Quality Control: Why Lab Testing Kratom Is Vital

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that grows bountifully in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Borneo. Kratom leaves have been hailed as a miracle plant in Southeast Asia for centuries.

Recently, Kratom has garnered the attention of enthusiasts in the West who covet the plant for its healing qualities. Not all Kratom is created equally though. Lab testing for Kratom is not standard amongst all purveyors and untested Kratom can yield a less than ideal result.

That is why we are going to walk you through the facts about lab testing Kratom and why it is so important. Let’s begin!

Kratom Contamination

As with any product, contamination can occur. Kratom is a botanical that can be exposed to pathogens and contaminants regardless of its origin or use. Utilizing third-party lab testing is the best way to identify if contamination is present within the Kratom.

The issue that arises when you handle Kratom that has been exposed to a contaminating pathogen is called cross-contamination. Cross-contamination is the transfer of microorganisms, allergens, chemicals, or toxins from one substance or person to another.

Concerning Kratom, several contaminants could be present such as:

  • Salmonella
  • Mold
  • Yeast
  • Heavy metals such as Mercury or Lead
  • Arsenic

While it is rare, these contaminants could be present in Kratom. The contamination can take place at any time during cultivation or packaging. Having a reputable source that uses third-party Kratom testing technology is the only way to ensure that you have a safe and high-quality product.

What is Kratom Lab Testing

The process of Kratom lab testing involves a series of tests that are performed on samples of Kratom. Kratom vendors will take a small sample of every batch of imported Kratom and send it away for third-party testing before it ever reaches the buyer. Third-party testing ensures that the product is getting an accurate and fair assessment without bias.

When testing Kratom the following can be identified:

  • The quality of the Kratom
  • The authenticity of the strain and vein
  • The amount of alkaloids present
  • The presence of heavy metals
  • The presence of adulterants such as binders or fillers
  • The presence of pathogens or contaminants

Once the lab results are back the Kratom vendors will proceed with the sale of the Kratom. If the results yield negative results the Kratom is disposed of and not sold.

The Importance of Buying Lab Tested Kratom

When you purchase lab-tested Kratom it ensures that you are not buying a potentially dangerous, contaminated, or inferior product. Purveyors of Kratom who do not utilize lab testing run the risk of exposing their buyers to dangerous Kratom products.

Currently, Kratom is under investigation by multiple organizations in the United States and abroad. The misconceptions that surround Kratom can be corrected by only buying or selling safe and quality Kratom. Unfortunately, there is Kratom on the market that contains adulterants and additives making the Kratom dangerous.

If you buy Kratom from an unreputable source there is a chance the product you are buying is not Kratom, but instead, a synthetic substance that is mislabeled and potentially hazardous. Kratom is a naturally occurring plant that should never have any adulterants or synthetic material added.

What Needs to Be Tested

Kratom generally is imported for vendors in a powdered form. That powder can be packaged as such or made into extracts or capsules. Before the Kratom is made into anything else the initial batch of Kratom should be tested.

No matter what form of Kratom that you purchase be sure to check that lab testing has occurred. Be advised that purchasing from a reputable source is the only way to ensure that the product has been accurately tested for safety and quality.

Never purchase a Kratom product that you are unsure about especially if there is no label or indication that testing has occurred.

Finding Lab Tested Kratom

Currently, some states in the US are following the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, however, Kratom is still relatively unregulated. It is up to purveyors and buyers alike to work together to demand a standard of lab testing to ensure quality and safety. These measures will help protect Kratom and its availability.

Buyers can easily be scammed into buying a fake Kratom product if they do not know what to look for. When purchasing first look for what is called a Certificate of Authenticity or Certificate of Analysis. These certificates indicate that the Kratom has been tested and is safe to purchase.

If there is any concern about the safety or quality of the Kratom you are purchasing talk to the vendor. Ideally, the vendor will be able to supply you with proof of testing. If a vendor cannot prove that the Kratom has been tested it is best to seek Kratom elsewhere.

Making the Best Choice

Many variables go into choosing Kratom. The strain, the vein type, capsules or powder, etc., however, the most essential choice is the choice to buy lab tested Kratom. Lab testing Kratom is not just crucial for you as a buyer though.

The Kratom community is growing larger and stronger every day. Making the choice to buy from a reputable source creates a culture of accountability among cultivators, vendors, and customers. As a community, we can make a difference by practicing safe behaviors involving Kratom to ensure that this beloved plant is here to stay!

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