Green Maeng-Da Kratom Powder

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Green Maeng-Da Kratom Powder Product Description

EZK’s premium Green Maeng-Da wholesale kratom and bulk kratom powder. Sourced directly from Indonesia by Family-Owned and Operated farms. Due to this, our Kratom stays top-notch. Our in stock Kratom leaves are NEVER dried in the sun. Each Kratom milling machine is properly maintained – and cleaned – before processing any kratom plant material. This means that Alkaloid contents are always at their peak! We precisely pick, finely grind, and indoor-dry our Kratom leaves. Not all wholesale kratom – or bulk kratom – is the same! In other words, you get out what you put in, and here at EZ Kratom, we put in 100%.


 Wholesale Kratom Shipping Information

Every bulk kratom or wholesale kratom shipment is eligible for “Free Shipping” – including Green Maeng-Da!

“Free Shipping” will consist of USPS Flat Rate Priority mail or USPS First Class Mail – depending on the cost of your order. If you tick “Free Shipping” during the checkout process, we will determine the shipping service that is used based on the total price of your order. Anything $49.99 or lower will be shipped USPS First Class – with free tracking! Anything over $50 will be shipped via USPS Priority (NOTE: For orders under $50, the option to upgrade your shipping is available during checkout)

  • All wholesale kratom shipments are coming from Florida.
  • We do not ship FedEx orders over the weekend. If you place a FedEx order on a Friday AFTER 2:00 PM Eastern time, it is not scheduled to ship until Monday (or next business day) of the following week. If you place it BEFORE 2:00 PM Eastern, we may be able to have it delivered to you on Saturday depending on your location. If not, then you will receive it Monday (or next business day).
  • As stated above, all wholesale kratom orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail if they are ABOVE $50. Orders under $50 will simply be shipped (free) via USPS First Class w/ tracking (free).
  • Unfortunately, due to state legislature, we cannot ship to WI, IN, RI, VT, AR, or AL
  • DO YOU LIVE IN AN ILLEGAL STATE? – Contact your Attorney General for the specific state that you live in, as each state that claims kratom is “banned” needs to hear from it’s people! Tennessee’s Attorney General made a statement saying that kratom in its RAW, PLANT FORM is LEGAL; due to that, we now ship to Tennessee without any issues – we’d love to be able to ship to you next!




Wholesale Green Maeng-Da Kratom Powder page icon Buy Wholesale Kratom w/ A 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

On the positive side, our policy is pretty simple: If you receive your wholesale Green Maeng-Da kratom powder and it does not meet your expectations, please get in contact with us. A full refund can be provided for the amount of Green Maeng-Da kratom that is still tangible. That being said, refunds for all wholesale Kratom orders are based on the amount of powder we receive back from you. Example: Returning the package unopened will allow you to receive a full refund/exchange of your wholesale kratom order. In contrast, returning 50% of the powder will allow you a 50% exchange/refund. An exchange will only happen one time if the bag has been opened. After the first exchange, we refund the remaining. On the other hand, bags that are unopened can be exchanged however many times they want, but you may be responsible for shipping costs.


Not Sure? Still Have Wholesale Kratom Questions?

Having a hard time deciding? Feel free to browse our entire selection of wholesale kratom / bulk kratom product(s). Therefore, if you still have questions that you could not find the answers to on our website, feel free to get in contact with us directly by clicking here. In either case, simply fill out the form on the following page and hit submit if you need to speak with us! Don’t want to call? Shoot an email directly to ‘‘. In summary, customer service is priority; our goal is to answer questions right away, and have your package at your doorstep efficiently – and as quickly! – as possible.

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67 reviews for Green Maeng-Da Kratom Powder

  1. Cheryl

    Great kratom and prices – Ordered kg of green maeng da and received it in 3 days. Excellent price and quality. This is my go-to place for kratom from now on.

  2. Jeffrey “Bam Bam” Voorhies

    EZ Kratom is “The Bomb”! – Excellent product, excellent service! What more may be said? The prices are extremely good in comparison to other companies I have researched. I’ll be shopping here for good!

