Finding the Best Kratom: How to Spot an Authentic Kratom Store

Buying anything online comes with risks. If you purchase a pair of jeans, you hope that the size they advertise is the right measurement. When you get an electronic item, you pray that it’s made with quality products.

But how do you make sure that you’re buying the best Kratom online? As the popularity of the product continues to grow, so does the volume of unreliable vendors in the market.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can spot a legitimate Kratom provider. So if you’re wondering how to find the best Kratom online, look out for these signs before you start filling your cart with products.

How to Find the Best Kratom Online?

Once you’ve had the best quality Kratom, you’ll be able to spot poor quality products from a mile away. But for your first purchase from a vendor, you don’t want to have to splash out cash for an inferior product. Fortunately, some online sellers make it easy to identify that their Kratom products are up to your high standards.

The first sign is that the word guaranteed is featured everywhere on their site. You should see moneyback and quality guarantees on the products they offer.

They are even more reputable if they highlight that their products have been independently tested by a third party in a lab. This means each batch of Kratom has gone through thorough quality testing. Authentic Kratom providers will even publish the reports on the site.

The business should also include links to reputable providers in the regions that the Kratom is exported from. Bad providers won’t mention this as they’ve likely purchased a large batch of white, red, or green kratom and are unsure of what’s in the bag.

These are the key warning signs to spotting an authentic provider. But you should also know how to tell the difference in quality for Kratom products.

What’s the Difference Between High-Quality and Low-Quality Kratom?

Once your product has arrived, you should also be able to tell quickly what the quality of the item is like. You won’t even necessarily have to open the bag to find out how good your Kratom is. This is how you know you’ve got something good, though.

Harvesting Time

You should be able to see when the Kratom leaves were harvested, as this plays a crucial role in how good the final product is. If the leaves are not harvested at the right time, the Kratom will have low alkaloid composition and be of a low quality.

Level of Freshness

Like most organic products, there is a shelf life for Kratom. A legitimate Kratom seller will never send you an aged product as they know the quality of the item is based on its level of freshness.


Poor quality Kratom often contains fillers, which takes away from the purity of the product. It will also decrease the composition of the Kratom. There so be no additives in the products whatsoever, so if you see any references on the packaging, then you will know it’s not completely natural.

Alkaloid Content

One of the biggest differences between high-quality and low-quality Kratom is the alkaloids composition. If the product has aged and contains additives, then alkaloid content will be significantly reduced.

Where You Should Not Buy Kratom

As Kratom becomes more popular, the more likely you’ll see it on shelves in stores you’re not expecting. A quick search for purchasing Kratom near you will yield some interesting results, but it doesn’t mean you should take a walk down to the shops. While it’s easily accessible, you should avoid these types of businesses if you want a quality Kratom product:

  • Smoke shops
  • Gas stations
  • Bars
  • Vape stores

It’s unlikely that the storekeepers will know a lot about the Kratom products you’re looking to purchase, which should be a warning sign. There’s also a dangerous possibility that they’re selling expired products at a cheap rate. This can be risky for your health if you use these types of products.

Instead, you look to purchase from specialized providers as they can answer all your questions about the strains and manufacturing process. If they’re knowledgable about the products, then you’ll be in safer hands compared to buying from another retailer.

How to Spot Fake Reviews

One of the popular strategies that some low-quality vendors will attempt is creating fake reviews under their products. They will even delete real reviews from customers, so they remain visible as 100% positive.

Some stores will also post these reviews on YouTube and Reddit and pay others to promote their product. This sends more traffic to their website and purchases of inferior Kratom products.

Instead of reading fake reviews, search for the guarantees and independent testing of the products you’re interested in purchasing. This information is more trustworthy and almost guarantees that you’ll end up with the products that you’re after.

Where You Should Buy Your Kratom

EZ Kratom does all the hard work to ensure that you only get the best Kratom sent to you. If a strain does not pass our high-quality standards for freshness, then we throw it away and ensure it never gets sold to a customer. It must smell, feel, and look right, and if it doesn’t, then we won’t even send it to a lab for testing.

We only stock the best quality whole Kratom and nothing less. Take a look at our online store and see for yourself and if you have any questions, then get in touch with us directly.

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