A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Kratom Powders

A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Kratom Powders

Have you ever heard of kratom?

Grown in tropical Southeast Asia, kratom is becoming more and more popular in America. This is through advertising, word of mouth, and nationwide exposure.

Kratom powder is a natural remedy that can be used for a variety of reasons. Each different strain of kratom comes with unique strains, so you need to make sure you’re using the right one for you.

For more information, take a look at our guide on the different types of kratom available.

What Are the Different Types of Kratom?

Before getting into the actual types, let’s look at how kratom is categorized.

First, there are three different main strains; red, white, and green. These refer to when the leaves of the kratom tree are picked and how they’re processed, creating different strains and types.

From there, they’re then categorized by the area they’re grown in. It may come as a surprise to hear that the same strains of kratom grown in different places can have different traits. So, when looking to buy kratom, you need to take into account its color strain as well as its origin location.

Other Types of Kratom

Alongside these three main color types of red, white, and green, there are plenty of variations. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices.

Maeng-Da Kratom

Maeng-Da is a type of kratom native to Thailand and it’s very popular. It’s a very high-quality kratom that has a blend of both red vein and white vein strains.

Bali Kratom

Bali kratom is a very high-quality and pure red vein strain. It comes from kratom trees grown on the island of Bali in Indonesia and has a mild to moderate potency. It’s actually not as similar to red kratom as you might expect, showing the importance of knowing exactly what strain of kratom is right for you.

Red Vein Thai Kratom

Red vein Thai is very similar to the Bali kratom but is also similar to regular red vein kratom. Think of this as a middle ground between the two.

Green Malaysian Kratom

Green Malaysian is quite a unique type of kratom. It blends red vein kratom with white kratom.

Yellow Vein Kratom

Yellow vein kratom is named after a color, just like the three main types. However, this isn’t made from a specific type of kratom leaf as those are. Instead, it’s produced when two other strains, such as green and red, are combined.

Choose the Right Kratom for You

If you’re looking to try it for the first time, make sure you read up on all of the types of kratom beforehand. This guide is a good start, but you can contact our team at EZ Kratom if you’re interested in finding out more about a specific type. We have extensive knowledge about the kratom we sell and are always happy to help.

Not sure which type you want yet? Take a look at our full range of products to find one that interests you.

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