What Other Plants are Related to Kratom?

The plant world is diverse, to say the least. Tallies have supported numbers of plant species close to 400,000, but new discoveries are being made every day. The fact that we have so much more to learn from our plant friends is no wonder.

As it turns out, there are quite a few plants related to Kratom: 13,000 species across over 500 genera, all in the Rubiaceae or Madder family. So let’s find out why everyone is madly in love with the Madder family plants.

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)

This tropical, deciduous tree is native to South East Asia. Its first documented use in Thailand is in 1836, however, according to traditional and oral histories, its use has been around for centuries.

There is a lot of dissenting opinions about Kratom, which is largely due to ignorance and lack of funding for scientific studies. So stay informed and keep reading about plants related to Kratom!

Types of Kratom

There are 3 main varieties of Kratom, distinguished by the color of the veins on the leaves;

  1. White Vein – young, unmatured leaves are harvested, then dried indoors with no light.
  2. Red Vein – leaves are more mature than white and dried using UV light.
  3. Green Vein – very mature leaves are harvested and dried both in and outdoors.

Before considering using this product, or carrying it in your store, it’s important to know the differences and their properties. You can find invaluable information online from users who have documented their experiences.

Quinine Tree (Cinchona Pubescens)

The bark of this amazing tree is where we find the cure for malaria, among other things. Yes, it is also related to Kratom.

The trees are native to South America, which turned out to be super convenient. European colonization of the Americas brought all kinds of fun things with them on their ships, malaria included.

Before malaria began to spread rampantly, the bark of the quinine tree effectively treated fevers, bloating and stomach issues, hemorrhoids, and leg cramps.

Thanks to the quinine tree, malaria is now extremely preventable and curable and has been for a long time. It’s hard to believe that over 400,000 people died of malaria in 2018 alone.

Ipecac (Carapichea Ipecacuanha)

The roots of this tree are used to make a syrup as a powerful emetic. If something is emetic, then it will cause you to vomit…a lot.

Poison has always been a popular way to kill people. Kings, Queens, and aristocrats everywhere had people they paid to taste their foods for them. Syrup of Ipecac deserves to be in everyone’s medicine cabinet, just in case.

Often, travelers and hikers have had to, and some still do, forage for their food to survive. When trial and error is the best science you’ve got, this syrup is also very good to have on hand.


There are more than 250 different varieties of Gardenias, but all of them are beautiful and smell amazing.

Definitely not just a pretty flower to look at, this relative of Kratom comes with so many natural beauties.

There are So Many Plants Related to Kratom

The Kratom tree is part of a very large family.

When considering supplying Kratom to customers and shopping wholesale, it’s important to know just what your customers are looking for when they want to try Kratom. Kratom is a wonderful plant that deserves to be sourced, harvested, and processed with respect. As do any and all of the other plants related to Kratom.

Find what you’re looking for out of life and business and make plants and their products a lifestyle.

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