How to Store Bulk Kratom Powder: The Ultimate Guide

Kratom powder and the properties within will degrade overtime if not stored correctly. So if you’re interested in storing Kratom appropriately, there are some things to be wary of.

For instance, Kratom is highly reactive to changes in temperature, presence of UV light, and high levels of oxidation. All of these environmental conditions will diminish the power and longevity of the stored Kratom.

In this article, we will cover those conditions in-depth, and teach you how to properly store bulk Kratom powder.

So keep reading to learn more.

What to Avoid When Storing Kratom

As mentioned earlier, Kratom is very reactive to certain environmental conditions, and especially the changes within them. Considering these variables on both extremes will help avoid negative changes in the quality, longevity, and properties

of your Kratom powder.

Changes In Temperature

It’s recommended that you store your Kratom in a cool place, however, this advice stems from the fact that fluctuating temperatures are bad for the powder. Kratom is known to deteriorate quicker when under conditions of temperature change, from one spectrum to the other, from hot to cold or cold to hot.

To find a location in which your Kratom can remain stored at a steady temperature, preferably cool, but not necessarily. Consider your storage area, and determine if the sun has an effect on its warmth throughout the day. A dark room that is unaffected by external environmental conditions is a good option.

Direct UV Light

The sun is powerful, and in some cases harmful. If people can experience long-lasting damage from direct UV exposure, so can Kratom powder.

In the process of drying, which is responsible for the color and properties of Kratom, sunlight is used to shift the alkaloid within the plan. However, extended periods of direct sunlight will degrade the Kratom.

Kratom has resistance to moderate levels of sunlight, but be wary that if your storage room is constantly bombarded with UV, that’s a bad thing. If you can’t find dark storage, select dark-tinted jars, barrels, or tins to store the powder in.

Excessive Oxidation

Oxidation plays a part in many various functions of our life. For instance, oxidation naturally occurs in vitamins and foods, so it does within our body. In metal, oxidation leads to rusting. Food with lots of fat oxidizes and starts to smell. Vitamins lose their power when oxidizing.

Kratom is also subject to oxidation, as it is a naturally-occurring organic plant. After being picked, Kratom becomes very vulnerable to changes in environment. Therefore, oxygen should be kept to a minimum within the storage room, and the containers themselves.

Prolonged exposure to oxidation will degrade your bulk Kratom powder, and make it significantly less useful. Airtight containers and storage facilities will prevent this from happening.


If you think storing bulk Kratom powder in a refrigerator is a good idea, it might be. However, that’s only if it is not susceptible to other smell-altering substances. Any powerful odor will affect the alkaloid composition of the powder, and thus change its properties.

Also, some of the items in a refrigerator might be oxidizing, which is bad for the powder as mentioned earlier. If you prefer to use a refrigerator, dedicate an entire commercial fridge for bulk Kratom storage.

Many people use barrels and wooden storage containers for storing bulk Kratom powder, which is great, but only if they haven’t been used to store alcohol/tobacco or other odorous substance before.

How to Store Bulk Kratom Powder Properly?

Now we can finally approach the part in which you learn to store bulk Kratom powder properly. There are many ways to go about this, and in reality, there is no proper storage method. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you make sure your powder is safe and sound.

Avoid Moisture

The most powerful enemy of any powder is moisture. You want to avoid your Kratom from getting soggy and wet, under all circumstances, with no exceptions. Moist Kratom will rot, and that means there is no use for it.

Moisture affects Kratom leaves, powders, capsules in the same way. If your storage area is exceptionally humid, you might want to consider another area. Humidity builds up easily in storage containers, so make sure that you regularly deoxidate them.

Adding moisture-reducing packets to your storage rooms and containers will ensure that no excessive humidity is present in the air.

Container Types

The most effective way to store Kratom is in a barrel or weaved-organic bag in a dark freezer, especially if the containers are air-tight. You can squeeze out all of the air and then store them.

However, glass jar and plastic bins work as well, as long as they UV resistant and dark-tinted.

Regular Examination

If you are storing your bulk Kratom powder in a freezer, make sure to check that it doe snot have freezer mold or burn. In order to determine this, withdraw a small quantity and examine its smell, color, and look for signs of decay.

Whatever your form of Kratom was stored in, if it looks any different from when you stored it (pre & post photos can help), then something has changed, most likely not for the better.

If you recognize deterioration, it’s a byproduct of mishandled storage. Degrade Kratom does not last long, and neither do the plants benefits.

Long-Term Storage

If you think that long-term storage is any different from the short-term, it really isn’t. Just make sure to separate your bulk powder in smaller quantities, and order it. You can split the substance by form, month, strain.

Bulk Kratom Powder for You

Now that you know about bulk Kratom powder storage, you are well on your way to ensure that your plant lasts longs and still retains its power and properties. As long as you follow the guidelines, and avoid the enemies of Kratom, you will be fine, as well as the powder.

If you’re interested in buying high-quality bulk Kratom, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs.

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