The Complete Guide to Choosing Kratom Strains

More people are buying kratom these days for several reasons. First, it’s a plant native to Southeast Asia, where it’s been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. Second, studies show that kratom can provide feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and mental wellbeing.

If you’re new to buying kratom, it might interest you to know what different types of this plant exist. Also, maybe you’re feeling a bit intimidated trying to understand everything and want to know more about choosing kratom strains.

If this is your situation, we’re here to help. So keep reading as we get you started with everything you need to know about kratom veins and strains.

What is Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa, or kratom, is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. It’s grown locally in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. However, more countries are beginning to grow this plant as well.

The trees can grow to heights of 82 ft., and locals harvest the leaves and consume them in several ways. Traditionally indigenous people grew kratom.

Culturally, in areas where kratom is grown, it has been used for several purposes dating back to 1836.

Traditionalists also used extracts from the leaves as a local anesthetic to heal wounds. In Thailand, extracts and leaves also are used as deworming agents. Way back in 1836, kratom was also used as a botanical in Maylasia and later in Thailand in the nineteenth century.

Local Kratom Laws

Currently, the FDA has not yet approved kratom for any human use. In fact, in 2017, the DFA issued a public health advisory about the side effects of kratom. The warning noted that side effects are commonly dose-dependent, especially when the dose exceeds 8g.

Because kratom is not regulated on a federal level in the USA, there are no guarantees on the safety of the kratom should you buy any. This is why, if you are buying kratom online, you should always look for a quality kratom strain supplier.

While kratom is federally legal in the United States, some states have imposed restrictions on the plant, while other states have banned it entirely, making it illegal to grow, possess, use, or sell kratom.

Kratom is illegal in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Be sure to confirm your state’s local kratom laws before buying kratom online.

Kratom Strain Options

If you’ve done any searching for kratom online, you’ll notice that it is available in several different veins and strains. This is because the color of the leaves’ veins gives each vein its namesake and comes in three distinct colors: red, white, and green.

The primary difference is in the age of the leaves when they’re harvested. They begin as white veins while the plant is young, followed by green as the plant matures, and finally as red when the plant is at full maturation. Additionally, the shade of the leaf will indicate the effects one can expect to get from each vein.

Each kratom vein has different levels of alkaloids which give them their unique properties. In addition, various factors such as the climate and topography of where it’s grown as well as the stage it’s harvested determine the unique compositions of each kratom vein.

Other factors can also impact the effects of the different kratom products, such as how the leaves are harvested and how they’re dried. For example, more exposure to light during the curing stage can impact the final alkaloid content of kratom.

When you know what you’re doing, you can breed specific properties into strains that wouldn’t usually have them by playing around with kratom plant genetics.

What’s the Difference Between Kratom Strains?

Much like marijuana, the final kratom product is determined by the level of alkaloids, flavonoids, polyphenols, terpenoid saponins, and various glycosides. Like the cannabinoids found in cannabis, kratom trees have varying degrees of the psychoactive components 7-hyrdoxymitragynine and mitragynine.

These are both indole alkaloids and are what give each strain its effects. However, animal trials are currently still underway so we can eventually fully understand the impact and safety of kratom.

White vs. Green vs. Red Vein

With the help of animal studies and indigenous people, we can discern what effects each vein provides. So let’s have a look at each vein individually.

White Vein Kratom:  White Vein is young, unmatured leaves that are harvested, and then dried indoors with no light.

Green Vein Kratom: This vein is loved by avid Kratom buyers and beginners alike. Green Vein Kratom is a great middle-of-the-road choice.

Red Vein Kratom:  The Red Vein varieties of Kratom are incredibly popular.

Maeng Da: Maeng Da is a strain of Kratom known for its high quality. You will find varieties of Maeng Da in Red, Green, and White Veins.

Bentuangie: Bentuangie Kratom is a relatively new strain. This Indonesian-grown strain is unique due to the process of curation. After harvesting the leaves, fermentation takes place. While all Kratom has a unique profile, this variety is very strong in aroma and robust in scent.

It is a newer strain of Kratom, so educating yourself on the Bentuangie strain is key. Always remember to purchase your Kratom from a reputable source.

Looking At and Choosing Kratom Strains

Each vein will have several strains branching off. Again we can liken this to cannabis. I’m sure many of you have heard of marijuana strains like “Pineapple Express,” “White Widow,” and “Swazi Gold.”

Well, we find the same with kratom. Examples of some red kratom strains are:

  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Thai
  • Red Vietnam

These are primarily named after the location in which it’s grown. So, for example, Red Bali kratom would originate from Bali, and Red Thai is grown in Thailand.

These days, you’re also likely to see Yellow Vein and Gold Vein kratom circulating on the market, but they’re not yet as common as their three predecessors. The alkaloids in these veins have these two new strains sitting in the middle of the green and white veins: providing milder, less intense boosts of energy and happiness.

Choose Quality Kratom From a Quality Supplier

Now that you understand how each kratom vein and subsequent strains are grown and harvested, you’ll have an easier time understanding the options available to you when choosing kratom strains. Regardless of which vein or strain you choose, always look for a reputable kratom strain supplier.

The best way is to review the description for each kratom product so you can get a better sense of what to expect. When trying to decide which variety you would like to buy, you should consider a variety pack. This option will provide you with smaller sizes of different types of Kratom.

If you’re looking to expand your kratom collection, visit our online shop to see our collection of kratom products. We have a wide range of premium-quality kratom powders, capsules, and extracts.

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