  3. Chris J

    The best green vein I have had in a long time. is my 4th provider i have tried in the 4 years of being involved with kratom. I have now made ezkratom my #1 choice of kratom online. The prices are great, and unbeatable shipping costs. I love this strain. Very potent. Completely blows away other green vein md i have tried. Would recommend to anyone who loves kratom as much as i do! Thanks ezkratom keep it up!

  4. Kate

    EZ is by far the best quality and texture kratom I have tried. The packaging is fine by me you can see the quantity and aren’t fooled by bags that are false advertisement. Thank you EZ for your commitment to quality.
    A customer for life

  5. Joshua Kempe

    I’ve ordered a few times allready from these guys and the stuff comes in 3 days later and it’s very good too. I like the maeng da the best out of all of them, will definitely continue ordering from them.

  6. Alan K

    Okay, I was impressed. This was my first time purchasing with EZ. First of all, wow they are fast. I ordered on a Thursday around noon expecting to get my package the next Monday, but they filled my order and got it shipped so fast it came in that Saturday! It came in a big Ziploc bag which I actually prefer to the bags I usually get kratom in. Ziploc is a high quality, double lock bag that is easy to reseal. Other vendors usually have a single lock bag that almost always get messed up and are SUPER hard to seal up again.

    The green Maeng Da kratom itself really surprised me. It is quite a vibrant green color so the kratom appears quite fresh and dried correctly. This stuff is potent. I usually go for red strains, but I am finding that the color doesn’t matter as much as the quality does. My usual dose of this green Maeng Da was so strong it made me a bit dizzy! I have tried 20+ strains/regions of kratom and there are a few that have stood out, and this is definitely one of them. I really look forward to trying the red Maeng Da and other strains, hopefully they are all potent!! My other vendor has been disappointing me with most of their strains, and the price point is almost the same.

    As a disclaimer, I am receiving a discount for this review. I truly was impressed with this one!

  7. Cam B

    Happy camper :smiley: I had ordered from a different company ten days before I was to leave on a camping trip in hopes of getting my shipment in time for my trip. Three days befor my trip my order from my usual kratom company hadn’t even shipped so I started searching for a company that could fix my problem. Not only was the price half what I was paying before the shipping was free!!! My order was on the way to my p.o. Box with in hours of ordering (I know because of the awesome updates I recieved in my Facebook messanger) and showed up two days later, a whole day shorter than the expected delivery date. Initially I was concerned that the product quality would be lacking because you usually get what you pay for and this was half the price…not the case in any way!!! I have still not recieved shipping info from my usual company on my original order two weeks later so I have requested a refund from that company and have officially switched to EZ for good. Not only did they deliver a quality product and save me some cash for my camping trip, they did so on a deadline. Couldn’t be happier!!!

  8. Delissa

    Remarkable!!! I ordered a KG of Green MD at an awesome price that you can’t beat. The quality of this strain was potent and worked phenomenally. I can’t say enough positive things about their customer service. They walked me through all my questions and remained polite, respectful and patient with me. When we realized they accidentally only sent half of my order, they were very caring and was very prompt on resolving the situation. Hey! Accidents happen, we can all make mistakes, it’s okay! 🙂 They offered to express ship me the other half of my order. Their attitude towards the situation was worth a million bucks. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with them. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you ordered from them!! I will definitely be repeating my business here!

  9. AquaMaeng

    Best, and only Kratom supplier you will ever need! First off, WOW EZKratom! You guys are the best! They are serious about getting you quality Kratom, suuuper fast, and, at an amazing price! They even have LIVE chat to help you with any questions or concerns! You can relax knowing that you will be VERY WELL taken care of using this site!! My friend reffered me here and I’m HIGHLY impressed! Green Maeng Da is the best! Thank EZ for being the greatest! I swear they must hop in a jet and deliver that PowerPowder as soon as you purchase, I’ve never been more impressed! When they say 3 days they aren’t kidding!(and it’s free!!) Recommend EZ to Everyone you know! Keep up the amazing work!(:

  10. Alex

    Great service great product . Best kratom vendor on the web. I have ordered kratom from here a number of times now and get a great product every time. Shipping is fast usually sent out for delivery same day or first thing in the morning the next day. They ship in a descreat vacuum sealed bag and arrives in 2-3 days! Customer service is outstanding as well with live support willing to help you out with any question.

