Is Kratom Legal in Ohio? A Guide to Ohio’s Kratom Regulations in 2022

For those considering retailing kratom in Ohio, it’s a good idea to know the law.

Over the last several years, kratom has become increasingly popular among shoppers. However, it’s created a seemingly equal amount of controversy among state legislatures.

Most often, officials are debating whether to ban or regulate the product. As a result, you may wonder, “Is kratom legal in Ohio?”

The legality of kratom varies in different states and even some cities within states. Accordingly, it’s important to know the laws regarding kratom before selling or buying kratom in Ohio.

To learn whether kratom’s legal in Ohio, read on.


Is Kratom Legal in Ohio?

In Ohio, the answer to the question “Is kratom legal?” is somewhat murky. Kratom is not illegal in Ohio.

If you plan on selling or growing kratom in Ohio, you’re in the clear. However, that’s not the whole story.

Several officials across Ohio want to ban kratom products. For now, however, it’s legal – in a sense.

Several Ohio agencies and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are looking into kratom legality. Some officials have voiced that they want kratom banned, but that hasn’t led to a ruling to date.

Nevertheless, law enforcement has targeted businesses in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has led raids against several businesses in the state.

Officials conducted the raids on businesses that sell kratom. They expressed that the businesses violated state law.

The stores that officials raided, however, were selling kratom infused items. Officials expressed that it was not their intention to stop the sale of kratom. However, they fully intend to prevent the stores from selling kratom in certain products.

In the end, kratom is legal to sell in Ohio. However, it’s important to follow the laws regarding the sale of kratom to the letter.

Kratom in America

Across the United States, the legality of kratom is an ongoing debate. Federal and state agencies have little information about kratom. As a result, officials don’t have enough information to make an informed decision about the product.

Furthermore, there are many more law enforcement agencies in the United States compared to other countries. The legality of kratom becomes more convoluted when you consider that different entities have varying opinions about kratom’s sale.

For now, the status of kratom continues to evolve. Accordingly, it’s important to stay informed about changing laws regarding the use and sale of kratom.

Understanding current kratom laws in 2020 and beyond will ensure that you avoid fines for the sale or possession of kratom. It can also help you avoid a potential lawsuit if you sell kratom in an area where it’s illegal to do so. If you sell kratom, it’s important to understand not only the state laws regarding the product but also those of the city where you do business.

Right now, kratom is a hotbed issue. Like other hotbed issues, legislators across the country are continually deliberating about how to rule on kratom’s legality.

Accordingly, the laws can change in favor or against kratom in your area. As such, it’s in your best interest to stay informed about legislative decisions.

Advocating for Kratom in Ohio

Some FDA officials have openly expressed that they’re committed to banning kratom. Ohio State officials, however, are taking measures to make it more difficult to sell kratom in the state. Outside of the powder form allowed by federal law, Ohio State does not allow for the sale of kratom.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Food and Safety issued a statement about their stance on kratom. Agency officials expressed that the products they confiscated were in specific forms.

In their opinion, the businesses were selling adulterated kratom products. Moving forward, said the officials, they will most likely continue to confiscate any consumable forms of kratom.

The decision bans any capsules or other certain kratom products.

Across the United States, millions of people support kratom. The American Kratom Association (AKA) is working to enable them to do so. If you operate in the kratom industry, you can join the effort.

You can start by joining the AKA. If you buy kratom, you can also submit a video testimony to the organization.

This kind of testimony helped to repeal the previous federal ban on kratom in the United States. Also, you can contact your state representatives to voice your support for kratom.

The AKA urges kratom advocates to support the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. The act would help to protect against an FDA ban. More importantly, however, it would ensure that only high-quality, pure kratom enters the consumer market.

Sourcing Quality Kratom

If you’re in the kratom business, it’s important to find a reasonably priced supply. However, the quality of your kratom supply is equally—if not more—important.

If you want to stand out from the competition, you want the best kratom in Ohio. Accordingly, it’s essential that you only source the best quality kratom.

It’s vital that you purchase from suppliers who test their products. Testing is the only way to know that your kratom supply is top-quality.

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