Buy Bulk and Wholesale Ultra Enhanced Red Bali Kratom

Wholesale Ultra Enhanced Kratom Shipping Information


Every bulk kratom or wholesale kratom shipment will be eligible for Free Shipping. All strains are eligible - including Ultra Enhanced Red Bali!

"Free Shipping" will consist of USPS Flat Rate Priority mail or USPS First Class Mail - depending on the total price of your order. If you tick "Free Shipping" during the checkout process, we will determine the shipping service that is used based on the total price of your order. Anything $49.99 or lower will be shipped USPS First Class - with free tracking! Anything over $50 will be shipped via USPS Priority (NOTE: For orders under $50, the option to upgrade your shipping is available during checkout)

  • We ship SAME-DAY; Monday - Friday, if the order is placed by 2:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Be weary of vendors selling "pure alkaloids" - if you Google the definition of an Alkaloid, you will see that it means a magnitude of different chemicals (some being poisonous). This either means the vendor doesn't care, or simply does not know the definition of an alkaloid, and again, we would be weary if we were a customer in search for a company to purchase from. We always encourage research and education, as we want our customers to be paying for the correct product - not being scammed. We would assume the real "Alkaloids" they are referring to are Mitragynine or 7-Hydroxymitragynine.
  • Our smallest Ultra Enhanced (UE) strain quantity is 75g, which contains 18.75g (18,750 Milligrams - Yes, 18 THOUSAND) of extract, with the rest of the 75g (56.25g) being raw kratom powder. We don't skimp out on our UE powder; you can see the extracts sparkling in the powder, or your money back.
  • All wholesale ultra enhanced kratom shipments are coming from Florida.
  • As stated above, all wholesale ultra enhanced kratom orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail if they are ABOVE $50. Orders under $50 will simply be shipped (free) via USPS First Class w/ tracking (free).
  • We cannot ship to WI, IN, RI, VT, AR, or AL at this time, but if you would like to help change that, please read below:
  • IF YOU ARE IN A BANNED STATE: Please feel free to contact the Attorney General of your state, and ask them whether the raw powder form of kratom is legal, or illegal, as the Attorney General of Tennessee stated only the PURE EXTRACT form of 7-hydroxymitragynine is illegal - the RAW POWDER form is LEGAL in Tennessee!

Buy Bulk and Wholesale Ultra Enhanced Red Bali Kratom

30-Day Wholesale Kratom Satisfaction Guarantee Policy


Our policy is pretty simple: If you receive an ultra enhanced Red Bali kratom product that is not what you expected, or does not meet your expectations, please get in contact with us so we can provide you a full refund for the amount of kratom product still tangible. This means that we will refund you according to the number of grams that are left in your order compared to the number of grams that were there purchased. If the package is never opened, then you will be refunded/exchanged the full amount.

Buy Bulk and Wholesale Ultra Enhanced Red Bali Kratom

Not sure? Still have Questions?


If you're still having a hard time deciding on what wholesale ultra enhanced kratom product(s) to choose - or still have questions that you could not find the answers to on our website, please feel free to get in contact with us by Clicking Here. Remember to fill out the form on the following page. You can also send us an email directly to 'orders@ezkratom.com'. We will get your questions answered right away so you can get going with the rest of your day.

Not all solvents extract Mitragynine completely, so it is important the correct solvent is being used!

Precisely picked trees, indoor dried leaf and finely ground powder ensures for top of the line Kratom products. Not all kratom is the same! You get out what you put into it, and at EZ Kratom, we put in 100%.

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