Everything You Need to Know About the Gold Kratom Strain

Did you know that Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree in the coffee family that grows in Southeast Asia that has been grown since at least the 1800s? It is a plant with many benefits and which has a number of different ways for cultivation.

Kratom comes in many strains, allowing you to find the one that you most prefer, and one of the most popular ones lately is the gold kratom strain.

If you have been hearing about this kind of supplement and about the gold strain, you may be wondering what it is. Let us take a closer look at the kratom in general and the gold kratom strain in particular.

What Is Kratom?

This tree belongs to the coffee family, which the natives of different areas of Southeast Asia have grown for centuries. These days, you can find kratom in most countries, with the United States leading the way. Its popularity grows by the day, allowing you to find kratom in holistic stores in most cities and to have options of online retailers that provide them.

Types of Kratom

Although the gold kratom is one of the most popular choices, there are other options out there. The red kratom strains are the most well-known and it is a strain that is used to create the gold one. Do remember there are many options within the red kratom strain, so take time to consider and research which would fit for you.

White kratom has a white vein running through the leaf and has about the same power as coffee. The green kratom sits between the red and the white options. The Green Maeng Da and Green Malay are some of the most beloved choices.

To make the effects last longer, many times people will mix green kratom with red or white options.

What Is the Gold Kratom Strain?

Because of the different strains that kratom has, individuals can find it complex to choose the one they prefer, but lately, the gold strain is one of the dominating options. It is a blend that is made of two or more strains of kratom

The gold kratom strain is even more popular than the yellow kratom strain and it is also a rarer choice because of the nature of the leaf and the various blends. The overall color of the leaf is red. From the gold strain, you can expect more potent effects than from other strains.

There are many theories as to why it has its golden color. One of these is that the drying process determines the color of the kratom and a different drying process is used to create the gold hue.

Other theories include environmental factors, with where the plant grows affecting its coloring. Others also think that the right blending of strains is what creates this hue.

The gold kratom strain comes in different varieties, including:

  • Gold Bali
  • Gold Borneo
  • Gold Elephant
  • Gold Maeng Da

Gold Bali is stronger than most other choices, especially the red strains, making it the option that most people choose when deciding to try gold kratom.

Gold Bali kratom comes from Bali, an island in Indonesia known for its rainforests. These rainforests provide the humid environment the plant needs to ferment. The soil is rich in alkaloid matter, which is a large part component of kratom.

The drying process farmers use for Gold Bali kraton is unique. They sun dry the red strain, which concentrates the alkaloid, making the leaves more potent.

Fermentation is another process that can create gold kratom. Using sunlight and water and allowing the plant to ferment concentrates the alkaloid content, mainly the 7-hydroxymitragynine, creating a stronger strain than the red one.

There is a good chance this blending of strains has been in practice for hundreds of years, though it may have been named something different than “gold” kratom.

Kratom Capsules or Powders?

Some people prefer capsules because they are easier and take less time to figure out what the right amount is, but there are others who prefer the powder.

With powdered kratom, most people do not have access to the leaves themselves, so the powder is the next best thing. The powder also allows for minimal changes in quantity.

How to Buy Kratom

You can turn to a local holistic store in your area, but it is usually easier to depend on an online provider. Since kratom is growing in popularity, there are lots of online shops that boast the quality of their options, making the decision of whom to purchase from more difficult.

When you look for a kratom seller, read up on the reviews the company has received. Do a deep dive into forums to ensure that the quality of the strains the provider sells is up to snuff.

You want to also ensure the provider follows all purification and packaging suggestions that the American Kratom Association (AKA) spells out. The provider you choose should also be GMP AKA certified.

Purchase From the Best

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