What Is Gold Kratom? Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that, according to the American Kratom Association, between ten and sixteen million Americans enjoy purchasing kratom? As it turns out, kratom is only becoming more and more popular over each passing year. Of course, kratom comes in multiple forms and varieties that require some familiarization.

Among these, gold kratom has quickly emerged as one of the most commonly preferred forms of kratom. As such, you might be here because you’ve asked yourself the important question: “What is gold kratom exactly?”. If so, the brief guide will help break down and clear up everything you need to know.

Kratom: The Basics

Before we explore gold kratom’s unique qualities, it is important to cover some essentials within the wide world of kratom. After all, you may also be wondering “What is kratom at all?”.

First and foremost, Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a special species of tree that is native to the warmer climates of Southeast Asia. Known for its wide, green, and glossy leaves, it can grow up to eighty feet and produces distinctive clusters of yellow flowers in its branches.

Kratom exists within the same family as coffee plants. Thus, for centuries, its leaves have been harvested and processed. Kratom’s leaves can ground down to powder, liquid extracts, or put into pill capsule form.

It was first popularized in Thailand by workers who enjoyed its relieving qualities. They also utilized it in customary rituals of religious worship.

The Strains That Make Gold Kratom

To reach a full understanding of what makes gold kratom stand out above the rest, one must first understand the different strains of kratom from which it strikes its balance.

Kratom is available in multiple strains, and kratom enthusiasts will attest to each producing a different profile of qualities. Most often, these strains are very easy to differentiate for their easily identifiable colors in their stems and leaves. These colors also determine the age of the plants.

Among these strains, green vein, red vein, and white vein kratom are often cited as the most popular.

White vein kratom tends to be harvested rather early in a kratom plant’s life. It is most often referred to as the strongest of the strains, as it is said to produce a sense of alertness and wellbeing.

Green vein kratom is normally harvested at some point midway through a kratom plant’s life cycle. Its effects are said to be a similar profile to that of white vein kratom, only milder. Therefore, green vein kratom is known for its accessibility for beginners.

Red vein kratom is the strain that’s harvested when a kratom plant is close to reaching the end of its life cycle. Because these plants live the longest, they are able to accrue a higher alkaloid concentration in their leaves. For this reason, many attest that red vein kratom produces a sense of calm.

Gold kratom, on the other hand, inherits its characteristics a bit differently.

What is Gold Kratom?

For many reasons, a growing number of people see gold kratom as the best kratom form for them. This is likely because what sets gold kratom apart from the rest is that “gold” is not a naturally occurring color of “vein” at all.

In fact, what gives gold kratom its namesake is instead a special drying process used in its cultivation. This is what ends up giving these particular kratom leaves their pronounced gold color.

The leaves are often a carefully selected blend of green, red, and white vein kratom prior to the drying process. For this reason, many kratom enthusiasts prefer it for its strong yet delicate combination of strain profiles.

As for how gold kratom is produced, there are several unique steps to the process.

The first is sun-drying, which also oxidizes the kratom, increasing its concentration of alkaloids. Then comes fermentation with water, which does its part to chemically strengthen the alkaloids even further.

Afterward, the strains are delicately mixed to provide an even blend of the white and green veins as well as that of red vein kratom.

In the end, kratom buyers tend to see gold kratom as being “the best of both worlds”. According to those who prefer it, its effect profile has been described as helpful in boosting the mood, and enhancing one’s sense of wellbeing.

Before you get ready to start searching “gold kratom near me”, there are still a few things to consider. For one, there are various forms it is available in, from extracts to powders to capsules and more.

Finding your ideal form of gold kratom can be a learning process. However, through research and care, you will eventually be able to find the path that’s right for you.

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