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Wholesale Kratom Powder Extract page Wholesale Kratom Powder Extract Product Description

Our Premium 25x *GOLD* FULL SPECTRUM Wholesale Kratom Powder Extract is processed directly in Indonesia by Family-Owned and Operated farms. The Kratom leaves are NEVER dried in the sun and each machine is properly maintained – and cleaned – before processing any Kratom powder that will be extracted to its more concentrated powder form. Precisely picked, finely ground, and of course indoor dried leaf ensures for top of the line Alkaloid content within our wholesale kratom powder – AND wholesale Kratom powder extracts. Not all Kratom is the same! You get out what you put in, and here at EZ Kratom, we put in 100%.

We have discovered this kratom extract to be the highest testing in terms of Mitragynine percentage. We consistently receive lab results back that show over 4% Mitragynine! Due to the nature of the product and it having to be extracted with specific solvents, our wholesale kratom extract powder is by far one of the cleanest products  you can find. Ask for the CoA’s to see yourself!


Wholesale Kratom Powder Extract page General Kratom Extract Information

As you may know, extracts can be created with many solvents: water, hexane, propane, di-limonene, etc.

The solvent being used to create our 25x Gold is virtually INSOLUBLE (non binding) with Microbes found within Kratom plants/powder. This means during the extracting process of the kratom powder, the only thing that will be extracted is Mitragynine/7-OH – the results we want.

Just remember that the SOLVENT being used is what will change the entire Mitragynine percentage of the final kratom extract powder. We have seen, through our own lab testing, that water based kratom extracts (and other extracts using different solvents to what we use with our 25x Gold) tend to have much lower Mitragynine/7-OH percentage. This is due to the solvent (water if creating Resin) NOT being very soluble with Mitragynine/7-OH.

Similar to Cannabis, specific solvents will extract terpenes from the flower, while other solvents will extract THC, CBD and other Cannabinoids. There is not one specific solvent, but there are solvents that will work better – or worse – than others. This is the same for Kratom as well.

Due to the fact that we continue to see low testing Mitragynine results on water based kratom extracts, we assume that water is not very soluble with Mitragynine/7-OH. Water is definitely soluble with Chlorophyll (the green color in plants), as that is what can cause the dark color in plant based extracts.


Kratom Powder Extract Shipping Information

Every bulk kratom or wholesale kratom powder extract shipment will be eligible for Free Shipping. This will consist of USPS Flat Rate Priority mail or First Class Mail depending on the size of the order. If you tick “Free Shipping” during the checkout process, we will determine the shipping service that is used based on weight. Anything 250g or lower will be shipped USPS First Class – with tracking! All orders come with tracking so we can make sure you are getting your package on time.

  • Operating hours are from 9AM – 5PM Monday – Friday and 10AM to 2PM on Saturday.
  • Orders are shipped ON THE SAME BUSINESS DAY (Monday – Friday) if placed by 2:00 PM Eastern!
  • All shipments are coming from Florida and are weighed/packaged by us.
  • All orders over 250g total weight are shipped via USPS Priority Mail unless a different method is selected during checkout; anything 250g in weight or under is shipped First Class (with Tracking).
  • Be weary of “pure alkaloids” being sold by other vendors. An “alkaloid” can mean a plethora of different molecules. Please be careful when purchasing “pure alkaloids,” as we suspect it is similar to the extract powder we sell – just titled differently to be marked up in price.
  • We cannot ship to WI, IN, RI, VT, AR, or AL
  • DO YOU LIVE IN AN ILLEGAL STATE? – We recommend contacting your Attorney General for the specific state that you live in, as we are trying to get more inquiries to each state that claim kratom is “banned”. Tennessee’s Attorney General made a statement saying that kratom in it’s RAW, PLANT FORM is LEGAL, and due to that, we now ship to Tennessee without any issues; we’d love to be able to ship to you next!


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Our policy is pretty simple: If you receive a wholesale kratom or bulk kratom product that is not what you expected, or does not meet your expectations, please get in contact with us so we can provide you a full refund for the amount of kratom product still tangible. This means that we will refund you according to the number of grams that are left in your order compared to the number of grams that were there purchased. If the package is never opened, then you will be refunded/exchanged the full amount.


Not sure? Still have questions?

If you’re still having a hard time deciding on what wholesale kratom powder extract to choose, or still have questions that you could not find the answers to on our website, please feel free to get in contact with us by Clicking Here and filling out the form on the following page. You can also feel free to send us an email directly to ‘orders@ezkratom.com‘. We will get your questions answered right away so you can get going with the rest of your day.

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10 reviews for 25x *GOLD* Full Spectrum Kratom POWDER Extract

  1. Karan (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the best extracts I have tried so far, I have had a lot of the more expensive extracts from Gold reserve to Platinum from select distributors. Also customer service is the best. I normally do not write reviews but their fast and prompt service and also great product needed recognition.

  2. B. D. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. My order arrived a day early!!! Quality products. This was my second order. The freshest product I have seen in two years!!! I rarely write reviews but this company exceeded my expectations!

  3. Gregory J

    Absolutely THE BEST PLACE to purchase kratom . everything from service to product quality goes beyond expectations. Thank u EZ kratom! You guys have changed my life!

  4. Joe c. (verified owner)

    Super great service! High quality product! These are the best distributors hands down! My personal Customer experience exceeded my expectations 10 fold.! I plan on keeping my business with EZ kratom.

  5. Avan Etter

    These guys are absolutely amazing! Great product and even better customer service!!!

  6. Terry

    Great service guys. They helped me out with my first order, I bought the sampler and so far so good. Add more as soon!

  7. Traveler1956

    10 out of ten.Have bought 2 times from them.No issues.Very high quality.Received on time in full.

  8. Matthew Trentmann

    The only place to get kratom. Period.

  9. zts113094

    Had never purchased enhanced kratom but got to say it is great!

  10. Matthew Bonomo

    I was quite pleased with this one. Happy we gave it a try! ^_^

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