  11. Mike Austin

    BEST PRODUCT EVER. I have made a few orders from this company. The product is awesome. The company is the best company I have ever dealt with. They have super fast and free delivery. Three days means three days. I will be a forever customer.

  12. Daniel B

    Great company and product! Even before I got my first order, their customer service was amazing. My order was sent to usps less than 5 minutes after I placed the order, much faster than any of the 7-8 vendors I’ve used in the past. Not only was the shipping question I asked answered promptly, I thought my package was going the wrong way and they sent me updates on tracking my package, which was in my mailbox less than 48 hours after I ordered it. The quality of the product is fresher than the prince of Bel Air, but seriously, not stale like a lot of vendors. I ordered the red Maeng Da, which I’ve never had before because no one else has that much variety on Kg orders. There is no vendor cheaper than $120 a Kg, and they will be my vendor from now on. Thanks EZK, Daniel B.

  13. Sandra

    Fast and amazing service! Here’s the thing.

    This company definitely has their timing DOWN with the local post office, probably to the T. And for that. I am grateful. However. The Green Meng Da, is definitely not my cup of tea. For others, it may be perfect. But, when paired with me, it’s disastrous. It was a miss for me. I won’t say exactly how, or why on this review. And I know that this company offers a full refund, but since I did utilize the product for a couple of days. I wasn’t going to ask. But, other than that compatibility hiccup, which we all know is a risk, was my only issue. Everything else was amazing.

    That being said. We are getting our second shipment in today! Of a different strain, and I’ll post a review of that one another time under the correct strain. Besides that, the quality is spot on, and the packaging makes me feel comfortable with these guys. When they say two days, as long as you order within the window posted. They mean it! Thanks EZ-K.

  14. DD

    Best Kratom vendor experience to date. Not only am I totally happy with the quality of this Maeng Da kratom, but the service was incredible. I put my order in Thursday, and it is here today. The price is the best I’ve ever seen, and I will be using EZ Kratom from now on. I’ve been ordering kratom since 2008, and this is by FAR the BEST vendor ever.

  15. Dave

    Stoked!!!! I’m legitimately stoked with this company. They came through with quality and service at a great price. It was honestly the first time I’ve ever ordered bulk online so I didn’t know what to expect. First off, the price is amazing, best deal I’ve had. Secondly, I was amazed how fast I received the package. It had to travel from Florida to California and I received it on Friday after placing my order on Wednesday. Last but definitely not least is the quality. It’s fresh and has great effects. Definitely some of the better kratom I’ve had. I will be ordering more. Thanks so much, EZ.

  16. Gregory Dyer

    Best price product & customer service out there. I received my first order a few weeks ago after many hours of comparing other websites I finally made the decision to order from EZK. I’m very happy I decided to go with them it’s a great product of good quality and an excellent price. They ship the product usually the same day and I get it usually within 3 days of ordering it arrives discreetly packaged to my door.there customer service is also 5 stars I had entered my address in wrong as I have just moved and they helped me fix it without any issue. To my fellow kratom family out there I definitely recommend EZK you will not be disappointed I just ordered some red veins and white as well witch I will receive tomorrow looking forward to continuing my business with this company.

  17. michael d

    can’t go wrong!! so far I have enjoyed kratom from this company.Green maeng da iks an excellent choice for people wishing to begin a kratom intake.Other kinds of kratom I have bought are just as good.Never had a bad buy,plus the price is beyond cheap.Shipping is also really fast and free!!! I will not use another company, I am now one loyal consumer.

  18. James Gandy

    awesome. Very nice kratom. On time,very fast. Smells great. As some packaged. ….

  19. Jbo

    Three thumbs up!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    I ordered the green maeng da powder….

    The product arrived (across the country) in 2 or 3 days and is a premium quality product!

    Highly recommend ez k for your needs…

  20. Michael

    20% the cost of my local smoke shop. I’ve been taking kratom on and off for about 2 years. I started taking it every day for personality….enhancement
    Now up to about 10g a day, and my local smokeshop charges a dollar a g. I found this shop, ordered figuring I’d never see anything of quality. IT WAS BETTER QUALITY! Order. Just do it, it’s worth it.

