Kratom Legality in Utah in 2022: What You Need to Know

The CDC estimates that around 48 million Americans suffer from foodborne illness every year. Most of these cases come from poor food handling at restaurants or private kitchens.

However, a number of these cases come from poorly handled manufactured goods. Kratom laws in Utah reflect the concern for these statistics.

This led to a change in Kratom legality in Utah, resulting in a consumer protection program. As people across the U.S. increase their buying Kratom, understanding the state laws is essential. We made this guide to help you!

Understanding Kratom Legality in Utah

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a traditional herbal medicine from southeast Asia. People buy Kratom for overall wellbeing or to enhance mood. Today, it’s taken the western herbal market shops by storm.

The complexity of Kratom legality is further complicated by the conflict with the FDA over the plant’s safety. The Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization continue to place this herb on the list.

The FDA is particularly staunch against the widespread buying and selling of Kratom, whereas the WHO is skeptical. The FDA sites potentially dangerous side effects and poorly crafted Kratom on customers.

These experiences are related mainly to poor handling, manufacturing, and inappropriate applications. Most adverse side effects from Kratom are related to contaminated products or poorly labeled products.

Therefore, many lawmakers believe the solution is not to ban Kratom, which has benefits. Instead, the answer lies somewhere within regulation and proper consumer knowledge.

Why Is Kratom Regulated?

Kratom regulations stem primarily from fear, misunderstanding, and contamination. Initially, many lawmakers believed Kratom was a dangerous substitute for unsavory substances.

The herb possesses two elements that possess similar effects as opioids but are not opiods. These include 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine.

According to some studies performed on mice, the herb seems to react with the opioid receptors. It also seemed to stimulate the mice and cause them to have a similar reaction to the plant as humans do to opioids. And as far as researchers are aware, this is caused by the substances referred to above.

However, the addictive properties of this herb caused the U.S. DEA to petition for it to be outlawed. This did not pass, and studies consistently show Kratom is far less addictive than opioids. Additionally, when taken in proper doses, Kratom seems to lessen the effects of opioid withdrawal.

Experts believe the regulation of this substance would only make research slow down. Additionally, similar to many activists for legalizing illegal substances, legal Kratom is safer.

Most negative effects are the result of poor manufacturing practices and production. One of the primary examples of regulatory oversight was an outbreak of salmonella in several US states, including Utah. This outbreak was linked to Kratom, which people quickly blamed on the plant itself instead of poor manufacturers and shotty sellers.

However, the infections would have been less likely if proper oversight and regulation were in place. Lawmakers created several regulatory measures across the U.S. to prevent this again which can actually benefit the transparent and safe part of kratom industry.

Kratom Laws in Utah

Utah has not outlawed Kratom despite attempts to do so after the 2018 Salmonella outbreak.  Utah state legislative argued that stricter regulation was necessary. However, these regulations would not prohibit the product from being sold.

Rather Utah law focuses on packaging and regulations of local sellers. Under Utah law, sellers can fall under either retail or manufacturing establishments.

For retail shops, the rules focus on the origins of their products. There are strict packaging rules for only favorable wholesale sellers. These providers need to follow specific quality and manufacturing guidelines.

Manufacturer regulations are those who make their own Kratom products. These include things such as tinctures, teas, or Kratom powders. Rather than importing different Kratom products, these sellers create their own.

Sellers need to fill out various registration forms to register their products. This allows the local government to inspect the production site and the product quality.

Kratom products must fall under the approved product categories as well. This means Kratom must be sold as a tincture, tea, powder, or other approved method.

There are no specified excluded mediums listed on Utah’s Dept. of Agriculture website. Since they exclude smoking on their list, it’s likely this isn’t an acceptable method.

How to Buy Kratom in Utah

Buying Kratom in Utah is not a difficult task, thanks to the protective measures of their state legislature. Not only is Kratom relatively easy to find at stores and specialty shops, but you can also purchase it online.

State Kratom laws do not prohibit the purchase of online Kratom. You can easily import your own, preferred, high-quality Kratom from online sellers.

However, under the Utah Kratom Consumer Protection Act, you must sell only approved products. If you plan to resell this product at your shop, you must comply with state regulations.

Overall, Utah laws regarding Kratom focus on protecting the consumer. This makes it one of the safest states to purchase Kratom. You also do not have to worry about bringing it to the wrong area.

Your rights to use it are safe. If you wish to resell it, make sure you do so properly.

Kratom Legality in Utah and Your Rights

Kratom legality in Utah is relatively simple and ultimately beneficial to anyone buying kratom. Many people praise the 2019 decision to regulate the manufacturing of and reselling of Kratom.

Even though the FDA tends to point the finger at Kratom itself, this is largely false. Overall, most safety hazards related to Kratom come from manufacturing. This is why Utah seems to have taken the right approach to safety and consumer rights.

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