A Guide to the Most Powerful Kratom Strains

Want to know about the different kratom strains? Of course, you do! There is so much to learn about the various strains and veins of Kratom powders and your friends at EZ Kratom are here with another article on Kratom Education!

Read on to learn about the powerful strains that kratom has to offer.

What Are the Main Kratom Strains?

Besides some notable exceptions like Maeng Da, kratom often comes from one of three major strains. These are the white, red, and green strains. These strains differ in how manufacturers prepare and process them after extraction from the plant.

White Kratom is the product you get if you harvest from the younger leaves of the plant. It gets its name because of the white veins the tree has in its youth. The leaves also turn white as they dry the leaves in a dark room, depriving it of sunlight.

Red kratom is the most popular strain. It’s also the strain that has the most variations. This is because of the simple preparation method of drying under a UV light.

Green is the final base strain and is also the middleman of the strains. They prepare it by letting the leaves mature before harvesting it.

It’s comparable to its cousin, white kratom. We would consider the following strains more specialized and not the basic introductory kratom strains. Read more to level up and become a Kratom Strain Expert today!


The Thai strain is common in the areas around Thailand and reaches as far as Indonesia.

It is the strain with the highest concentration of mitragynine. This makes it have incredible qualities compared to other strains.

Bali Kratom

Bali kratom comes from Indonesia. It’s also available in three main subtypes: red vein, green vein, and white vein.

The most popular Bali kratom is the red vein Bali kratom. It’s considered to be more potent because of where it’s grown. Specifically, you’ll find it in the rich volcanic soil of Bali, surrounded by humid air.

Red vein Bali kratom owes its strength to at least 25 alkaloids. Among those are 7-hydroxy mitragynine, mitragynine, speciogynine, mitraphylline, and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine.

White Bali

White Bali Kratom Strain is another very popular option. While it’s not as high as the Thai strain, it still has high levels of mitragynine. White Bali is also a good choice in respect to the studies that surround it and its many properties.

Red Bali

Despite the product’s color, the Red Bali is the most famous variant of the red kratom strain. This strain is worshipped by many regular kratom buyers. Its origin is of its namesake, from Bali, Indonesia – a very great area to grow and cultivate kratom.

It’s also a common strain loved by people. Red is a very balanced strain.


Borneo is even the preferred strain because it is easy to purchase.

Borneo kratom is grown, cultivated, and even processed in the tropical lowlands of Borneo. Like all kratom strains, there are red, green, and white subtypes.

Borneo kratom is an affordable kratom. That’s because it’s easy to grow and grows in abundance.

With that said, the alkaloids in Borneo kratom promote more of a relaxating quality. While it’s one of the common strains of kratom, this quality is not for every buyer.

Maeng Da

This is the strongest and most powerful strain among the kratom strains to date. This is because of the level of alkaloids it contains. This comes in the form of mitragynine and its 7-hydroxy variant.

There’s a different strain that is similar to Maeng Da. White Indo is also a major strain that people compare to maeng da.

It may promote a sense of balance and wellbeing. This is thanks to the levels of mitragynine it has.

While not as strong as Maeng Da, this feature is good enough to make White Indo an amazing strain.


Malay kratom is otherwise known as Malaysian kratom. As you might have guessed, it’s grown in Malaysia. A combination of humidity, heat, and acidic soil make this country an excellent place to grow great kratom strains.

Indeed, kratom has been used in Malaysia for centuries. Malaysian people, and specifically laborers, have used this plant for promoting digestion and promoting sleep. It’s also thought to promote a sense of energy that helps them work during hot and humid days.

You can purchase Malay kratom in red, white, and green Malay strains. Its prominent alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Know the Types of Kratom Today

These kratom strains are excellent in their own right. Know the most powerful strains and choose to buy kratom from a reputable kratom wholesaler today!

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