7 Tips on Choosing Kratom Vendors for First-Time Users

Kratom is gaining popularity. But, when choosing kratom vendors, you must ensure their products are safe, they’re reliable and have happy customers.

If you’re in the middle of choosing kratom vendors but you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven tips on choosing the right kratom vendors.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. Eventually, the leaves are dried in the sun and then ground into a powder.

One strain is white kratom which is harvested when the tree is young and the veins are white. Once these are collected, farmers store the leaves indoors in the dark.

Red vein kratom is a popular strain and is kept under sunlight or a UV lamp during the drying process. It’s often fermented to create bentuangie kratom, a different version of the standard red strain.

Green vein kratom sits in the middle. This is harvested when the kratom tree has matured which is why it’s a darker color. During the process, green kratom is dried in an air-conditioned room, and then moved outside to complete the process.

Other names for kratom include biak, ketum, kakaum, ithang, and thom.

Our 7 Tips for Choosing Kratom Vendors

Like with most products, it’s crucial you source them from reputable vendors. When you research, you have a better chance of securing a high-quality product that is affordable and safe.

Follow these seven tips so you find a good kratom vendor.

1. Check Qualifications

When buying kratom online, only consider vendors with certifications and qualifications so you know they’re legit. As you check the vendor out, consider their website, whether they test their products, and if they offer customer support.

Reputable kratom vendors have a strong web presence so browse their products on their website. Customer safety is paramount so the vendor should support the American Kratom Association (AKA) and be a member of the GMP compliance program.

Once you’ve checked those items, you’ll know whether the vendor takes customer safety as seriously as they should.

2. Read Reviews

Online customer reviews give you an idea of what to expect from the kratom product. If there aren’t any reviews, search online for the product and site name to see what customers are saying about the vendor.

Be cautious as some reviews are secretly commissioned or sponsored by the vendor. It’s important for them to have real customer reviews, like those for EZ Kratom Wholesale!

It’s important to note kratom is less known in America which is why vendors must take time to educate customers. Make sure the kratom vendor has a blog or offers educational resources as it shows they care about their customers.

Plus, kratom is always changing whether it’s strains or information, so the vendor must update everyone on their newfound research.

3. Look for a Variety

There are many types of kratom products and strains.

Good vendors should have major strains: red, green, and white. If they only sell one, find someone else with a better variety.

4. Ask Friends

Before shopping for kratom, ask any friends who know about it. They may know about a vendor you’ve never considered while giving you a good sense of security.

So it’s effective, do your own research and make sure your priorities are similar. If your friends know little about kratom, find an online kratom community and see which vendors they use.

Customers who have bought kratom can share their experiences and give you tips on what to look out for. So, when you have this information, it’ll help you make better-informed decisions.

5. Find Lab-Tested Kratom

Kratom is rigorously tested to ensure the vendor is selling a high-quality product. During these tests, kratom is tested for metals, pathogens, and alkaloid content to ensure its fit for the customer.

There should be a label with the lab results either on the product or the packaging.

6. Avoid Garage Vendors

Be aware of kratom sellers that overlook quality control and produce inferior products. Often these vendors operate from their homes or garages and have untested kratom products that may not be safe.

You’ll notice their kratom products are cheap and they less have quantities. Plus, their kratom comes from countries that don’t grow the best quality.

Kratom should come from Southeast Asian countries where the product is cultivated as they have the right climate.

7. Review Kratom Quality

No one wants to splurge on inferior products so make sure the vendor only uses high-quality leaves. You must also consider the plant’s size and age.

Don’t be afraid to contact the vendor and ask how they treat their products and where it’s sourced.

That’s Everything About Choosing Kratom Vendors

Now you know seven essential tips about choosing kratom vendors.

Kratom sellers must source directly from Southeast Asian countries, their products must be tested, and come in a variety of strains. So before making an offer, read customer reviews for an honest opinion. Happy shopping!

If you’re looking for quality kratom powder, we’ve got a wide selection. Contact us here for further details.

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