Where Can I Buy Wholesale Kratom Powder?

Which type of kratom buyer are you?

There are 2 types: people buying for themselves and people who want to buy kratom wholesale. People who want to buy kratom wholesale generally own a business where they are looking to add kratom to their inventory.

In the U.S. these would primarily consist of herbal store and smoke shop owners.

We spend a lot of time discussing the purchase of kratom by individual, but in this article we’re going to talk about the best place to buy kratom wholesale.

Let’s dive in!

The Kratom Industry

According to 2019 data, an estimated 2-4 million people buy kratom. It has quickly become the cash crop of Indonesia and other countries within Southeast Asia. And although there is currently some disagreement with regard to the legality of kratom, it seems like those numbers will only trend upward.

Kratom is widely available across the U.S. through vendors who buy wholesale and then resell to individuals. These establishments are typically smoke shops or herbal supplement stores. However, kratom can sometimes be found in gas stations or convenience stores.

That is how kratom finds its way to the consumer in the U.S. market. But who supplies those individual stores who sell to people like us?

Best Place to Buy Kratom

There are several vendors online where you can access wholesale kratom. The key with buying kratom on any level, wholesale or not, is to do your research.

Here at EZkratom, we offer lab-tested kratom in bulk/wholesale quantities. We take the steps to ensure that you are getting the highest quality powder at the lowest prices.

The product is then shipped from our location in the U.S.(Florida) to your front door. This helps to guarantee the freshness of our product when it arrives at your home.

What to Look For

When you’re doing research on the best places to buy kratom, you’ll want to make sure you’re covering all of your bases. After all, you’re paying good money for this natural product. You want to make sure you’re using the purest, highest-quality product available.

A wholesale kratom supplier should be certifying and testing their inventory. They also should make an outline of their certification and testing process available online. Do your research, make sure they are holding themselves to the highest standard, and make sure they are working with pure kratom powder.

Secondly, kratom vendors should be drying out their kratom leaves indoors. Sunlight is very damaging to kratom leaves. Any exposure to UV radiation can cause your product to degrade before it even gets to you.

Once the leaves are dried properly, they should be ran through a well-cleaned and well-maintained kratom mill. There are a lot of factors that can contaminate kratom leaves and kratom powder. Proper maintenance of a vendor’s equipment is important in making sure you receive the best kratom powder possible.

Do They Offer A Guarantee

Is the kratom vendor you’re choosing putting their money where their mouth is? A lot of online vendors say they have the best kratom powder but can they back it up?

If a kratom vendor truly has nothing to hide, then they wouldn’t mind honoring a money back guarantee on their product.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our wholesale kratom powders. Try our product risk-free and if it’s not giving you the desired results, return it and we’ll refund you for the portion of kratom that is returned.

Are They Knowledgeable

Like anything else in life, you want to buy kratom from someone who knows what they are talking about. As you’re selecting a vendor to purchase kratom powder from, visit their website.

What does it look like? Do they have blog articles regarding kratom? Are they up-to-date on the legal aspect of kratom?

If a website doesn’t have much information about the kratom they can provide, how it is processed, or other facts about kratom,  it could be a red flag.

Buying Wholesale

If you are looking to buy kratom powder wholesale there are some things you need to know.

Firstly, you are going to be buying by the kilo. You’ll need to get used to ordering and assessing your inventory on that scale. If an online vendor doesn’t offer the quantity you need, but you really want to work with them, just ask.

They may be able to make arrangements for you to buy larger quantities.

Since you are going to be doing large scale business with this vendor, you want to make sure that they keep the products you want readily stocked. You’ll also want to take a look at the variety of products they offer.

The more products the better. Even if you only start out buying one product from them, you can always branch out into other strains or extracts as your business moves along.


One final tip when choosing a kratom wholesaler to work with. Every wholesaler is different. There is no way to know, 100% for sure, the quality of their product until you test it. There’s an old adage in the business world: “trust but verify”.

It’s great to take people at their word, but you’re going to want to verify what they’re saying by trying their product. If you don’t try it, and your customers end up not liking the powder, it can damage your reputation and send you out of business before you’ve even had a chance to open your doors.

Signed Sealed Delivered

Deciding on the best place to buy kratom isn’t easy. It’s certainly something that should be taken lightly. Especially when kilos upon kilos of kratom powder are being bought on the wholesale market.

We hope you’ve learned enough here today to feel confident in making the right kratom wholesaler choice for your business. A business relationship with the right wholesale vendor will allow you to improve lives by offering pure, high quality product at all times.

Do you have any other questions about buying kratom wholesale? Leave them in the comments or email us directly.

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