8 Different Types of Kratom You Should Know

Visiting health and supplement stores, you may have seen kratom appear on shelves in the last few years. For many people, this product is a newcomer and relatively unknown. So why has it suddenly become so popular?

With so many strains it can be hard to know where to begin. Read on as we give the different types of kratom and decide which is best for you.

Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo Kratom is known for enhancing mood and for some, promote a sense of alertness. It’s a well-rounded kratom strain suited for newcomers to the herbal powders and capsules.

This particular type of kratom is very widely sold around the country in areas where kratom is legal. You will not be hard pressed to locate green borneo kratom and if you’re looking for it, check out our bulk green borneo kratom powder here.

Red Bali

Red Bali is believed by many to be a hybrid of two kratom strains, the Borneo and Sumatran. It is slow to act but very strong in nature. For this reason, it is recommended for seasoned kratom buyers.

Red Bali comes from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree late in its cycle. It can be found in both the form of powder, or capsules. Having such a wide range of availability it is one reason why it has gained in popularity.

This form of Kratom carries all the hallmarks of kratom products. Red Bali kratom powder promotes a sense of wellbeing and is often times purchased by those who have anxiety and depression. It has also been discussed within the weight management community.

White Horn

White Horn is one of the newer kratom strains. Its name is not derived from the region of origin like most kratom products but from the shape of its leaf. This tree is not very common and thus, products from it are hard to get.

The strain is famous for its energy-boosting and mood-lifting properties. Some have also had the total opposite and have encountered a sense of relaxation.

White Horn kratom powder like its similar veins also comes in powder or easy-to-use capsule forms.

Yellow Maeng-Da

Yellow Maeng Da is originally from Thailand but is now farmed in many places across South East Asia. Traditionally is has a reputation as a high-grade, strong, and pure kratom. Many believe this is because it was crafted from the most powerful strains to create a powerful hybrid.

Processing Yellow Maeng Da does just as much to impact its effects as the compounds within it. This kratom uses a laborious process of handpicking, drying, and fermentation. All of this enhances the flavor and its effects.

When exploring Yellow Maeng-Da you can associate it with energy enhancement. For promoting and uplifting the mood, you may find red strains work better but buyers can expect a mild lift from yellow varieties as well. Yellow Maeng Da kratom is also associated with focus and concentration.

Green Raiu

Green Riau is a very rare form, which grows only near the banks of the Raiu river. The unique growing conditions have made it powerful, so it is closer to a red variety than a green. It can be a solid bridge between the two types for those buying different kratom strains.

Many green veins are less powerful but longer-lasting. Green Riau kicks this trend, giving power in very short bursts. This makes it ideal if you want a fast pick-me-up.

When you buy Raiu, you are buying and energy promoting kratom strain. If you need to concentrate and get tasks done, Green Raiu kratom has also been discussed alongside relaxation which is a nice mix.


White Maeng-Da

White Maeng-Da is similar to its yellow cousin. This makes it strong, bringing with it a diverse range of properties. It goes through the same processing as the other Maeng-Da strains, being handpicked and fermented to increase its quality.

Originally, the white variety was prized as its energy-boosting strain to help farmworkers power through the day. This effect is still inherent in the white strain. Focus is another term associated with white maeng da kratom powder and capsules.

However, white varieties tend to have a short, powerful essence. If you want a long-lasting strain, then consider a green variety instead.

Red Borneo

Red Borneo is the workhorse of kratom strains. It is easy to get your hands on, strong, and has a range of properties. It can serve everyone from beginners to hardened kratom enthusiasts.

Small quantities of this strain promote a boost in energy and concentration. Large quantities of Red Borneo will promote deep relaxation and is researched by those looking for kratom for insomnia.

If any criticism can be made of Red Borneo, it is that the properties do not last long.

Different Types of Kratom

Now you know the different types of kratom, you can make an informed decision about which to buy. Many newcomers to kratom powder start with green strains.

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