Trying Red-Veined Strains: All About Red Bali Kratom

Not many people are aware of kratom. In fact, according to a survey done in 2019, an estimate of only 0.7% of Americans bought kratom in the previous year.

But what is Red Bali kratom and where can you get it? If this interests you, keep reading as we demystify this plant.

What is Red Bali Kratom?

Kratom goes under the scientific name Mitragyna speciosa (Korth.) Havil. (Rubiaceae). It’s a tropical tree that is native to Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Traditionally this plant is discussed with pain relief, and while some studies have found similar results in mouse model studies, there is still a lot of research that needs to be done into this psychoactive plant.

These days, it’s considered legal in the US, however, in some states it’s a Schedule 1 controlled substance, and some states have banned it entirely. For the states that it is available in, it is available most commonly in two forms:


The powder form of Red Bali kratom is most common and is available here on EZ Kratom for sale online. Kratom powder is available in small or large quantities if you happen to be a kratom reseller or kratom wholesaler.


Capsules are also popular for their convenience. It’s easy to measure kratom dosages with capsule form and they are easy to carry and transport.

Other forms or red bali kratom also include Red Kratom extract, resin, or tinctures.

There is little information out there on dosage guidelines for either form, and the recommended dose will depend on a variety of factors such as weight, health, gender, and age. Dosage will also vary depending on whether you have powder form, capsules, or extracts.

Kratom Strains

Much like marijuana, kratom comes in several strains and each strain is reported to have its own effects, most often feelings of happiness to feelings of intense relaxation. Some of the available strains are:

  • Maeng da kratom
  • Red Bali kratom
  • Indo kratom
  • Green Malay kratom
  • Thai kratom
  • Borneo kratom
  • Malaysian kratom

Some kratom strains are available in red, green, and white varieties, but while there are several strains available, we are focussing on a Red Bali kratom review for the purposes of this article. We will also briefly cover the remaining strains.

Red Bali Kratom Strain

The combination of different alkaloids in kratom provides its effectiveness and several of these alkaloids have the ability to influence the brain’s signal receptors.

Users of Red Bali kratom have reported effects like euphoria or elevated moods, relief from pain and anxiety, improved sleep, and feelings of relaxation. However, it’s essential to note that studies are still being carried out, and this substance is not yet federally regulated yet.

The original source of this particular strain is unknown, and opinions are divided as to whether it comes from the island of Bali, Indonesia, or elsewhere.

The strain was named Red Bali after its own red-veined leaves. As such this strain is also sometimes known as Red Vein kratom.

Red Bali Kratom Dosage

It’s advised to always use caution when trying new strains or trying to work out the correct dosage for you. Always start with the lowest dose and work up from there.

Maeng Da Kratom Strain

Maeng Da kratom can be red, white, or green in color and is reported to have originated in Thailand. However, it’s also available as a Malaysian Maeng Da strain. This strain is very common as a kratom strains for beginners.

Indo Kratom Strain

Also red, white, or green in color, this strain comes from Indonesia, hence it’s name. This strain is reported to be more calming than others, potentially even providing a sense of wellbeing and calm.

Green Malay Kratom Strain

As its name suggests, this dark green Green Malay strain originated in Malaysia. This strain is reported to help with enhance focus, however, some have reported enhancing relaxation.

Thai Kratom Strain

Similar to Maeng Da and Indo, this strain also comes in red, green, and white, each with their own effects. While Red Thai kratom is reported to promote pain relief, the green and white strains are said to induce euphoria.

Borneo Kratom Strain

Considered to be a more sedative strain, Borneo may be used to improve one’s sense of wellbeing. Originating in Borneo, it’s also available in red, white, and green varieties.

Malaysian Kratom Strain

Reported to be the “Goldilocks” of the kratom strains, Malaysian strains are said to achieve a perfect balance of sedative and stimulating qualities. This strain is also available in greed, red, and white varieties.

Where to Purchase Kratom

Kratom is legally available in most of the US, however, it may be regulated in some states and illegal to buy, sell, possess or use in these states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Outside of the US, kratom is legal in countries like Australia, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, and Vietnam. If you are looking to purchase Red Bali kratom, review the regulations in your state or municipality.

High-Quality Kratom Supplier

When purchasing kratom from any supplier, it’s essential to use reputable sources.

We at EZ Kratom know the value in excellent quality products, and we go to great lengths to ensure our Red Bali kratom is of the highest quality. If you’re looking to buy Red Bali kratom, visit our online store for our full range of kratom products, both bulk and wholesale.

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