How to Create Kratom Capsules: A Step by Step Guide

Tons of people buy Kratom globally for an array of purposes. If you’re frequently buying it, you might find that it’s getting expensive to continue purchasing from an online Kratom dealer.

It’s for these reasons that you’re thinking about making Kratom capsules. And that’s what we’re here to help you do. Below we’re going to provide you with a step-by-step guide that will help you start making your own Kratom powder capsules in no time.

Supplies Needed

Before you can begin your adventure of Kratom capsule creation, you’ve first got to gather all your supplies. Everything on this list you’ll have to get from a reputable supplier because these aren’t things you can find in the aisles of your local pharmacy down the street.

The first piece of equipment you’re going to need to secure for this process is the capsule filling machine. This machine will help make it easier to fill the capsules without wasting any of your precious Kratom powder.

Trust us when you see how small the capsules are you’re going to be grateful to have gotten the machine beforehand. Next, you’re going to need to purchase your preferred strain of Kratom.

We recommend that you purchase your Kratom wholesale because you’ll get more bang for your buck that way. Lastly, you’ll need Kratom capsule shells that are empty. Depending on your personal preference, there’s an array of shell options that you can choose from.

There are vegetarian, gelatin, and enteric capsules that you can purchase. Not to mention they come in tons of colors, but we’d stick with the clear ones so that the beautiful color of the Kratom shows through.

Now that you’ve collected your supplies, let’s move on to the process of filling the capsules.

Set Up The Supplies

The first thing you’re going to do is set up your capsule filling machine. Depending on whether or not you have a manual or semi-automatic filler will make the difference in how the machine is set up.

For now, we will assume that you’re using a manual capsule filling machine, and in this case, you’ll take both sides of the machine and place them facing upwards on a solid, flat surface.

Grab Your Capsules

After you’ve ensured that your two pieces of the capsule machine have been set up according to the instructions you’ve been given, it’s time to grab your capsule shells. Carefully separate the two capsule halves from each other.

Next, you’ll place the long piece of the shell into the bottom of the capsule filling machine, and the shorter piece of the shell will go into the top of the machine. Ensure that the open side of each capsule half is facing upwards.

Your capsules should be secure in the capsule machine to ensure that they are flush and not tilting to one side or the other. This will prevent any Kratom powder from spilling out in the next step.

Pour the Kratom

Depending on the type of machine that you’ve purchased, it may come with an extra tool that will help you to pour the Kratom into the capsules. Once you’ve begun pouring, continue to do so until the capsules are filled.

Any excess Kratom that spilled onto the filling machine should be brushed off and collected in a bowl or plate. Next, you’ll take another tool known as the ‘tamping tool.’

This tool will help you firmly but gently press the Kratom powder into each half of the capsule shell. Continue to do this until the capsules have been packed according to your desires.

Combine Machine Halves

Once you’ve finished packing the Kratom into the shell, it’s time to take the final step. You’re going to take the top half of the filling machine and align it with the bottom half of the machine.

Once you’ve ensured that both halves are aligned with the other, gently place the top half down onto the bottom half. Press down on the top half of the machine to ensure that the capsules have reconnected before taking the top half off.

Once you feel that you’ve pressed down enough, take the top half of the machine away from the bottom, and all your newly created Kratom capsules will be in the top of the machine. There should be a button or lever that allows you to safely eject the capsules from the machine without reopening them or damaging them.

Cleaning Time

After you’ve placed your Kratom capsules in an airtight container, all that’s left to do is clean up. Collect all leftover Kratom from the machine and store it until you’re ready to use the powder.

Wipe everything down and either store it in the original box that it came with or place it in a cabinet somewhere in your home until you’re looking to make some more capsules.

How-To Make Kratom Capsules: A Comprehensive Guide

Now that you know how to make Kratom capsules, we’re sure it’s not as challenging as you once imagined it would be. You’ve got to ensure you’ve got all the supplies you need and follow our guide step-by-step.

Before you know it, you’re going to be a pro when it comes to Kratom capsule creation. If you’re looking for a reputable seller to purchase all your Kratom powder, contact us at EZ Kratom.

Not only do we have Kratom for sale, but we also offer tons of other products that can be purchased wholesale.

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