What Is Kratom Extract? A Complete Guide

Kratom is the tropical evergreen tree scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. Kratom has recently gained popularity among Westerners.

Kratom extract is newer to the scene, but it has taken the community by storm. You might be wondering, what is Kratom extract. If you are curious about kratom, we have the answers for you!

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What Is Kratom Extract

To fully understand the extract, we must start at the beginning. We are going to break down all of the comments that go into creating this extract.

Kratom: A Botanical Powerhouse

For years natives to countries like Malaysia and Thailand have harvested the leaves for religious ceremonies and for work. In recent years the Kratom industry has been booming in these countries as the love for Kratom has spread to other countries.

To make Kratom powder, the leaves are simply grown and then harvested and cured. Certain strains of Kratom contain higher amounts of alkaloids.

Currently, the most common form of Kratom is a dried and powdered version that is then packaged for retail.

The Alkaloids

When discussing the potency on a particular strain of Kratom, you will find yourself hearing the term Alkaloid quite frequently. Alkaloids exist in nature and our bodies. They have a unique impact on humans in the sense that they can help fight against things like bacteria, cancer, pain, fungus, and much more.

Kratom contains around 40 different types of Alkaloids; however, what is most interesting is the fact that 2 of those Alkaloids are unique to the Kratom plant.

Those Alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These are the two main alkaloids responsible for the make-up of Kratom. We will touch more on why this is important later.

The Extraction Process

Now that we have covered the Kratom basics let’s move on the extraction process. Understanding the components will help you decide if Kratom extract is right for you.

There are two main methods used to create extracts. Remember those Alkaloids we talked about earlier?

The extract will be determined by the strain of Kratom used and the method of extraction. Let’s look at the common methods.


This form of extraction is more time consuming but yields more concentrated results. In this method of extraction, the raw leaves of the Kratom tree are mixed with ethanol and water until fully dissolved.

This leaves and liquid are thoroughly mixed and stored for 1 to 3 weeks in a dark place. After fully dissolved the mix is filtered and strained, resulting in a potent Kratom extract.


Resin is a semi-solid extract, unlike the previous style. This is the most concentrated form of extract and the most challenging to make. The method involves mixing Kratom powder with a blend of acidic juices such as lemon and lime.

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