Corona virus

Number of Cases (USA) (10-17-2020)

Number of Deaths (USA) (10-17-2020)

10-17-2020: Not much has changed since the last update shown below. Product stock is stable and orders are being shipped same-day by 2:00 PM Eastern, Monday – Friday.

06-20-2020: With the country opening back up, we will begin keeping track of the numbers more closely.

Expect more frequent updates to this page.

We have also permanently implemented our procedures adopted during the peak of the pandemic in order to prevent the spread whenever possible.

05-08-2020: We are still monitoring every day. Spread rate/death rate has slowed down in terms of doubling (every 15 days instead of 2-4 days), but we are still going to monitor as the country continues to opens back up. Be safe!

04-14-2020: EZ Kratom is still monitoring the reported numbers on worldometers everyday.

We are still shipping orders and open for business as normal.

03-30-2020: We are still shipping orders.
Deaths, in general, have not slowed down; hopefully things will begin to level out now that we have a 5 minute test, ventilators in excess, PPE, etc. coming in larger quantities.

03-23-2020: EZ Kratom is still shipping orders as normal.
We will do whatever possible to continue fulfilling orders and we will let you know of any changes.

03-19-2020: It appears that a potential “new drug” may be getting developed to mitigate COVID-19.
Stay tuned for more information.

03-18-2020: EZ is following along just like everyone else in order to see what the future may hold.
As of right now, we are still shipping orders as we normally would be.
Please stay tuned for further information.

What Does This Mean

These numbers represent the entire world; including China. A .02% chance of death is a very rough estimate as there has not been a truly significant number of cases reported yet. The number is growing everyday and is expected to double every 4 days. Within the next 30-60 days we will be able to determine a true chance of fatality from the virus directly.

Here are some things you can keep in mind in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19:


  • If you have any signs of a cold, flu, or any type of sickness: communicate with your employer in order to stay away from other employees. Stay hydrated just like you would during any other sickness, eat correctly and wait it out. Chances are, you do not have the coronavirus, but there seems to be a wave of sickness going around in general. The best way to stop spreading germs is to simply stay away from others until it is completely gone from your system.
  • IF you truly feel you have symptoms (click here for a list of symptoms) of COVID-19, it is recommended to confine yourself to a room in your house – away from others – for a minimum of 14 days. It is recommended to only go to the hospital if you cannot keep your symptoms under control. Please remember that if everyone goes to the hospital for the slightest feeling of sickness, it will be impossible to take care of everyone. Leave the staff to take care of those who are on the verge of death.
  • Wash your hands regularly – and preferably even more often than you normally would. If you are touching knobs/handles that other people have been touching, we recommend to wash your hands. Do your best to find hand sanitizer/alcohol wipes/soap to clean your hands regularly.
  • Just because you do not have symptoms does not mean you do not have the virus. This is an issue that has been discussed already, but wraps back into why it is important to wash your hands and keep hygiene consistent in general. The goal is to stop the virus from spreading by destroying it.
  • If you bite your nails or touch your face more often than the average person, please be aware of where your hands have been before you do so. We understand it is easier said than done to stop those types of habits, so at least be aware of where your hands have been. Wash your hands before you touch your face or put them anywhere near your mouth; especially if you’ve been in public – opening doors, car doors, etc!
  • Mind your manners when you are sneezing/coughing/etc. Even if it just feels like a regular sneeze or a cough, be aware of your surroundings. COVID-19 is believed to spread via “droplets” and since you could have it without even knowing, we recommend being careful. The chances are currently slim for you to contract it, but until more time goes by, it is difficult to say exactly.
  • Most importantly, be extra cautious around those who are elderly or have underlying heart conditions. Keep surroundings clean and keep contact to a minimum. If you are the caregiver of someone who is elderly or with a weak immune system, please be aware of how you feel internally and whether or not you should be in contact with them. It is one thing to see/hear of others getting sick, but hard to imagine when it is you.

EZ Kratom’s COVID-19 Precautions

As with most companies out there, whether it be Kratom, banks, etc., we are all taking extra precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus or any sickness at all.

As explained above, we have also outlined these tips to our employees in order to make sure they are doing their best to keep the spread to a minimum IF they were to come in contact with anything.

Here are ways EZ Kratom is attempting to prevent the spread of COVID-19:


  • First and foremost, if an employee feels any type of sickness or shows signs of sickness, they will not be permitted into the facility.
  • If an employee gets sick, they are recommended to stay confined to their room/small area until the symptoms are gone.
  • If an employee shows signs of COVID-19, they are not permitted back into the facility until a COVID-19 test has been performed and they are shown negative for the virus.
  • Generally, if an employee has to leave the weighing/manufacturing area, gloves are to be removed and new ones replaced when they re-enter. However, now all employees will sanitize their hands completely before even touching a new pair of gloves.
  • Face masks have always been worn ever since EZ Kratom moved into its current facility several years ago. The Kratom particles can be bad for your lungs when inhaled over time, but we also do not want to spread any type of germs through droplets. Hairnets and long sleeves are also worn for those with thick hair. Aprons are worn to keep clothing particles from drifting into the packaging. Closed toed shoes are also worn to prevent any type of germs from spreading into the air as well as to protect the employees feet.
  • Our facility is cleaned 6 days a week. This means any time bags are being weighed/manufactured for shipment, the exact same day the facility is thoroughly cleaned in order to keep it fresh for the new day. However, with the onset of COVID-19, we have added an extra hour of cleaning time. This means all door handles, box cutters, tape dispensers, used pens, computer keyboards, windows, walls, shelves, air vents, etc. will be thoroughly cleaned every single day.

Future Kratom Supply

The future supply of Kratom lays in the hands of importation.

As long as shipments continue passing through customs into the USA, then the industry should not have any issues with distributing product.

We believe that there may be issues with product coming into the US currently, but we will know more within 1-2 weeks from now (03-18-2020).

We have emergency sellers here in the USA that can aid us in receiving temporary shipments while we wait for imported shipments as well.

That does not mean they will have product forever, but we are confident that we will be able to hold out until shipments are smooth again.

This does not mean anyone should panic; we are just just trying to spread the information we have.

As long as the pandemic gets better before it gets worse, then shipments should show up without any issues.

Stay tuned.