Kratom Vs Kava: Critical Differences You Need to Know

Millions of people, spanning the entire globe, enjoy kratom and kava.

These two plant-based natural products both have a long tradition with indigenous cultures and are popular everywhere, even in the United States.

But in a battle of kratom vs. kava, which is the right fit for you?

In the following passages, we’ll try to break down the differences between these extremely popular plants.

Kratom vs. Kava: Origins

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is native to Southeast Asia and is grown in countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.

With some 6,500 species it is one of the largest families in the plant kingdom.

These days it is now common for the plant to be dried and sold as a powder or liquid extract.

Kratom is also sold as a capsule and dried leaves.

Today, the plant is sold throughout the world but is not regulated in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration.  Additionally, the FDA does not recognize Kratom as a supplement of any kind, whatsoever. Kratom bought in the United States is labeled “Not for Human Consumption.” For more information on where Kratom is legal to purchase, read our blog.

Kava, or Piper methysticum, is native to the Western Pacific and grows in countries like Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

A shrub, the kava plant is in the pepper family, and its name means “bitter root” in the Tongan tongue.

Kratom vs. Kava: Similarities

Kava and kratom have similar qualities in regiment. Around the world, Kava and Kratom are bought and sold in a very similar manner.

As stated before, both plants have religious connotations for their respective indigenous populations.

Kava and kratom also come in different strains and varieties.

It is important to note that the quantity and quality is relevant in discussing kratom. To learn more about kratom quantities and qualities for different strains and veins read more about this on our recent blog posts here at

Also, both plants are prepared in the same way. The root of the kava and the leaves of the kratom plant are harvested in their native land and dried. They are then crushed and made for export and sale.

Kratom vs. Kava: Differences

Alkaloids are what make Kratom unique.

Alkaloids are found in a number of natural applications and although kratom has more than 40 different alkaloids in its arsenal, it is really two that give it its truly unique qualities — Mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxymitragynine.

It’s a tricky topic because respected research on kratom is relatively light.

Kava doesn’t work in nearly the same way and while research is light on kratom, there is a large body of work that supports the ability of kava to promote a sense of calm.

The compounds that contain kava’s homeopathic properties are called kavalactones.

Besides the physical differences about how kratom and kava impact buyers, another way the two stand out is how the legal system views the two plants.

The purchase of kratom in Thailand and Malaysia is illegal, although the reasons for this, at least in Thailand, stretch back to the heyday of the opium trade.

On the other hand, people accept Kava nearly worldwide as a homeopathic remedy. There were a few bans in Europe sparked by a scare over possible liver issues, but scientists have put those fears to rest.

In the United States, kava is an approved herbal supplement and has been on the market for 20-plus years.

Time Will Tell

So, when it comes to kratom vs. kava, much of the jury is still out.

While kava benefits from established research, kratom does not at this point.

If you want to know more about kratom and kava, please contact us today.

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