A Beginner’s Guide to Kratom

Kratom is quickly becoming a common phrase in the United States. This product can be bought online in bulk to save money, or in some local shops depending on where you live.

Are you unfamiliar with kratom and want to learn more about it? We will answer your questions including, “What is kratom?” where it comes from, and talk about some of its benefits and uses.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa Korth) is rarely seen in its original form in the United States, so many people have no idea what it even is, or how it is made.

Kratom is a tropical plant that grows tall like a tree with bark, branches, leaves, and spiky little balls containing seeds. The “fruit” of the evergreen kratom plant is one of the few similarities to its cousin, the coffee plant.

The leaves of a kratom tree are long and green, at full growth they are bigger than your hand.

Once the kratom plant has been harvested for its roots it does not grow back and another tree must be planted for harvesting more kratom. However, not everyone uses the roots of the plant.

Many applications can be done with the bark or the leaves and branches of the plant. Because kratom is an evergreen plant, once the leaves are harvest or mature and fall off they will quickly regenerate.

What is Kratom Gold?

Just like other strains you may have heard of including Maeng Da, Borneo, or Bali kratom, kratom gold is another type. Gold kratom is also achieved by a certain style of the curing process.

Types can also refer back to where the specific type of kratom originates from.

You will often find kratom labeled with colors such as white, green, yellow, or red. This will typically refer to what stage of maturity the plant was harvested.

Think of kratom as lettuce. There are many types of lettuce such as iceberg, romaine, and baby greens, but they are all classified as lettuce.

Where Kratom Originated

Though kratom has only been in the United States since 1990 approximately, it has been used for far longer than that. For an estimated couple of hundred years, kratom has been used in Southeast Asian countries as plant medicine and it is still very commonly used there today.

Kratom can be found growing all over the tropical regions of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and Malaysia. Locals often use the plant while it is freshly picked off of the tree.

To transport kratom to America, it is either dried powder or liquid extract. Live plants or kratom tree seeds are not typically transported overseas.

Sun-drying leaves are the most common first step in the process of making kratom powder. The leaves are then ground into a kratom powder as we know it.

Buying in Bulk

How much kratom do you intend to use? If you will be using it often or sharing it, consider buying kratom in bulk.

Buying in bulk means purchasing more than a small amount at once. Why buy bulk kratom?

The biggest point in buying bulk kratom would be the price difference and can also earn you bonus reward points. There is nothing wrong with buying small amounts, but it is not always as cost-effective as when you buy in bulk.

Of course for those that own a store and want to sell kratom, buying in bulk always makes more sense because you will be selling so much at once and can make more of a profit off of bulk kratom.

When you buy in bulk you will be saving yourself from making so many trips to the store or entering your credit card number if buying online.

Buy Kratom Online

Depending on where you live or what area you are visiting, you may or may not find kratom on the store shelves for sale. Kratom sales are regulated by state and local governments and are sometimes restricted or limited.

Shopping from your computer or handheld device and having the products shipped to your home or office is so much easier than going to the store and waiting in line.

How to Properly Store Kratom

Since kratom is most frequently sold in a powdered form, it must be cared for properly otherwise it could get damaged, spill, or spoil. Kratom can easily be ruined if it gets wet or very hard to clean up if it is spilled.

Keep kratom fresh in an airtight container with a lid, preferably one that is dark in color. Some people use zip-up plastic bags, and that is fine, too.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store kratom on a top shelf or in a locked cabinet just as you would with other medicine.

It is important to keep the temperature of kratom at a steady temperature and not allow it to fluctuate from cold to hot or vise versa

Kratom Topical Applications

Understanding what kratom does will help to guide you as to what you can use it for in your daily routines.

Used at home or by a professional bodyworker or massage therapist, kratom is sometimes used in the form of a salve. Kratom can be a topical muscle relaxant when mixed with a base carrier such as coconut oil or shea butter, and additives, such as essential oils.

Kratom Soap and Skin Care

As kratom grows in popularity and is studied scientifically, researchers begin to find more and more applications for the evergreen plant.

Factory-made soaps and skincare products can be made at home or found in boutiques. Note that when these products are used they will be absorbed into the skin.

Your Future With Kratom

Kratom has a rich deep history in Southeast Asia and has slowly grown in popularity for its topical applications here in the United States. Buying bulk kratom reduces your number of trips to the store and saves you money. You can also find out more than “what is kratom” online.

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