Kratom Powder vs Capsules: Which Is Best?

Kratom has become an American household word in the past decade but has been medicinally used overseas since the 19th century. We have been introduced to kratom in several forms which each have their own pros and cons.

If you have been shopping for kratom you will most likely have come across it in powder and also in capsules. Let’s find out more about what the differences between kratom powder vs capsules are from convenience to cost.

Kratom Powder vs Capsules

Whether you are new to kratom or not, you may not be familiar with the differences between kratom powder vs capsules.

Of course, back in the 19th century they did not have the convenience of buying them in capsule form.

The Mess Factor

No matter how careful you are, loose kratom powder can get messy. That is just the nature of it.

If the bag breaks it will spill out everywhere. Or if you drop some while measuring or scooping, it can also get messy.

If you spill your kratom onto a surface that can not be scooped up or collected then you have just wasted your money and lost your kratom stash.

Capsules, however, are no mess and spillproof every time. If you have a busy schedule kratom capsules eliminate the risk of spilling, wasting, or making a mess while in a rush to get your kratom and get out the door.

Portion Control

Do you measure out your bulk kratom powder dose every single time? Well, with capsules you never have to worry about that again.

Because capsules are measured out into different milligram-sized portions it is mindless control so that you never have to worry about measuring out too much or too little kratom powder.

No worries if you typically measure out a smaller or larger amounts than others, capsules come in two different milligram options with size 00 being a smaller dose, and size 000 being the larger ones.

Capsules Are Just Easier

There is no denying that a capsule is much easier to administer and store than a loose powder. Grabbing a few capsules in the morning is so much faster than having to measure and mess with a loose kratom powder.

Capsules are easier to travel with because they are encased in a pill form. They will be a lot less suspicious when going through airport security, as well.

Added Substances

Many who look for kratom capsules would be interested in what the capsule itself is made from. If you are a vegan make sure that your kratom capsules are certified vegan and not made from gelatin which is an animal byproduct.

Powders Come in Wider Variety

Not all varieties of kratom have yet been made into capsules. Therefore to have access to a wider variety of kratom you will need to choose the loose powder. If you are looking for bulk kratom or wholesale kratom, powder will be a more economical bulk purchase than capsules as well.

Mixing Strains

There are benefits to mixing the strains of your kratom dose. You may wish to choose a kratom strain the promotes energy boost one day and blend in some mood boost or clarity kratom.

For a bit of maeng, with some Bali kratom, loose powder is probably going to be your preferred form.

Quality Check

Do you perform your own quality check when you get a new batch of kratom? Do you know what to look for when comparing the quality of kratom powder?

For those kratom aficionados that enjoy looking for the quality checkpoints in loose kratom powder, they are not able to do so with kratom capsules the way they do with powder.

When checking for quality you want to inspect the kratom’s smell, look, and feel. If you buy from a reputable company, they will conduct the quality check when they receive the product before they even put it on the market.

Price Comparison

As with anything else, you are paying for the convenience of having your kratom in ready-to-go capsule form rather than buying a loose powder or buying it in bulk.

When you take all of the differences and compare them side by side one form of kratom may resonate more for you than the other. Do the other benefits outweigh the price difference for you?

Why Not Buy Both?

Do you like the benefits that both the loose kratom powder and the kratom capsules provide? Keeping both in your cabinet to reap the all-around benefits.

Keep loose kratom powder for when you want to mix strains or save money. And, you will have kratom capsules for portion control, traveling with ease, a quick grab on the go, or have a kratom amount in a capsule form.

Picking a Kratom

Now that you are better educated on the benefits of kratom powder vs capsules you will be better prepared the next time you purchase kratom. Whether you buy for the convenience of capsules or the flexibility of loose powder, it all has the same end result.

For more tips on kratom or to check out some of our high-quality options of kratom powder and kratom capsules head on over to EZ Kratom for wholesale kratom products.

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