Everything You Need to Know about Gold Bali Kratom

Kratom is a substance produced from dried and crushed leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. This tree grows wild in various parts of Southeast Asia, including the island of Bali.

Mitragyna speciosa is unique for its active compounds, 7-Hydroxymitrogynine and mitragynine. These compounds are known as alkaloids, which are types of plant-based chemicals.

Depending on growing conditions, the kratom tree produces leaves with varying levels of these alkaloids. Each type of leaf is known as a strain. Different strains make up various types of kratom products.

Another type of kratom, known as Gold Bali Kratom, is not a strain. What is it? We will explore the answer to this question in our post, so keep reading to find out.

What Is Gold Kratom?

Gold Kratom is a kratom blend offering distinct effects from other kratom strains. Producers of Gold Kratom harvest and process their products differently, resulting in a unique experience every time.

Manufacturers of Gold Kratom also contribute to this effect. Various brands approach Gold Fratom formulation individually. No two blends from different brands will be alike.

With so many variations to consider, it’s important to shop from a trustworthy kratom supplier. Buying kratom online can be tricky if you’re looking for quality-even more so when purchasing Gold Kratom.

Why Is Gold Kratom Called ‘Gold’?

Gold Kratom is called ‘gold’ for many reasons, including because the product itself has a golden hue. That’s why it’s sometimes known as yellow kratom. Other brands call it gold to distinguish their product’s premium nature.

The reason why this type of kratom is called gold is different from the reason why other strains are referred to as red, white, or green. These strains are named after the color of the veins running through their leaves.

For example, red kratom is also known as red vein kratom. It has reddish veins running through the kratom leaf and is distinct for its high concentration of the alkaloid 7-Hydroxymitrogynine.

Green kratom or green vein kratom features greenish-colored veins running through the leaf. It is also recognizable by its alkaloid concentration- an even mix between 7-Hydroxymitrogynine and mitragynine.

Finally, white or white vein kratom is defined by the white-ish veins running through the kratom leaf. White vein kratom is higher in concentrations of the alkaloid mitragynine.

Where Does Gold Kratom Come From?

Gold Kratom comes from Bali, which is why it is also known as Gold Bali Kratom. Bali is a small island considered part of Indonesia. It is one of the regions that make up the northern archipelago of the Lesser Sunda Islands.

This Indonesian island has a unique culture distinct from others in the region. Balinese people share a strong bond with nature and the spiritual realm. They are also highly creative, valuing the arts and dance especially.

Bali is known for its incredible natural beauty. The compact island is home to everything from majestic forested mountains and tranquil blue waters to haunting active volcanoes and peaceful waterfalls.

It is from these lands that Gold Kratom is grown. The tropical, humid climate pairs with acidic, nutrient-rich soil leftover from ancient volcanic activity to create conditions that produce one-of-a-kind kratom strains.

Thanks to modern agricultural technology, Gold Kratom can grow outside Bali. Growers in other Indonesian and Southeast Asian countries can mimic the conditions where Gold Kratom grows naturally.

How Is Gold Bali Kratom Made?

Gold Bali Kratom is made by blending together two or three different kratom strains. Sometimes, Gold Kratom is a single strain produced via a special drying process. We’ll talk more about blends in a moment.

But first, we want to explain the types of Gold Kratom made by sun-drying red vein kratom. Single-strain Gold Kratom is not always made of red vein kratom, but this is the most popular strain to use.

The reason red kratom strains are most commonly used is that they are naturally high in 7-Hydroxymitraginine alkaloids. The goal of sun-drying is to transform mitragynine into this alkaloid, making the process faster with red.

Red, White, and Green Vein Blends

The other way to define Gold Bali Kratom is as a blend of multiple types of kratom strains. Less commonly, a Gold Kratom blend will consist of all three strains: red, white, and green vein kratom.

There is a lot of variance in these blended products. The qualities of the blend will vary depending on the predominant strain and the ratios of the other two strains.

Most commonly, blended Gold Kratom will consist of red vein kratom as the predominant strain. Green vein kratom will come next. White vein strains will make up the smallest portion of a Gold blend.

Red and Green Vein Blends

The most common way to produce Gold Bali Kratom is by blending red and green vein strains. The red strain will be the predominant strain in the blend, while the green vein strain will be in lower amounts.

This mixture of green and red gives Gold Bali Kratom its yellowish-brown color. It’s also what explains Gold Kratom’s range of qualities that are a combination of all the effects of these strains.

What Forms Does Gold Bali Kratom Come In?

Gold Bali Kratom comes in all the same forms as your favorite products, including raw powder. Other formats you can find Gold Kratom in include capsules, extracts, and loose leaves.

Who Can Buy Gold Bali Kratom in Bulk?

Retailers and individuals living in certain states can buy Gold Bali Kratom in bulk. At EZ Kratom, the only states we can’t ship bulk kratom to are Wisconsin, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Arkansas, and Alabama.

Otherwise, you can buy our wholesale kratom strains online and get same-day shipping if you place your order by 2 p.m. ET.

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Gold Bali Kratom is a blended or specially processed product featuring unique alkaloid properties. It comes from the island of Bali in Indonesia and is called gold for its yellow-brown color or premium quality.

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