The Definitive Guide on Kratom Extract vs. Powder

Kratom is wildly popular, to the tune of a more than $1 billion market in the United States. It’s a plant that is gaining a lot of recognition; more businesses are beginning to provide products and information to consumers.

As you study up on Kratom, you should learn about two forms – powder and plant variety.

These tips are helpful when you’re looking to understand the differences between kratom powder and kratom extract as you shop around.

The Kratom Plant

You have to learn about the kratom plant in its rawest form before you consider any products.

Kratom is a plant native to tropical climates. It is predominantly found in areas of Southeast Asia and can grow to a height of nearly 100 feet. Companies that grow and produce Kratom are able to do so in manufactured environments.

These environments feature a mixture of container cultivation and outdoor growing in the sunshine. The leaves of the Kratom plant feature active compounds that are eventually processed into an extract or a powder.

Understanding Kratom Powder

If trying to buy Kratom online, you will note that plenty of stores sell it in powder form.

The powder is made from the leaves of the plant after they are dried out. Companies that sell it in powder form dry out Kratom leaves either in direct sunshine or in a controlled processing environment.

Once the leaves are harvested and dried out, manufacturers grind them into various fine types of kratom powder.

Understanding Kratom Extract

You will also note that Kratom is sold in the form of an extract. Kratom extract also starts in raw leaf form. These leaves are combined with water and ethanol alcohol and allowed to dissolve into a concentrated solution.

It typically requires alcohol of at least 80-proof or 100-proof to effectively create a Kratom extract solution. Always study the manufacturing process to make sure you’re buying the best Kratom extract available.

Similarities and Differences Between Kratom Powder and Kratom Extract

Kratom products are readily available in either form. Understanding the similarities and differences between kratom products will help you as you shop around.

Here are some important points to note:

Extract Is More Concentrated

The biggest difference is that Kratom extract is more concentrated than its powder counterpart. These extracts are generally made with a 2:1 ratio. Some Kratom extracts even feature ratios of 3:1 or greater.

Ethanol-based extracts allow manufacturers to include more of the active compounds of the kratom plant into a smaller solution and container size.

The Powder Doesn’t Have Additives

Another major difference is that Kratom powder is pure and does not contain any additives. While the extract requires alcohol to transition the leaves into a liquid form, Kratom powder contains all of its original qualities without any materials being added to the mix.

They Feature Different Colors

You will also notice color differences between Kratom powder and Kratom extract. Left untouched, Kratom leaves are a healthy green and generally contain red, white, or green veins. The plant will more or less retain this color when ground into a powder.

However, once it is boiled and extracted using alcohol, you will typically note that Kratom has a darker hue. The color that both retain will also depend on the Kratom strain and the region it is native.

They Both Contain the Primary Alkaloids

While Kratom extract contains a different ratio of active compounds, the powder and extract still contain the same primary alkaloids. In both forms, they are natural compounds that are also found in other plant species in varying amounts.

Some of the alkaloids that you will find both in the powder and extract form of the kratom plant include:

  • Mitragynine – This is the main alkaloid in the Kratom plant, as it makes up nearly 70% of its composition
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine – This alkaloid is another of the most prevalent, though it only makes up about 2% of the plant’s alkaloid composition
  • Paynantheine – This alkaloid makes up about 8% to 9% of the plant’s composition
  • Speciogynine – The Kratom plant features up to 7% of this alkaloid
  • Isomitraphylline – This compound is found in the Kratom plant, though it generally contains less than 1%

When purchasing either Kratom powder or Kratom extract, do your research to find out how much of each active compound is found within the product. Mitragynine is the most consistent among these, so check the content regardless of which form you’re buying kratom.

Study the Types and Strains

You will also find that there are upward of 50 or more Kratom strains on the market available for purchase. They all feature their own characteristics and cultivation processes that are worth looking into.

In many cases, they are categorized by the area of the world that they’re native. Countries and geographical areas like Thailand, Sumatra, and Bali all feature notable kratom strains. Some popular strains that people purchase include Red Dragon, Green Malay, White Asia, Red Borneo, Green Jongkong, and White Sunda.

These strains are found both in the forms of powder and extracts, so study the origin of each in order to learn what to expect.

Shop With a Kratom Vendor

Learning all about Kratom powder and kratom extract will help you understand more about this increasingly popular plant. Since the popularity of Kratom is on the rise, you’ll have no shortage of options available to help you test out your newfound information.

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