Common Kratom Powder Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There’s no doubt about it: wellness sells. In fact, the value of the global wellness industry is set to reach an incredible $7 trillion within the next few years.

Among the many products and routines said to offer us an uplifting boost, kratom powder (Mitragyna speciosa) is emerging as a growing trend in the United States. But if you’re unfamiliar with this herbal extract, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of making some of the most common kratom powder mistakes out there.

From kratom powder supplier slip-ups to not trying different veins and strains, keep reading to learn the kratom errors!

Buying Low-Quality Kratom Powder

All kratom powder suppliers claim that their product is the best or the highest quality. But if that were true, buying sub-par kratom powder wouldn’t be such a common mistake for consumers.

It’s not unheard of for kratom to contain mold, sawdust, phenibut, and various other kinds of foreign matter. All these points to low-grade, contaminated kratom and a poor vendor to buy kratom online from. But many people end up buying kratom powder like this because it’s very difficult to find consistent premium quality kratom. Unless, of course, you head to EZ Kratom.

At EZK, they dispose of any kratom strains that don’t make the cut. Only kratom that passes the company’s strict qualifications and tests for freshness and quality can be sold to customers. Shopping with EZK guarantees the best quality wholesale kratom and bulk kratom powder every time.

Buying Kratom Powder from Non-Reputable Sources

As kratom becomes more popular and more available, you’ll likely start to see it for sale at gas stations, head shops, and tobacco stores. But these sources are far from trustworthy. And the cheap, off-brand products they’re pushing are unlikely to be fresh or high-quality.

Despite all that, many people fail to see the harm in trying out a different kratom powder they saw for sale at a festival. Or grabbing some overpriced last-minute kratom powder instead of waiting for their regular kratom powder supplier to come through with the good stuff. That is until they open it and realize their mistake.

The easiest way to avoid falling into this trap is to find a reputable vendor – such as EZ Kratom – and stick with them. And once you’ve found your go-to strain, make sure to buy it in bulk. This way, you won’t run out and be tempted to make a regrettable impulse purchase while you’re paying for gas!

Not Trying Different Types of Kratom Powder

It’s not a huge mistake to only ever buy one type of kratom powder. But when there are so many different varieties out there, it seems a shame not to investigate whether there might be a color or vein you prefer.

You wouldn’t listen to one song and stop there. And as much as you might love it, you wouldn’t want to only have ice cream every day. So why limit the full range of enjoyment you can get from kratom by stopping at one type?

The three main types of kratom powder are red vein, white vein, and green vein. These different kratom powder veins are the product of Mitragyna speciosa leaves with different maturitiesAs a result, they all have different sets of alkaloids.

Of the three main types, red vein kratom is the best-selling and most popular kratom. But there are also different strains within these various kratom vein colors.

While the Maeng-Da red kratom powder is the most popular for EZK, there are many people who enjoy the Borneo and Bali strains too. So, even if you decide that red kratom powder is the one for you, there are three different strains here for you to compare. And who’s to say that the one you buy first is better than the other two?

Some vendors also sell yellow vein kratom powder, a rare strain that many people agree is great for beginner kratom buyers. Since it’s rare though, many beginners start with the far more available red kratom powder. If you did the same and weren’t sure whether kratom was for you, you might find that yellow kratom is a perfect fit.

Assuming That All Kratom Types Are the Same

On the flip side, many people make the mistake of buying all different kinds of kratom powders without doing their research first. This can lead to trying kratom with false assumptions about what to expect.

For example, they might mix and match different colors without realizing how these can vary. Or they might not check which strain they’re buying and think that it’s the same as the ones they’ve tried before.

A willingness to experiment is always a good idea when buying a new product like kratom powder. After all, this is the best way to find out which color or strain you prefer to buy online.

But you need to approach this experimentation from an informed position. Diving in without reading up about how the various veins and strains of kratom powder can differ might be a big mistake.

How to Avoid Some Common Kratom Powder Mistakes

Many first-timers make at least one of these kratom powder mistakes. You may have even slipped up yourself if you bought kratom before doing your homework.

But with these tips to guide you, it should now be a lot easier to avoid common errors like buying kratom powder from non-reputable sources or wasting your money on low-grade kratom powder. Instead, you can focus on enjoying the uplifting kratom powder effects you were aiming for.

Want more information about kratom powder? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned aficionado, feel free to contact us here at EZ Kratom with any questions or queries!

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