  21. CMaui

    Great product and fast shipping. Placed my 1st order with EZ on a Saturday night and received my order the following Wednesday. And I even live in Hawaii so when I get an order quick I am very impressed. The product was Green Maeng it was a fluffy fine grind & decent quality. I for sure got what I paid for and recommend this company, I am already placing a 2nd order to stock up and sample different varieties.

  22. Andrew Fulton

    Great prices, outstanding customer service. Even though their online store wasn’t working, I reached out to them on Facebook and was promptly guided through how I could still place an order. Truly refreshing to find that some businesses still care about good customer service 🙂

  23. CALVIN

    First time order came faster then expected. 1) Service -very good

    2) product is better then average…
    We have been enjoying the best possible Green Meang Da for some time but that supplier no longer ships to the USA. Think 140 proof rum
    **However paying about 40% more then these prices.

    With that said, this product for the price is an excellent value. Think 120 proof which is better then any other supplier we have used.

  24. Alanna

    There customer service is awsome they answered my questions right away and very caring thank you

  25. Sarah

    Great customer service! I ordered a kilo a while back and something was off with it. They took the time to make it right and I just received the new kilo today and it is amazing. Great taste, perfectly ground and very effective. Definitely will be a repeat customer! Thank you so much!

  26. Matthew Marrett

    Amazing service and value. I’ve ordered a few times now and always recieve my shipment within a few days. The quality is great and costumer service is great as well.

  27. Cody

    Only vendor I will use. This was the first strain I ordered from EzK, when paying, my internet glitched and I accidently paid twice. After alerting them via e-mail, they IMMEDIATELY refunded me what I overpaid. The package then came two days later and is some of the best quality I have ever had. Between the price, free and fast shipping, customer service, and the powder itself, you really can’t go wrong with these guys

  28. Randall and Monica

    Potent kratom and fast service. The quality is unmatched in our experience and we got it lightning fast! We have bought kratom from a variety of online and local vendors and we have never seen the high level of quality this company offers. Also the prices are lower than any other vendor we have used.

  29. Chelsea Ponzo

    Good quality at a cheap price! I ordered a kilo of green mangda on sunday. My order was shipped tuesday and got to my house on friday. It was slower shipping than I was hoping for but the quality is good! The kratom is as good, if not better than the pipe store kratom I have been buying for way more money. I regret not buying sooner. Don’t let the cheap price fool you, this kratom is very good. The green mangda is energizing and euphoric. I also received some samples upon request! I look forward to doing more business with ez kratom and not wasting my money at the pipe shop! :grinning:

  30. Andrea C

    AMAZING!! Ez kratom is a very prompt internet service. I Wes extremely wary of ordering online and after reassurance from ez kratom placed an order. Two day fed ex shipping with no worries. There was an error in my shipping and i was reimbursed ten fold for my 3 day delay. Its a wonderful company and i would and have recommended it to anyone. I even sent tgem a homemade pie for their hardwork and diligence. Andrea…Washington.

  31. Morgan

    Great product. I usually order kratom directly from Indonesia, but I thought I’d give EZKratom a try, and boy am I glad I did. The price is about the same, but the quality is top notch. And it doesn’t take three weeks to get to my house. Thank you EZKratom!

  32. Mike O

    Kind, helpful, the best. I have been using Kratom for about 6 years now for chronic back pain and PTSD, among other things. I’ve tried many different vendors and many levels of quality at a wide range of prices. Well, I found the absolute BEST Kratom at the BEST price from the Best Vendor on the web –
    EZKRATOM!!! Thanks Zach for always going the extra mile for me!

  33. ghost

    First order – Where should I start off? First of all I just got my order today during a blizzard. It took 2 days. The packaging was nice. Came in a brown bag so no light can get in. Honestly I have only had a few batches of kratom with the fresh fruity smell to it. I compared this kratom to my other batch of kratom and it is unmatched. I am not even half way thru my normal burn and I can already say this is quality. I been a warrior of the kratom plant for years and literally tried every vendor around. These guys remind me of the good ol’ days with kratom before there were any bans. I don’t know what else to say. I wasn’t even going to write a review but these guys knocked it out the ballpark. Green MD is an awesome choice!

    – Ghost

  34. Jason B.

    EZ Kratom is the best kratom vendor on the web. We have had nothing but the best experience with them so far. Thank you guys for everything!

