Green Maeng-Da “Retail Ready” 30g Kratom Bags (per Case)

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Our Retail Ready Kratom Bags are 30g each and are ready for you to re-sell directly in your store.

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $29.95 for 30 grams of Raw Kratom powder.

You can choose to sell them at whatever price you would like, but we recommend getting to know your market before charging too high of a price.

We encourage the most competitive prices possible, but we know overhead is much higher with a brick and mortar, as well as the convenience for the customer (especially getting a higher quality, fresh powder in our opinion).

We sell our Retail Ready Kratom Bags by the half case (15 bags) or full case (30 bags), and the individual 30g bags are pocket sized for your customers to easily carry around. Every 30g bag is individually heat sealed and consists of a Kraft package that will allow it to be re-zipped, even after the customer opens the package.

Our 30g Retail Ready Kratom Bags have both a front and back label that consists of an FDA disclaimer on the back label, as well as proper weights on the front. We follow the FDA guidelines on everything we sell, and the 30g sized packages adhere to the FDA guidelines as far as labeling requirements go.

This product is not sold for consumption. The statements, and the product itself, have/has not been evaluated by the FDA; there is not a vendor on the internet that should be selling the product for consumption, nor making any types of claims based on the product.

If you have further questions about these Retail Ready 30g kratom bags, please just contact us and we will be glad to help.

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