Kratom Legalization: Why Kratom Should Be Legalized in All States

In recent years, U.S. citizens are increasingly questioning the effects of the “War on Drugs.” This government-led initiative began in the 1970s and continues to affect how we see substance use and abuse today. With the opioid epidemic and shifting marijuana laws, it appears that common perceptions of illegal drugs are rapidly evolving.

A lesser-known substance, kratom, has also recently entered these debates. More and more consumers are curious about the potential benefits of this herb. Some claim that it may help promote relief. Others share that it has helped promote a sense of wellbeing.

But what does the science say? If this is an herb that might be so beneficial to buyers, why is global kratom legalization still uncertain? Finally, how can businesses provide safe options for customers who want to buy kratom?

Keep reading to learn these answers and more.

What is Kratom?

First, what is kratom? Kratom comes from a tree called Mitragyna speciosa. This tree is native to countries in Southeast Asia. It was first cultivated as a way to sustain energy for farmers working long days in the fields.

It is reported to promote a sense of wellbeing among other properties.

Kratom comes in a variety of formats. This includes capsules, extracts, and powder. It is currently legal in over 80% of the country, though the future of this legality remains somewhat uncertain. As recent as 2017, the Drug Enforcement Association (DEA) considered a temporary ban on kratom due to concerns.

The DEA stated that kratom was too accessible to buyers, making it easier for people to abuse it. They also expressed concerns about its possible properties when deployed regularly over a long period of time. While the ban never happened, the agency still lists it as a “drug of concern.”

Kratom Advocacy

Despite the controversy, many are still eager to explore the alleged positives of kratom.

These populations are often some of the biggest advocates of kratom legalization. Individuals have testified in numerous publications that kratom was essential in their well being. This kind of storytelling advocacy is even one of the core aspects of the American Kratom Association’s organizational mission.

The trouble is, we are still missing in-depth scientific research on some of these claims. Though compelling, an individual story does not hold the political weight that research and large-scale advocacy might. For this reason, it is still not approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

For hesitant consumers, the lack of the FDA’s stamp of approval could be reason enough to avoid bulk kratom.

Paths to Kratom Legalization in All States

Regardless of the debates about its effectiveness, kratom is still federally legal. Wait, what?

Yes, you read right. Kratom is actually legal at the federal level, despite the FDA’s disapproval of it.

What is often confusing to consumers is the fact that it is still banned in a handful of states. However, concerns still remain about effective regulation.

What legalization in all 50 states could accomplish is more consistent regulation practices. These practices could include things like age verification at the point of delivery if purchased online.

Lifting state bans could also decrease kratom producers from creating unregulated formulas for kratom buyers. These “cocktail formulas” became a huge issue in the early ’00s in Thailand. Thailand has only recently legalized kratom as a medicinal drug.

Banning the use of kratom altogether opens the door to people finding another underground, and less safe way of purcahsing the herb.

Legalizing Marijuana Vs. Kratom

The public debate over whether or not to legalize marijuana nationwide has opened many up to a broader conversation about how to regulate substances. Since both kratom and marijuana are natural herbs it can be easy to assume that they would be the same in the eyes of the law. However, these two plants are on two very different paths.

But first, let’s begin with the similarities. One striking resemblance is that advocates of legalization often suggest that both of these herbs might be safer ways to help those struggling with ailments.

One major factor in the opioid crisis is the abuse of pain relief medication. Like marijuana, or cannabidiol (CBD), many believe that kratom might be a safer alternative that does not run as high a risk of dependency.

This is not to say that dependency is not a risk at all for kratom. The FDA clearly states that there is still concern about kratom’s properties. However, many kratom lovers feel that it may still be a better option than the ravaging effects of more harmful substances that aren’t natural in nature.

A major legal difference between marijuana and kratom is marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. However, its legality varies from state to state.

Recreational marijuana is legal in nearly half the United States, though some states might have a ban on the unlicensed sale or purchase of it. Other states only allow medicinal marijuana use. Still, others have specifications about the quantity of marijuana you are allowed to possess.

Kratom, on the other hand, is not as closely controlled in states where it is legal. For example, there are no current laws that differentiate between its use as a medicinal herb or recreational herb. However, there are some states which have not banned the herb outright but have classified the alkaloids found in the plant as an illegal controlled substance.

Where is Bulk Kratom Available?

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