Is It Illegal to Sell Kratom Online for Small Businesses?

Have you ever considered selling kratom online?

Whether you’re a large pharmaceutical company or a small business, the market needs more diversity. Many people cannot find organic kratom because the market favors chemically made strains that grow in abundance.

As a brick-and-mortar establishment, you should expand your business in a legal market. If you have internet access, you can sell kratom online to other states or countries. You will draw in new customers, find competition, and see what products people desire.

Culturally, kratom occupies an important place for many people. However, chemically-made strains still make the top 10 lists for high popularity.

You have good reason to continue the movement for an organic wholesale kratom supply. But, is it illegal to sell kratom online? Read the guide below.

Kratom: A Growing Industry

Let’s first talk about the growing industry of Kratom. According to Bloomberg, the American Kratom Association states that “Kratom is already a $1.3 billion industry in the U.S. with sales occurring online and in smoke shops.”

Kratom is an herbal extract that comes from the leaves of the evergreen tree in Southeast Asia. It can be sold in capsule, powder, liquid, or even leaf form.

Is It Illegal to Sell Kratom Online?

As for legality, kratom has been known to be on the controversial side. While it is legal and not under the Controlled Substances Act, certain states have specific laws and regulations against selling Kratom in stores and online.

In August 2016, the DEA tried to classify Kratom as a Schedule 1 drug, lumping it into the same category as LSD, heroin, marijuana, and ecstasy/MDMA. This plan would ultimately ban kratom from being sold in the United States.

While this ban ended up falling through, kratom is still illegal in the states of Arkansas, Vermont, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Indiana.

Keep in mind that while kratom is illegal in these states, you should always research your state’s specific rules and regulations before selling kratom online or at your store.

Selling Kratom Online

So, you’ve done the research and are now ready to sell kratom online. If your state allows it, selling online is a great way to draw in more customers and increase the income of your business.

Market Your Product Towards Your Customers

You will first want to find your customer base. In other words, market your sales toward customers who are most interested in purchasing from you.

Many people find kratom capsules to be the most convenient, but providing other forms of kratom may reach a wider array of customers altogether.

Investigate Your Manufacturing Source

Another vital part of the kratom selling process is to verify the source of where your kratom is coming from. Certain kratom manufacturers are known to give you less potent kratom that will have little to no benefit when used.

Likewise, kratom can even be laced with harmful chemicals or substances if bought from a sketchy manufacturer.

Avoid these scenarios by heavily researching the comments and reviews of where you are buying your kratom from.

Do Not Make Medical Claims

While there is medical research on kratom as a drug, you will want to avoid making any medicinal claims on your website. Even if your personal views are in favor of any of these medical claims, advertising these beliefs could get you into legal trouble.

A good way to avoid making any medical claims is to not use direct words such as “cure” or “treat”. Despite any medicinal data on kratom, it has not been proven to cure or treat any condition.

Use a Kratom Payment Solution

A very important thing to be mindful of when selling kratom online is the payment method you are using. Popular credit card companies like Mastercard or Visa would work if every state had no regulations toward kratom, but due to the regulations in place and the controversy of the substance, they will not work as methods for your online store.

However, even if kratom is 100% legal with little regulation in your state, the problem arises when you receive customers from states where it is illegal or heavily regulated.

That’s why you will need to find a high risk payment solution for payment processing. While they can be a bit tricky to find, here are a few credible options you can consider.

  • eMerchantBroker
  • Easy Pay Direct
  • PaymentCloud
  • Host Merchant Services

It may take time to get approved for one of these payment solutions, but they are practically the only way to go about selling kratom. Be sure to do your research on the most reputable payment solutions that will benefit your online store.

The Benefits of Selling Kratom Online

So, what are the benefits of selling kratom online? Well, for one, at-home shopping is much more preferable over in-store shopping these days.

Having a website to market your products will not only increase your revenue due to convenience, but it will also give you a chance to provide more diverse kratom products and strains.

You can also use social media to market the kratom products you sell and offer specials and deals for your customers.

Legality of Kratom – Final Thoughts

If you were wondering, “Is it illegal to sell kratom online?”, we hope that this guide helped you out. As we’ve discussed in our guide, the legality of kratom entirely depends on your location, and it’s important to know the risks that go into selling kratom products.

That said, selling kratom on your online store can be a huge asset, so do your research and determine if it’s the right option for you.

If you’re thinking about buying wholesale or bulk kratom online, contact us today at EZ Kratom, to see how we can help you.

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