7 Questions to Ask Before Partnering With a Bulk Kratom Supplier

Companies that sell kratom provide an essential product. However, the importance of the product and its benefits means that its quality is equally essential.

As a kratom vendor, you have the responsibility to buy kratom from a bulk kratom distributor you and your customers can trust. Finding the right supplier starts with asking the right questions.

The seven questions below should guide your discussions as you explore your options. Armed with this information, you can choose the best wholesale kratom distributor.

1. Where Is Your Kratom Harvested?

The kratom production process starts at the source. Your efforts to locate a quality kratom distributor should start there as well. A quality kratom distributor should be able to identify the specific location where its product is grown and harvested.

When identifying the source of kratom, location is not the only factor to consider. You should also be sure to ask the supplier about the type of farms they use. The highest quality wholesale kratom distributors partner with small family-owned farms. Partnering with these farms is the best way to ensure that the product is pure from start to finish.

Small family farms tend to use organic farming methods. They also harvest kratom leaves by hand. Finally, they only harvest the leaves when they are mature. This means that the product has the appropriate strength.

2. Under What Conditions Is Your Kratom Cured?

After kratom is harvested, it must be cured. The conditions under which kratom is cured determine its quality and produce different strains of kratom. High-quality bulk kratom distributors should be knowledgeable about these conditions. They should also work to ensure the appropriate conditions throughout the curing process.

Specific factors to investigate include light and temperature. Again, ideal conditions vary across strains. For example, sunlight is used to dry red vein kratom. However, white vein kratom needs to avoid sun exposure. Other questions to consider include temperature and humidity levels. A bulk kratom supplier should be able to describe in detail how they maintain ideal conditions.

3. Are You, as the Distributor, Also the Manufacturer?

In any process, more hands involved mean more opportunities for impurities. As you choose a bulk kratom distributor, be aware that the distributor and the manufacturer may not always be the same.

Ideally, they are, and they should be able to describe the manufacturing process from start to finish. This process should, furthermore, be simple. Your supplier should leave you confident that their kratom is minimally processed and that their machines are properly cleaned and maintained.

Contaminated kratom can be dangerous. It can also lead to limits on the proper use of safe kratom. When contamination — like a recent salmonella outbreak linked to improperly produced kratom — occurs, the FDA ramps up its regulatory restrictions. The best way to ensure ongoing access to quality kratom and its benefits is to work with a reputable kratom supplier.

For each batch, a reputable supplier should be able to identify:

  • The manufacturing location
  • The manufacturing date
  • The batch number

Distributors that partner with outside manufacturers should still be able to provide this information. If they can’t, you should look elsewhere for your kratom needs.

4. What, if Any, Other Ingredients Are Included in Your Kratom Products?

The highest quality kratom is 100% pure. It contains no fillers or additives. These additives and other contaminants can enter at all stages of production. A quality bulk kratom distributor should monitor that process at all stages. Having done so, they should be able to offer a certificate of authenticity for the kratom you purchase.

5. What Testing Do You Do on Your Products?

Third-party testing of kratom products is not required. So some suppliers simply don’t test their products. These suppliers, in turn, can’t guarantee the quality, potency, and purity of their products. Therefore, you should avoid them.

High-quality wholesale kratom distributors test their products in U.S. labs. However, a quality distributor should do more than assure you that these tests are run. They should be willing to share the results with you for your own review.

6. What Steps Do You Take to Maintain Proper Conditions during Shipping?

Again, the quality of kratom products depends on specific conditions, and these conditions must be maintained throughout the production process. Because kratom is harvested in specific regions and sold around the world, the production process necessarily involves transport. Suppliers should be able to describe the steps they take to prevent less-than-ideal shipping conditions from altering the quality of their product.

7. What Is Your Level of Expertise as a Bulk Kratom Distributor?

With answers to the previous six questions, you should have a good idea of a distributor’s expertise. Being able to identify a few other measures of expertise, however, can provide added confidence.

Reputable kratom distributors should have a lengthy and successful history of selling kratom. They should be able to document this history by pointing you to reviews and encouraging you to seek input from other satisfied customers.

The best kratom suppliers with the greatest expertise are also kratom-specific suppliers. So this is another question to ask. Suppliers that deal entirely in kratom can devote their full attention to ensuring quality in its production.

Finally, the highest quality kratom distributors are on the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practice List. The American Kratom Association (AKA) is the primary advocacy organization for kratom producers, suppliers, and users. As such, it issues standards for quality control and manufacturing practices. When identifying high-quality suppliers, look for companies that are recognized or are working toward recognition on the AKA’s list.

Choosing a Bulk Kratom Distributor You Can Trust

You’ve asked the questions and gotten the answers. Now the question is yours: What bulk kratom distributor will you choose?

By comparing the above information across suppliers, you can select one with confidence.

EZ Kratom is a trusted online kratom vendor, and its experts are eager to answer these and any other questions you might have. Contact us via our website today.

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