What Is Green Vein Borneo Kratom? Kratom Strains to Buy Online

The #1 question new kratom buyers have is: Which type of kratom should I buy? There are so many strains available (and even more online vendors scattered about the internet) that make choosing the correct strain and potency overwhelming at first. But opting to settle for just any kratom time is a mistake.

If you are looking to buy kratom that is easy to find, pure, and grown in ideal conditions, look no further than Green vein Borneo kratom. It is an excellent strain for new and old kratom buyers alike. So, look no further for the perfect kratom. We got you covered.

What Is Borneo Kratom?

Borneo kratom grows along the riverbanks of an island in Southeast Asia called Borneo Island. Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei all share the same large territory where kratom is grown. The warm, humid climate and fertile soil make this area perfect for growing Borneo Kratom strains.

Kratom comes from a tree known as the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. Farmers harvest Borneo kratom at different points during its life cycle. The less mature the plant, the higher the amount of alkaloid found in the plant’s leaves.

Borneo Kratom Strains

Generally speaking, there are three types of Borneo kratom strains. Borneo kratom is rich in alkaloids, and vendors sell it as capsules, loose powder, or leaves. Leaves are often brewed. Some prefer buying the powder form, while others enjoy the mess-free option of kratom capsules.

Not all kratom strains are created equal. Each strain of kratom has its own unique set of properties and is harvested during different times of the kratom plant’s life cycle. The three Borneo kratom strains are:

Green Vein Borneo

Farmers harvest green vein Borneo kratom when the veins of the leaves are green, which occurs in the middle of the kratom plant’s life. To put this in perspective, it takes kratom trees up to two years before they produce enough of the alkaloids for which kratom is known.

Green vein Borneo kratom is more widely available to vendors in the United States due to Malaysian restrictions. It is less potent than the white vein Borneo. With this in mind, new kratom buyers who want to buy kratom for the first time should start by purchasing green Borneo kratom.

Red Vein Borneo

People buy red vein Borneo kratom because it is of its high concentration of 5-HO-mitragynine. It is harvested at the most mature time of the kratom plant’s life, often when the vein of the leaf is red. Hence the name red vein Borneo.

Once the leaves are harvested, the stem is removed, and they are dried and ground into a fine powder. This is how most American kratom buyers purchase kratom.

White Vein Borneo

White vein Borneo is still relatively well-known but not nearly as popular as its green and red vein cousins. It is harvested early on in the plant’s life cycle when the veins of the leaves are white. White vein strains have a high concentration of mitragynine.

What sets white vein Borneo kratom apart from other white vein kratoms is where it is grown. While kratom can be produced in other areas of the world, such as Indonesia, the environmental conditions are different in Borneo, resulting in a kratom with a highly sought-after alkaloid content.

Why Choose Green Vein Borneo?

Green vein Borneo kratom is a happy medium between white and red vein strains. People choose this particular kratom strain due to its middle-of-the-road alkaloid content.

Green vein Borneo is more potent than Malaysian or Vietnamese strains. This strain contains five main alkaloids:

  • Mitragynine
  • 7-Hydrocymitragynine
  • Speciogynine
  • Mitraphylline
  • 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine

Green vein Borneo isn’t overly affected by impurities. It also stores well in most environments. It is a popular choice for those who buy kratom in bulk and store it for longer periods of time.

Purchasing Borneo Kratom

Finding a place to buy your kratom is important. Not all vendors are created equal. Some vendors even cut their kratom with other substances.

One of the best things you can do is buy kratom with lab results. Lab results tell you if the vendor is regularly testing their kratom for purity and potency.

You can buy kratom online or through a distributor. If you are purchasing online (the preferred method for purchasing kratom), do your research first. Some things to consider are the price of the kratom, the vein color you prefer to buy, customer service ratings, and even what their packaging looks like.

An FDA disclaimer should be listed on the kratom’s packaging or the vendor’s website. If it isn’t, find another vendor.

If you are purchasing kratom from a physical store, talk with the salesperson about what they offer for sale. Do they have lab results? Is the kratom pre-packaged or sold in bulk from a jar?

If you purchase it in bulk, ask the salesperson what supplier the store bought the kratom from and when the store purchased it. If the salesperson cannot answer your questions or seems to brush you off, walk away.

Getting Started With Green Borneo Kratom

Purchasing Borneo kratom may seem a bit overwhelming at first. But with a little research and a good vendor, purchasing kratom will become much more manageable. It never hurts to ask questions, and any reputable vendor will be happy to help.

Ready to buy green vein Borneo kratom? Purchase green Borneo kratom today and enjoy free shipping!

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