  35. Wade (verified owner)

    Great quality product. This GMD has great focus and energizing characteristics along with relief of any general ache and anxiety. Great day time strain that I’ve taken in juice and yogurt well. But as good as the product is the customer service here is even better. In this day and age we need more of.

  36. Liz (verified owner)

    I ordered the green maeng da and received it the next day, this company is amazing, I just ordered the white this time because the green didn’t have enough energy for me but it definitely enhanced my mood! This will be the third time I have ordered from this company, the first time I was worried because my bank statement came back with an international purchase and it freaked me out but everything was fine. I immediately emailed the company and received an email right back from them, and I received a few others just for them checking on it to make sure everything was okay with my debit card. The people that run this company are very considerate and very fast. And I still can’t believe how fast the shipping it is! I will continue doing business with this company, each time I order a different Kratom and I am impressed every single time 🙂 thank you EZ Kratom for having a wonderful product at great prices!

  37. Tiffany (verified owner)

    After having a money dispute with another company and losing $220 for the time being I was super happy I found ezkratom, I was just about out of what I had and very nervous since it was a Saturday I think I placed the order Sunday I got notifications that it was shipped and Wednesday I got the product! Thank you thank you thank you for being quick and efficient you have loyal customer for sure! Life saver! For the actual Kratom it’s self I’ll have to write another review! Thank you ezkratom!

  38. Robert (verified owner)

    Hands down the best service I have ever received. I only shop with EZ and never entertained the idea of going elsewhere. Freshest, most consistent Kratom on the market or at least that I’ve ever purchased. You’re a fool if you go anywhere else!!

  39. brian miller (verified owner)

    Amazing company to deal with!! I have been using many different companies for almost the last 5 years. The number of companies I have ordered from has to be in the 30s by now. EZ hands down has by FAR the best service and freshest product out there. I have only ordered from them a few times but hands down blows the competition away. Hell they even have a app. I look forward to working with you guys for many years to come!! Thank you!!

  40. traie.smith21 (verified owner)

    Great product. First time buyer. Ordered Memorial day weekend and got it by Friday. No complaints. Seems way more fresh than anything else I’ve seen.

  41. Steven Smith (verified owner)

    This is by far the best I’ve had so far. Very quality, nice packaging and quick shipment! I’ll definitely be ordering again and recommending to anyone. Thank you much EZK! 😀

  42. Eric Engel (verified owner)

    I’m not exactly a Kratom Guru. I’ve tried two other places. One was really expensive. The other seemed to be a good deal, but the 2nd time I ordered from them I got some really bad kratom… full of stems and such. I think there was actually dirt in it. Then I found EZK. I’ve ordered 4 times so far… all Green Maeng-Da. Every time I open a new pouch, I’m impressed by the freshness. It takes me about a month and a half to go through what I bought, and by the end of that time it’s just loosing its freshness. Then my next order comes in and it’s like a breath of fresh air. Consistency–that’s what I like about these people. I’ve come to expect a certain product, and they deliver that product.

  43. Jonathan H (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing kratom for about a year. I had been getting my kratom from several different vendors (some of them good and some of them terrible). This green md made me think of the very first time I has purchased kratom. It is extremely fresh, so definitely be aware of that. I am so happy with the quality of EZ kratom. I will buy from them as long as it is possible. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  44. Stephen A Erhardt (verified owner)

    Great service and great product. Comes very fresh with incredible aroma. Very long lasting and balanced for me. Green MD is a good all day every day strain. Top quality.

  45. Lisa (verified owner)

    Wow. Very impressed. Ordered a few months ago. Was waiting to exhaust existing before trying this. Outstanding product/price! I no longer need to “vendor shop”.
    Thank you.

  46. Kevin (verified owner)

    Great product at a great price.

  47. andrewjohnivz

    Site is amazing. Kratom is top quality and the shipping, ridiculously fast. Never going elsewher

  48. Ryan (verified owner)

    Best price, fast shipping, great product, thank you!

  49. Keith (verified owner)

    This batch seems a lot stronger and aroma lasts longer. Definitely fresh product.
    1/2 teasp if even that. Its nice for me but I can see where some people would complain.
    Thanks EZ. Alwaye a pleasure.

  50. powergo (verified owner)

    I just received this high quality Kratom. and it is as advertised! what a great mood I am in. I am going to keep a light amount and rotate the strains. I feel optimistic more than ever. Thank you EZK super fast shipping! Amazing quality!

  51. powergo (verified owner)

    five stars

  52. Steve

    I dealt with “Sam”. He was a great guy, and patiently answered my questions. He was very prompt at getting back to me, which I appreciate. I live a few miles from the warehouse so I actually went there to pick up, too bad there was no price break for that. Still I think that their prices are fair, if not good. Next time I think I will just have it delivered, might as well! I cannot comment on the quality, since I have only tried one other source, however, I am at least satisfied. Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong dealing with these people. Thanks again Sam.

  53. Lisa (verified owner)

    I paid way too much for inferior product for a while until I found EZK. I thought it was too good to be true; and then I got the product and completely blown away, especially by Rhein consistency. The shipping is fast, the customer service is next to none, they are fantastic. Thank you so much guys. God bless!

  54. idiy

    Great Company! Great Products! Great Service! My wife and I Love

  55. cmosteller4jr (verified owner)

    I ordered my Kratom on Thursday night with the COD option and it arrived Monday morning through the post office. I opened some as soon as I got it and it is amazing fresh Kratom. I asked questions through the site and was answered immediately. You guys are awesome and I’ll be making another order in a day or two! Thanks for being there EZ!!!

  56. robholderjr (verified owner)

    Ordered the GMD and it is Hands down the best quality product I’ve found locally or online… ever (and I have bought a lot of different kinds and brands.)!! The ordering process was legitimately as easy, quick and convenient as I’ve ever experienced. EZkratom left me greatly impressed, I am definitely a believer in this company and their products. I will be placing an order as soon as they are restocked! ?????

  57. Jared rolston (verified owner)

    Customer Servive is outstanding! There was a mix up in my order. With out delay, Chandler, their rep. fix it by sending out the replacement order. And I was just a first time customer. Most impressed!

  58. Randy (verified owner)

    Tried a lot of different sites before EZK and thought I was gettin a good deal, I was wrong. The quality and pricing here can’t be beat. Look no further, this is the place!

  59. redmanjbj (verified owner)

    good quality, good price, good company.

  60. Jon

    Extremely happy with these dudes.
    In the years, I have used distributors based in Indonesia. The price is very attractive but that’s a long process and totally sketchy, been ripped off a bunch and messed up orders. Had a local hookups some good some bad never seemed like the same, or consistent. I moved and they cant or wont ship and cant do credit cards ect. So I found these guys, and couldn’t be happier.
    Sorry for such a long review but I wanted to be thorough.
    I have met these guys.
    Thanks guys see you again in two weeks with a bigger order.

  61. Scott (verified owner)

    I’ve never had a bad experience on this site and this strain has continued that for me

  62. Steven Plake (verified owner)

    The Kratom is consistant every time and the quality speaks volumes to that of the store. EZ Kratom is the best and I will not go anywhere simply because of great quality. I recommend not just this Kratom but a professional company. Above all stores on the web EZ Kratom but quality unmatched anywhere. Please keep up the good work and I continue to return every time I shop.

  63. Ron (verified owner)

    Today I received my first order, did usps cash on delivery and (I had no problem whatsoever)I received my purchase on the 2nd day. Great customer service and great product, the prices are perfect. I was paying twice as much, sometimes more locally! This will def be my go to place from now on, highly recommend EZK!

  64. swilmore3190 (verified owner)

    EZ Kratom is my go to! The product is great- and the prices are unbeatable. I’ve tried a few other companies/products and wasn’t as happy as I am with EZ! Thanks for making it so affordable for great product. I won’t go anywhere else!

  65. William Howe (verified owner)

    Great strain and the quality is perfect. Ezkratom also has best customer service I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I highly recommend Ezkratom and any strain they offer, I promise you will not be disappointed!

  66. Scott Eicher (verified owner)

    Best price product & customer service out there. Only vendor I have been using since 2015 because of the quality and service!!
    Trust me over the years I have tried them all.

  67. Matthew Bonomo

    The best vendor I’ve ever worked with. So lovely to of found a business I can trust. Good stuff!

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